Learn Brilliant Techniques to Publish Outlook Calendar to GoDaddy

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“Hello everyone! From past few days I am continuously trying to publish Outlook calendar to GoDaddy workspace calendar, however, unable to do so. I have successfully synced my emails but the iCal stopped connecting with my GoDaddy calendar. I have deleted the iCal account and re-added it yet, after this I am getting the same error “Unable to verify account or password”. Am I missing something? Please let me know if anyone had this issue and were you able to resolve it.”

The calendar is a great and easy way to manage workload, events, appointments, deadlines etc., and one can share them with others. The blog comprises of complete information to share a public Office365/ Outlook calendar with the visitors to your website.

If you are having a public Outlook calendar then, you can share it with the website visitors. After this, any update to Office 365/ Outlook calendar will automatically pass to your website.

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Note: You cannot modify the calendar from the website.

Manual Methods to Publish Outlook Calendar to GoDaddy

The complete process to import calendar from Outlook to GoDaddy is categorized in two major steps:

Part 1. Share Office 365/ Outlook Calendar

Here, we will describe the method to copy iCal URL from the user’s Office 365/ Outlook account. So, follow the guidelines mentioned below:

  • First, Log in to your Office 365 account
  • Next, hit the Grid button from the top left and select Calendar

Select Calendar

  • Now, click on the Settings icon and choose Calendar option

Apply Settings

  • Under the Shared calendars section, highlight Calendar publishing
  • Expand Select a calendar menu and select the calendar you need to display on your website to publish Outlook calendar to GoDaddy.

Calendar Publishing

Note: Make sure that the calendar you have selected comprises upcoming events. Otherwise, the GoCentral will state that it could not find any future events in the calendar.

  • Navigate to Select permissions and choose Full details option
  • After that, copy the ICS calendar via using the ICS link to add Outlook Calendar to GoDaddy

Note: GoCentral accepts only ICS as valid Office 365/ Outlook calendar to import. If no ICS address displays, click Save.

  • Paste the address in a text document and save it as it will be utilized in the next step
  • Hit Save button before closing the Settings wizard

Part 2. Display The Calendar on Website

Once you are done with setting up the calendar then, you can share a public calendar on the website. Below are the guidelines for same:

  • Log in to your GoDaddy account and launch your product
  • Click on Edit/ Edit Site to add Outlook Calendar to GoDaddy
  • Navigate to the main view of your site to where you need to add a section, and hit the plus button

Add a section

  • Select Calendar from the right panel


  • Choose layout in the Calendar display
  • If an Events placeholder calendar displays on your page, highlight Events from the right panel

Display Events

  • Give an appropriate Title to your calendar that should not match the source calendar’s name to publish Outlook Calendar to GoDaddy

  • Now, copy the iCal URL that you have saved from the source calendar and paste it in the Calendar URL field

Note: It may display “Calendar synced! But no event found in current calendar” message. It means the GoCentral is unable to find any upcoming events in the calendar to view on your website.

  • All the changes will be saved automatically once you are finished with steps. Click on Preview to check the results, and if everything is fine, utilize any other domains or purchase a new one.
  • When you are set to make the changes public, click on Publish Site (mobile phone) or Publish (desktop/ tablet)

Note: For deleting a calendar, click on Remove Section from the bottom of the right panel.

Alternate Approach: Always a Better Option to Publish Outlook Calendar to GoDaddy

SysTools Outlook PST File Converter can convert Outlook Calendar PST to ICS file format quickly and even without resulting any kind of data loss. After that one can import Outlook calendar to GoDaddy. Users can convert multiple Outlook PST files into iCalendar file format using this software. After browsing the PST file, it quickly scans the PST and generates an instant preview of all items. During the calendar export process, the tool provides a Calendar filter option to export the data of a particular time-period. By mentioning a preferred date range of “from” and “to”, you can make the software, filter calendars based on the selected date. The software is compatible with all versions of Windows OS and can convert the PST file generated by any version of MS Outlook.

Steps to Save Outlook Calendars as ICS File for GoDaddy are:

Launch the software

  • After adding PST file, check the Advance Scan option if your PST file is highly corrupt. Then, click Add File.

Add PST File

  • Once PST is scanned completely, click Export.

Export PST File

  • Select ICS as the Export option to publish Outlook calendar to GoDaddy.

Export as ICS

  • Click on Browse and select a destination location for the output file.

Browse File

  • Click Export button.

Now, you can simply add Outlook Calendar to GoDaddy.

Summing It Up

With the help of any calendar’s iCalendar (iCal), address users can view it in any public calendar on their website. The iCal data format is compatible with most of the calendar provides, however, the process to get the address varies among different provides. Here, we have discussed different techniques to publish Outlook calendar to GoDaddy. Now, users can opt any solution as per their current requirements and preferences.

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