How to Restore Outlook 2016 From Time Machine Backup on Mac OS

Written By Kumar Raj
Anuraag Singh
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Published On September 7th, 2018
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“Recently, I made a Time Machine backup of my hard drive before erasing it and reinstalling Mac OS 10.12 (Sierra). After that, I installed Office 2016 however, unclear about the fact that how can I import my Outlook emails, contacts, calendar, events, etc., from the Time Machine. I forgot to create a .olm before erasing my hard disk. Well, it was easy with Office 2011 as everything was stored in the Microsoft User Data folder. But, what about now as I have Office 2016 and I cannot even locate a file on my hard drive. I am using version 15.27 Microsoft Outlook for Mac. Please help me to restore outlook from time machine!”

Are you among those users who want to backup and restore Outlook from Time Machine backup but, not getting any appropriate technique? If yes then, you have landed on the right solution page. It is a step-by-step guide to backup and restores lost Outlook 2016 files from Mac. So, let us get started with a brief introduction to the time machine and its usage.

Quick Overview of Time Machine: How to Utilize it to Create Backup & Restore

Time Machine is an inbuilt backup application utilized to keep an up-to-date replica of all the files on Mac OS. It is a unique backup application that makes incremental snapshots of entire data on Mac so that, one can restore it later. Due to this, it becomes easy to recover emails, files, or any other media that may inadvertently be deleted.

One can even use it with iLife, iWork, and many other programs to restore files even without leaving those applications. This Apple’s AirPort can be utilized to store the backups on a network drive. Time Machine works best with Apple Time Capsule that is the accumulation of AirPort Base Station WiFi Router, and an external hard disk. Yet, one can utilize it with any hard drive connected with your computer by using FireWire, USB, or Thunderbolt. In the next we will discuss how to restore Outlook 2016 from time machine.

How to Restore Outlook From Time Machine Backup ?

  1. Launch a window for the data item to which you want to restore. Such as:
  2. For restoring an accidentally deleted file from the Documents folder, just unlock the Documents folder
  3. For restoring an email message, open the Inbox in Mail
  4. In case, if you are utilizing any application that automatically saves the versions of documents as you work with them so, open a document. After that, use Time Machine to restore the earlier version of that particular document.
  5. Highlight Enter Time Machine from the Time Machine tab Time Machine icon. Otherwise, you can click Time Machine in the Dock. Here, we are taking the example of Time Machine for Documents folder
    Search the data items to recover and restore:
  6. Use timeline on the side of screen to check if the Outlook items in Time Machine backup are same as they were at that time. The timeline might include local snapshots
  7. Use the search section in a window to get an item then, move through the time while focusing on modifications to that data item
  8. Highlight the desired file and hit Space Bar for previewing it. Now, make sure this is the one you need
    Click the Restore button to restore the selected data item or, Control-click on the item to get other options

Restoring Everything From Time Machine Backup

Users can restore the entire hard drive from a Time Machine as well. If you are still having the access to your older hard drive then, you just need to hold down the Command + R keys to enter macOS Recovery Partition. From here, select “Restore from Time Machine Backup” option from the macOS Utilities display, and follow the instructions.

Quick Tip: In order to avoid data loss and other issues related to Mac Outlook, we recommend users to move from Mac Outlook to Windows Outlook. However, now the question comes how to execute this migration without any data loss. So, the answer is SysTools Mac OLM Converter as it can bulk export Mac Outlook 2016 to PST file format. Using this software, one can export selective as well as all complete data items.

Concluding Lines

Time Machine keeps the back up all of data items into an external storage device so that users can restore them later or check how they seem in the past. If you utilize the Time Machine to backup your Mac database and something went wrong with your hard drive then, you can still restore the data with local snapshots. When you set up the Time Machine on your Mac system, local snapshots begin create automatically which can help you to restore Outlook from time machine.

The Time Machine makes one daily snapshot in every 24 hours when you start your computer. It also stores one weekly snapshot on every week.This article comprises a detailed information about Time Machine and its ability to generate backup on Mac OS. Apart from this, we also have discussed a complete method to resolve a common user query related to the same i.e., how to restore Outlook from Time Machine backup.