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How to Fix “Gmail is Running Out of Space” Issue?

Alphy Thomas | Modified: 2018-11-03T10:26:26+00:00 | How to, Tips|

Gmail is robust and widely used web-based email service provided by Google. However, some people use their Gmail account for business work also. So, they exchange lots of data over Gmail, which consumes a large amount of storage space. But, Gmail account has a predefined storage limit i.e., of 15 GB. Thus, whenever Gmail storage limit is about to reach, it displays a pop-up on the screen to free-up some of the storage space. So, a user needs to delete some of the data otherwise, he or she is not able to store new data. But sometimes users do not want to delete the data stored in Gmail. Now, the question is how to overcome this Gmail is running out of space problem? Keeping this query of users in mind, different methods to manage Gmail mailbox data are discussed in this blog.



What Happens When Gmail Runs Out of Space?

If Gmail account running out of space, then it is clear that new data will not be stored on it anymore. Apart from this, there are some of the other problems also, which are most likely to be faced by the Gmail account users. For example, syncing and uploading of new files is not possible. In addition to this, it stops the syncing process between Google Drive folders and My Drive. Thus, to overcome all such problems, it’s better to backup Gmail data on the local machine. After that, delete it from Gmail account. This way, it is easy to overcome “Gmail is running out of space” issue.


What to Do When Gmail Runs Out of Space

In order to free up some of the storage space in Gmail, a user can export Gmail emails containing attachments and then delete it from a mailbox. In this way, a user can easily free up a large amount of storage space without wasting much time. It is because backing up all emails from Gmail will take lots of time. Now, to do this task in a convenient way, both manual and professional solutions are discussed below:

Steps to Free Up Gmail Storage Space

One thing that a user can try to save time is to download only emails containing attachments and after that delete it from Gmail mailbox. For the same, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Group All Emails with Attachments Together

1. First of all, login to Gmail account using valid credentials
2. After that, go to the Search bar and click on the drop-down arrow



3. Then, check Has Attachment option and click on the Search button



4. All emails containing attachments will be listed. Now, select all of them



5. Now, click on the Labels icon >> Create new label option


6. After that, give a unique name to this new label and click on Create button.


A new label is created containing all required emails. Now, its time to archive all of them using Google Takeout.

Step 2: Archive Google Emails via Google Takeout


1. First of all, sign in to Google Takeout via your Gmail account credentials
2. After that, click on the Create Archive option



3. In the Select data to include dialog box, enable Mail option
4. Then, click on the drop-down arrow in the Mail option and choose Select label option



5. After that, all Labels present in your Gmail account will appear. Now, check only that Label (Attachment) that you have created in step 1


6. Now, click on the Next button to customize the archive format
7. Here, choose ZIP file as archive file format


8. In Archive size (max) section, choose 2 GB size limit

9. Now, choose Send download link via email as Delivery Method


10. After that, click on the Create Archive button to start the archive process


11. As the process completed successfully, go to Gmail and check the mailbox for download link
12. Open the email by Google Takeout and click on the Download Archive button
13. From here, you will be redirected to Google Takeout. Now, you can download archived label in ZIP format and save it on the local machine.

Step 3: Delete Archive Emails from Gmail

After downloading all emails with attachments on the local machine, a user can easily delete it from Gmail. Now, to do the same, follow the steps below:
1. Sign in to Gmail account and go to Search bar

2. After that, click on the Has Attachment checkbox and click on the Search button

3. Then, all emails containing attachments will list in front of you

4. Simply, select all of them and choose Delete option.


And, all those emails get deleted successfully. In this way, you can easily fix Gmail running out of space issue.

Alternative Approach to Increase Gmail Storage Space

The manual solution discussed above is very lengthy and time-consuming. Moreover, it is not a direct solution and requires lots of modification. Thus, to have an easy, quick, and direct solution by SysTools, which  is one of the popular solutions to overcome Gmail running out of space problem. It provides users an option to save only selective labels from Gmail also. Moreover, it also provides a Delete After Download option, which will help in freeing up storage space on the cloud. This way a user needs not to manually delete the downloaded emails from Gmail.


Gmail running out of space is one of the most common faced by Gmail users. It needs to be fixed as soon as possible because a user will not be able to store more data in Gmail. Thus, this blog will let users know how to fix this issue in an efficient way without any loss of data.


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