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No Backupset Selected to Be Restored

Microsoft SQL Server is a well-known database management system that helps to store and retrieve data from the database. SQL Server recommends users to create a backup of SQL Server Database regularly. If users need to restore an SQL database, it can be done easily in minutes. But, what to do if the backup (.bak file) is corrupted or can not be accessed? A large number of users are confronted with the “SQL Server No Backupset Selected To be Restored” error when restoring a database from .bak file.

Therefore. in this blog, we will let you know about the solution of how to fix this problem to restore SQL database from .bak file with ease.

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User Query

Hello, we are working with SQL Server 2012 from last 6 months in our organization. I have backed up the SQL database and obtained the dab.bak file. Now, I’m trying to restore SQL database from .bak file using SQL Server Management Studio. But the backup file is not restored and the error is displayed as “No backupset selected to be restored.”. I don’t know what I am missing. Please guide me on how to restore bak file in SQL Server. Thanks in Advance!

below is another user query that might give users a detailed understanding of the entire scenario.


Reasons For SQL Server No Backupset Selected To Be Restored Error

There can be two possible reasons behind this error message while restoring .bak file in SQL Server.

  1. You can try to restore .bak file from the new version to the old version. For example, you took a backup on SQL Server 2012 and restore it on SQL Server 2008. You only restore the database from .bak file in the same SQL Server version.
  2. The backup file is corrupted or inaccessible. You can run this command to check


If the backup is corrupted, you are not able to see the all details in the output.

How to Restore BAK File in SQL Server Which is Corrupted?

SQL Server does not provide any utility to repair & restore damaged backup file. To overcome this problem, you must use SysTools SQL Backup Recovery Software. This application specially designed to repair SQL Server corrupt backup file and restore .bak file in SQL Server Database. Moreover, it works with all MS SQL Server version like 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008, and others to recover the database from backup. The software easily fix all bak file errors such as Error 3241, SQL Server Error 3154, no full database backup is selected to be restored. (microsoft.sqlserver.smoextended), etc.

Moreover, With this software, you can repair a large size of SQL backup files with complete accuracy. It recovers entire data saved in .bak file which include MDF & NDF database file. After recovering the damaged data, it will display a preview of all database items like tables, views, stored procedures, etc.

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Steps to Fix SQL Server No Backupset Selected to Be Restored Error

Follow all the mentioned instructions to repair & restore corrupted bak file in SQL Server Database.

Step 1. Download and Launch the SQL BAK File Recovery tool.

Step 2. Click Open, and then click Browse to load the SQL Server .bak file.

Load BAK File

Step 3. Select SQL .bak file version, if you don’t know the exact version, simply click on Auto Detect option.

Auto Detect SQL Server BAK File Version

Step 4. Click Multiple Backup File Option to add and restore .multiple SQL .bak files at the same time.

Restore Multiple BAK Files

Step 5. After selecting the files, click on the Recover button to start the recovery of the corrupted .bak file.

Recover Corrupted SQL Backup File

Step 6. Once the recovery process is complete, users can preview healthy files in the panel. Select the required items and click on Export option to fix No Backupset Selected to be restored error.

Click Export

Step 7. Under Export Options, choose Export to SQL Server Database or SQL Server Compatible Scripts option and fill the required information.

Export Option

Step 8. From the Select Destination Database option, choose “Create a New Database” to restore SQL Server backup to new database and “Export to Existing Database” to restore in an existing database.

Restore SQL Server Backup to New Database

Step 9. Next, Select one option, Export with schema or Export with schema & data.

Export With Schema

Step 10. Click Export button to fix SQL Server No Backupset Selected to Be Restored error.

No Backupset Selected to Be Restored error.

Finally, you can easily save the report in .csv file to the desired folder location. Moreover, to review the restored data, open SQL Server database. There, users can cross verify is their problem of no backup selected to be restored is solved or not. Although their are almost negligible chances of facing the error furthermore. 

Final Verdict

In this blog, we know the error and its causes when restoring the backup file in SQL Server. This error appears due to a corrupted backup file or restores in an older SQL Server version. Moreover, there is no manual solution to repair damaged SQL backup files.

Therefore, we recommend the professional solution that helps you to fix the SQL Server No Backupset Selected to Be Restored error. In addition, it is compatible with all Windows version including Windows 10, 8.1, 8, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q-1. How Can I Fix “The media family on device is incorrectly formed” Error?

Ans: If you see this error when restoring a backup file, you may be trying to restore a newer version of SQL Server. Sometimes this error can also mean that your backup file is corrupt. Also, In such a case, you can use SysTools BAK File repair tool to recover data from a corrupted backup file.

Q-2. Why I am Unable to Restore SQL Database Backup file?

Ans: There are several reasons behind the inability to restore the backup. For Example: trying to restore a database to older versions, the file is corrupt, and does not execute the right command or the right steps.

Q-3. How Can I create a backup and restore SQL Server Database?

Ans: Using SSMS and Transact-SQL, you can create a backup of SQL database and easily restore database in SQL Server. You can also read our backup & restore database in SQL Server article to know the complete solution.

Q-4. How Do I Restore Backup File to New Database Without Losing my data?

Ans: This task is quite complex and risky by manually, so you can try SQL BAK restore tool that helps you to restore the SQL BAK file to different database. This can fixing no backupset selected to be restored SQL Server 2022, 2016, 2014, etc is easy.


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