Repair Corrupt Powerpoint File to Recover Presentation File Data

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To represent lots of information previously, a user can save information in MS Powerpoint File of MS Office application. Program stored information in .pptx file. It stores text, images, video, different layout, and themes.
But sometimes this powerpoint file can be damaged or corrupted due to different reason according to condition, discuss below in section briefly to repair corrupted Powerpoint file and restore data back, need to perform different methods mentioned below:


Symptoms of Damaged or Corrupt Powerpoint File

Whenever the powerpoint file is corrupt or damaged due to unknown reason and start trying different behavior. Getting different error message such as “Part of Powerpoint file is missing, file not represented as Powerpoint file, page fault error. In below section, we try to describe each error faced be MS Powerpoint user and solution to fix corrupt powerpoint file. Even other given below in images also faces by the Powerpoint user.

Common Error List While Working With Powerpoint File

1) PowerPoint File Not Display Content: This is common error occur when powerpoint file damaged and whenever a user tries to open the file and the information slides not displaying the content stored in the file properly.

2) Powerpoint Found a Problem With Content: One of the Common error and in the previous section we discuss the solution of this issue in a different manner such as you can unblock the powerpoint file or change the trust center settings to repair powerpoint file and view the data again in the healthy powerpoint file.

Content Not Found

To know more about step by step solution visit: PowerPoint Found a Problem with Content

3) PowerPoint found unreadable content in Presentation: Similar to the first problem, here after selecting the powerpoint file, MS Powerpoint unable to read the meta-content of the selected file and displays an error message. Even some time due to unknown corruption either it can be hardware or software, a user gets error messaged “file is corrupt and cannot be opened” similar to below image:

File is Corrupt Error

Frequently Asked Question By MS Powerpoint User

Since Powerpoint file used by millions of peoples and corruption in powerpoint file become the issue since different user faces a various error, some of the user queries are given below:

Powerpoint Errors

How to Repair Corrupted Powerpoint File – Manual Solutions

Since to recover saved information stored in damaged powerpoint file, either we need to use the inbuilt utility offered by Microsoft Powerpoint or need to save information in new slides presentation.

1) First Open Microsoft Powerpoint Application

2) Now Create New Blank Presentation

3) Use the “Reuse Slide” option to insert Old slides.

4) Browse the location of corrupt Powerpoint file stored in the system.

5) Now see whether the damaged data stored in New Powerpoint file.

Alternative Solution – Online Converter to Repair Powerpoint File

If manual not recover the data from the corrupted Powerpoint file then you can try online converter service available in Web to repair MS Powerpoint file.

Online Converter

Follow Step By Step to use Online Service Repair Powerpoint File

1) Upload Corrupted File and Email Address so that recovered data can be mailed to you.

2) Wait till recovered process completed, if the file is large then you need to wait till process completed.

3) Now check Mail to view the recovered file and Open the file in MS Powerpoint application to view information stored in a damaged file.

As Online Converter doesn’t provide surety of complete recovering of meta-details or information stored in file. Even after getting recovered file from online services, sometimes data not stored properly manner as the original file. Uploading of damaged powerpoint file deponds in Online services deponds on file size also.

Repair Corrupt Powerpoint File – Automated Solution

Follow the step by step guide to repairing corrupt Powerpoint file.

Step 1: Install Powerpoint Recovery Tool

Step 2: Now Add Corrupted Powerpoint File within the software. You can also add multiple files using bulk mode.

Add Powerpoint File

Step 3: View Repair Process Status.

Repair File

Step 4: Preview the recovered meta-details of corrupted powerpoint file such as layout, themes, font & other details.

Preview  File Details

Step 5: Now save the recovered healthy file within the desired location.

Save Recovered Powerpoint File


Powerpoint file used to store information in a precise manner but corruption can occur easily. Using manual methods you can repair Powerpoint file and recovered data but data loss or meta detail loss can be possible. So, without losing the integrity of data fix MS Powerpoint file using SysTools Powerpoint recovery. An automated solution to repair corrupt Powerpoint File for 2007 and above version. Software not only fixes the file but also allow user you to perform a different function related to preview and saving details.