How to Recover Media Items from STM File of Exchange?

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Published On August 24th, 2022
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The blog discusses one of the best expert solutions to recover media items from STM file of Exchange without any loss. But before going through the solutions and steps to recover data from STM files, we need to understand the concept of STM files in Exchange, how it stores data, what kind of data is stored in this file format.

STM File in Exchange 2000 & 2003 Version

In MS Exchange 2003 and below versions, the STM file (Streaming Media File) is used simultaneously with the EDB files to constitute the Exchange database. Both STM and EDB files together comprise the database That is, these files always should be considered as a single entity. The basic concept of STM file is that it stores streamed native Internet Content including all images, audio, video etc. that are formatted as streams of MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) data.

In Exchange Server 2003 / 2000 Server, the newly arriving messages are streamed directly into STM file, where it will be held until and unless it is accessed by a MAPI client user. That is, when MAPI client user access these email messages, the data stored STM files goes to EDB file in the server before it gets opened to the user.

So this is the basic concept for STM files, now let us discuss how to recover media items from STM file of Exchange without any data loss?

Why User Needs to Recover Data from STM Files

You have seen that streamed data is stored in STM files in Exchange 2003, 2000 and the below versions. There are times when a user is no longer able to access the data saved in Exchange server. There can be many reasons for this like version conflicts, data file corruptions and other Exchange errors that may result in issues while loading an email message or data in Exchange. In such cases, it is difficult to recover data files in STM files manually.

Best Solution to Recover STM Files

Since STM file format is discontinued in MS Exchange server after 2003 version. And today most organizations works on latest Exchange Servers like 2019, 2016 etc. So if you have a STM file with you, and if you need to recover data from STM file, we need to relay on some reliable STM File Recovery application like SysTools Exchange Recovery software.

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This utility support Streaming Media File along with Exchange Database file (Private and Public). It provides quick and advance scanning option which easily recovers and repair EDB file along with STM file from corruption.

The advance scan also recovers hard deleted mailboxes and data item from loaded offline/dismounted .edb file. Now it is easy for users to recover deleted mailbox after retention period with the help of this automated tool.

Here you will see one of the best recovery services that can recover media items from STM file of Exchange. This Exchange Recovery service is extremely impressive to retrieve data and to move it out of MS Exchange. It also allows to repair corrupted STM files without any data loss and to recover all media items stored in STM files in the various file format as the user prefers.

How to recover Data in STM file of Exchange?

Explore the proper steps to repair and recover data from STM file of Exchange 2003, 2000 and below versions. First, download the free demo version of the software from the given link, and then follow the steps given below.

The free version can recover all data in STM file and provides you a complete preview of all data in the loaded STM files. But the demo editions have some limited feature, that it only exports 25 items per folder from the STM files.

    • Press the Add file option on the top right side of the software

select add file

    • Browse the STM file from which you need to recover media data items > Select the Advance scan option > Click on Add button

load stm file

    • The software will recover and preview the media items stored in the selected STM file > Click on export button

preview data

    • Now export the STM Media files in the desired file format > Select the browse button to set target file path > Click on export button

click export

  • View Exported data from your STM file

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The STM file stores streamed native Internet Content including all images, audio, video etc. But Microsoft Exchange STM file is the discontinued files from Exchange 2003. So if you are searching for the solution to recover media items from STM file of Exchange, then this blog may help you. The software discussed in the above section will help you to recover data from STM files without any data loss.