How to Fix “ScanPST Failed to Add Row to the FLT” Error

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Though scanpst.exe or Inbox Repair Tool is not the best way to fix Outlook data file corruption, many users still use this for minor level of corruption. But, what if you get an error while fixing already corrupted PST file? This situation can only be compared to the moment when someone falls “out of the frying pan into the fire.”

One error that Inbox Repair Tool users often come across is “ScanPST Failed to Add Row to the FLT” Error. This is extremely annoying as it completely stops the process of PST file recovery. If you are facing the same situation, this blog is for you. Here we will suggest some solution to this problem and also shed light on its causes.

What Happens When ScanPST Failed to Add Row to the FLT Occurs

Inbox repair Tool is an inbuilt utility that comes with MS Outlook. It is used to fix corruption but sometimes, it fall prey to different errors.

This error usually occurs when you start repairing a corrupt PST file. During the scanning process, scanpst.exe reports this error called “Failed to add row to FLT, RowID = nn in multiple times.

After reporting, a message, pops up that says, click Repair to fix the problem. Unfortunately, users do not see any Repair button at this stage. Hence, they fail to repair this error, let alone the corrupted PST / OST files.

What Causes ‘ScanPST Failed to Add Row to the FLT’ Error

When ScanPST.exe is used to fix corrupted PST files, it may end up showing this error. Before going to the resolution of this problem, let us see what give rise to this error at the first place:

Large PST file: All PST files have a designated size depending on the Outlook version. Once the file size reaches the threshold or even crosses it, scanPST shows this error while fixing such files.

Dirty Shut Down / Outlook Crash: If you suddenly switch off your computer when Outlook is running or Outlook crashes, this problem may appear.

PST File Location: If the Outlook PST file is store in any Network location, this error might occur.

Virus Infection: When PST file corruption results from virus of malware infection, scanpst.exe may display this mentioned error.

HDD Issues: If there are some bad sector in your hard drive that damaged the PST file at the first place, then it might be reason you are getting this error.

Some Handy Tricks to Fix Error Failed to Add Row to the FLT in scanpst

These are some free and manual workaround one may try when ScanPST Failed to Add Row to the FLT error occurs.

Workaround 1: Export PST file again for repairing.

Workaround 2: Make sure to safely close all other programs like Outlook or your antivirus software that might be using PST.

Workaround 3: One may also try transferring the PST file to a different computer and then use scanpst to repair it.

Workaround 4: Never use scanPST to repair Outlook PST file located in Network location. For repairing, make sure to copy it to a local computer.

Workaround 5: Remember that Inbox Repair tool cannot repair PST file which is larger than 2GB or which is encrypted. If you have a large PST file you can divide PST file in smaller size and then repair it.

Sure-Fire Solution to Fix ScanPST Failed to Add Row to the FLT” Error

If you have attempted the mentioned manual tricks to avoid this error and still scanpst.exe shows you the same error, it is time to think smart. Do not waste your time fixing Outlook PST file corruption with Inbox Repair Tool and switch to SysTools Outlook PST Recovery Tool. This application is the best alternative to scanpst.exe and does not cause any error while fixing severe PST file corruptions.

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These are the working steps of this application:

Step 1: Start the software on your computer.

Step 2: Click on Add File to add any number of PST file.

Step 3: Preview all items of PST file including the deleted ones.

Step 4: Export the recovered data in desired file format.

Additional Features of the tool

  • MS Outlook installation not required
  • Recover data from any size of PST file
  • Remove any type of corruption issues
  • Restore soft and hard deleted PST data


If you are facing “ScanPST Failed to Add Row to the FLT” Error while using scanPST for PST file corruption repair, you should stop using it immediately. Though there are manual methods to fix this error, these often does not work. You need professional software like the aforementioned utility. Follow the given guide and get done with such annoying errors.

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