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How to Manage Zoho Mail Add-on Users Efficiently

Alphy Thomas | Modified: 2018-03-26T07:29:10+00:00 | News|

Zoho Recruit is a cloud-based application that helps different organizations to create customized features for recruitment purpose. With the help of Zoho Mail Add-on, Zoho Recruit account users can keep track of their email correspondence with the customers. Besides, it provides options to the account Administrators in order to manage Zoho Mail Add-on users. This post will demonstrate how users can use these features to manage Zoho Mail Add-on users in an efficient manner &  backup Zoho emails.

Learn How to Manage Zoho Mail Add-on Users

It is often seen that Zoho Recruit users leave the account and get deactivated from Zoho Recruit. After deactivation, the emails get deleted. To avoid this inconvenience, users can backup the emails of that deactivated user account. Zoho users can manage users of Zoho Mail Add-on in three different ways. These are by taking backup, by locking Add-on configuration and by unlocking the configuration of add-on. All three features will be described here.

How to Download Zoho User’s Email Account

Once the backup of deactivated user’s email account is taken, all emails of that account related to Zoho Recruit records can be availed. Remember that you can download only if that account type is Complete Sharing or Record-Level Sharing. Follow these steps to save deactivated Zoho email account.

a) First of all, click on Setup and then click Users & Permissions>> Zoho Mail Add-on Users.
b) Zoho Mail Add-on Users page will appear on screen. There you will find the list of all users (active and confirmed) using Zoho Add-on. Details of Mailbox, Account Type of the users will also be there. Email Backup Details will be available for the deactivated users.
c) Click on Back up Data.
d) Now, it will start to take save email related to the Recruit records After downloading is done, the “status” will become Completed.

How to Lock Zoho Mail Add-on Configuration

Only users are eligible to change Zoho Mail Add-on configuration. As an Admin, you are only allowed to lock its configuration. Once you have locked it, users cannot change any of the settings, including changing mailbox or account type.

If you want to save mail account of some deactivated user, this feature will be beneficial to you. You can download only the accounts of Record-Level Sharing and Complete Sharing type. By locking their configuration, you can stop them from changing their account type to “Private.” Perform these steps to lock Add-on configuration of Zoho Mail.

1. Click on Setup>> User & Permissions and then click on Zoho Mail Add-on Users.
2. Details of Zoho users will appear. There will be an option for the deactivated users named Email Backup Details.
3. Click on Lock Configuration option for the corresponding user.

Remember: In case of more than one Admin in Zoho Recruit account, you can only lock it for other admins, not for your own account. If you are the only Admin, then you can unlock your own Add-on configuration.

How to Unlock Configuration of Zoho Mail Add-on

As an administrator, you can also unlock the Add-on configuration of Zoho Mail. Here are steps to unlock Add-on configuration:

1. Click on Setup and then proceed to click Users & Permissions >> Zoho Mail Add-on Users.
2. Details of “Mailbox’ and “Account Type” of all active and confirmed users will be present there. Another option called “Email Backup Details” will be there for deactivated users.
3. Click on Unlock Configuration for the user whose configuration you wish to unlock.

Remember: As an Admin of Zoho Recruit account, you can unlock your own configuration only if you are the only Admin. Unlocking your own configurations is not possible if there are other Admins in your Zoho Recruit account. However, you can lock other administrators’ configurations.

How to Take Latest Backup

If the user of a deactivated Zoho Mail account rejoins and then again leaves, their account has to be deactivated again. In that case, you can take backup of only the latest emails. This cannot be performed in two cases:

If the user does not save their Zoho Mail Add-on configuration after being activated.
If the user changes their setting to turn the Account Types as Private.

To download the latest emails, execute these steps:

1. Click on Setup, then click Users & Permissions, and finally click Zoho Mail Add-on Users.
2. Choose the checkbox beside the deactivated user from Zoho Mail Add-on Users page
3. Click on Latest Backup to save latest emails.


Here, we have discussed how to manage Zoho Mail Add-on Users. This can be used to take mail account backup of users who had been deactivated from Zoho. If you want to backup emails in an efficient way, try Zoho Backup Tool. In brief, this is a better option to save Zoho Mail than the manual one.

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