Know How to Share Entire Google Drive in Few Simple Clicks

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Published On August 8th, 2022
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Users keep on sharing data between the storage media (Google Drive) due to any possible reason. One of the most common reasons is a storage space issue. Now, Google Drive is used by both personal and domain users also so, how to share entire Google Drive with another Gmail account is a frequent question. There are multiple ways available that a user can try for data or file sharing between Google Drives. Just go through the blog and get to know all about it.

I have one office domain G Suite account and one personal Gmail account. Now, I want to share my entire office domain drive to my Gmail account drive. But, I want to do all this in one go without wasting any time as there is huge amount of data in my domain account drive. Therefore, want to know simple and direct approach for the same. If anybody knows how to share whole Google Drive at once. Please suggest.

Share Entire Google Drive – Multiple Ways of Doing the Same

Google Drive stores large amount of data in it. So, the requirement to share any file or folder from it is totally understandable. However, the main question is how to share Google Drive storage with another domain / account. In order to know all possible methods of doing the same, go through the section below:

Method #1: Share Whole Drive in Reliable and Efficient Manner

Whenever a user search for a solution to share entire data from Google Drive at once, no manual method works effectively. This is the reason users are suggested to move towards a professional solution for the same. SysTools Google Drive Migrator is one such application that lets users share complete Google Drive with another domain or account. It is one of the finest application with minimum required efforts tools. It has the capability to share Google Drive storage in one go also. Apart from this, the application performs incremental migration also in the next attempt between the same accounts. So, it will avoid creating duplicates in Google Drive and manage storage space also.


A user is allowed to share whole Google Drive storage with others, including Shared With Me or Trash folder. Using this application, one can perform data sharing between domain or Gmail account also without any restriction. If someone wants to copy only selective data to another account, take help of date-filter offered by the tool. Other impressive features is that it provides Migrate Permission option also to keep applied permissions intact.

Steps to Share Complete Google Drive

  • Open tool on the local machine and choose the type of migration between Admin & Individual User account
  • After that, add Source and Destination IDs and validate them. Click on the right-arrow to proceed
  • Customize your sharing process by applying four filters: Migrate Permissions, Migrate Shared Files, Migrate Deleted Items, and Maintain Folder Hierarchy
  • You can apply date-based filter also for selective data sharing from Google Drive

  • Click on the Migration button to begin the process. When the process completed successfully, a message will pop-up. Click OK and finish the process

Method #2: Share Entire Google Drive Manually

  • Via Inbuilt Share Option

There are many users who do not want to go for a professional solution. Here, we discuss the manual approach for them. In order to provide sharing between the drives, there is one Share option available in it. A user first need to choose all files and folders from My Drive, Shared With Me, and Trash folder one by one. After that, choose Share option for each folder to complete the process successfully.

Additional Guide: In order to know about this manual approach in detail, go through how to import Google Drive to another account

  • Via Downloading and Uploading

A user can try one more thing also to share whole drive at once with another domain or account. Simply, download all data on the local machine from one Google Drive and upload it to another Google Drive account. It is one of the widely used manual methods to share entire Google Drive.

Important Note: To know the step-wise procedure of downloading and uploading data, go through how to export multiple files from Google Drive.

Limitations of Manual Procedure

No doubt a user can share Google Drive storage using manual methods discussed above. But, there are various limitations that a user might face while using them. Some of the major limitations are discussed below:

  • A user need to manually choose each and every item he or she wants to export.
  • In order to share data from Shared With Me or Trash Folder of Google Drive, one needs to perform whole manual process for each folder separately.
  • Both the manual solutions are quite lengthy and time-consuming in the case of large amount of data.
  • Incremental migration is not possible by default in any manual approach discussed above.
  • Sharing entire data of Google Drive in one go is not possible manually.

Final Words

Google Drive stores large amount of data in it so, sometimes there might be space issues. In order to manage data in a proper way users think of sharing it with other account and delete it from this account. Thus, in this post, we have covered how to share entire Google Drive with another domain or account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Share button in my Google Drive ?

Open your Google Drive and right-click on the file that you want to share. From the displayed option, click on the Share option.
Alternatively, choose the file and click on the Share icon directly from the above menu bar.

Can I share multiple files from different folders of Google Drive at once?

No, you are not allowed to share multiple files from several folders at the same time via manual techniques. For this, switch to a professional solution.

Can I share the data stored in Shared With Me folder also?

Yes, you are allowed to share data maintained in Shared With Me folder. You can do this, only if you have the permission granted by the owner of the file.

How to free up some Google Drive storage space?

You can do two things i.e., either delete unnecessary data from the drive or move files from one Google Drive to another Google Drive.