How to Upgrade Microsoft 365 Subscription Guide for Admins

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Published On April 29th, 2024
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Many users put forward their confusion regarding how to upgrade Microsoft 365 subscription plans. This problem only exaggerates in an organizational setting where a single administrator is responsible for hundreds of licenses. It might also be due to the debate between Microsoft 365 vs Office 365.

As a result of which a complete question set can be constructed, that comprises of some queries like –

  • How do I upgrade my Office 365 plan?
  • how can I change my Office 365 subscription?
  • How do I upgrade my Office 365 Personal to Home plan?

The answer is Yes, you can upgrade your Office 365 subscription, and that too on your own. However, for the first-time users/admin, the process can be overwhelming.  So, in this article, we will provide you a solution for the same.

To upgrade Office 365 subscription plan, you have to follow some required steps –

  1. Purchase a new Office 365 Plan.
  2. Create users account
  3. Migrate data (depend on your subscription).
  4. Remove old subscription.

These are common steps you have to do when you upgrade your Office 365 subscription. Migration of your data it depends on your subscription for example if you upgrade or switch plan from Personal to Home, so there is no need to migrate data, but if you upgrade from Home to Business then you have to migrate data from old subscription to new.

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How to Upgrade Office 365 Personal to Family Plan?

Normally people start their Office 365 experience with personal subscription. But, due to limited users license and Office 365 accessibility through a limited device user want to upgrade their Office 365 personal plan to Home plan. If we compare both Office 365 subscription plans we found that there are multiple facilities available in Office 365 Home plan like in Office 365 personal plan user will get 1 TB OneDrive online storage while user get 6 TB OneDrive online storage (1 TB for each user) in Office 365 Home plan. Furthermore, the user get 6 users license in Home plan whereas in Personal subscription user get only 1 license.

So here we will guide how can you upgrade Office 365 personal to Home. To do this, follow the given instructions.

Upgrade Office 365 subscription plan using a product key –

  1. Click on & then click on Sign In.
  2. Now login with Microsoft account and Password, then click on Sign In button.
  3. Now type the product key.
  4. Click on the drop-down button & click on Country or Region and select your country.
  5. Click on the drop-down button & click on Your Language select language.

After that Microsoft will verify your information and upgrade your Office 365 subscription to Home.

Upgrade Office 365 subscription plan without using a product key –

  1. Visit on Microsoft store –
  2. Sign In with Microsoft account which is associated with Office 365 Home.
  3. Now, type user name & password, then click on Sign In button.
  4. Click on Renewal option & choose your plan from Monthly or yearly.
  5. Now click on Buy and download and click on checkout.

How to Upgrade Microsoft 365 Subscription from Home to Business?

We have found some queries where users ask – how can I upgrade my Office 365 Home subscription? To perform this task follow the given steps –

  1. Purchase Office 365 business plan.
  2. Create accounts for users.
  3. Transfer the data.
  4. Cancel the subscription.

These steps are necessary to Upgrade Office 365 Home subscription plan.

Detail guide on How to upgrade Office 365 Home to Business subscription plan?

What You Have to do for Your Data Before Upgrading Office 365 Plan?

Before any license update, especially in a professional setting, it is always recommended to keep a backup of the user data. This safety precaution helps if, by chance, some data goes missing. Moreover, Microsoft auto deletes all user data who lack a license after 90 days this might become mandatory.
Don’t worry, you need not search for anything else, as we have a professional-grade solution to back up all Office 365 data right here.
With the help of the SysTools Office 365 Backup utility, administrators can pull out user data from the cloud for safekeeping. Store this data locally on your workstation and put your Microsoft 365 plan upgrade process at ease.

Follow these few simple steps and

  • Select Office 365 as the source, and a target backup format.
  • Mark the workload item and set the corresponding date filter.
  • Perform source-side admin validation and repeat for Target.
  • Map users with any option out of Fetch, Import, or Download.
  • Preview the users, select the accounts, Validate, and Start Backup.


After considering the user’s problem of how to upgrade Microsoft 365 subscription. Here, in this article, we have explained comprehensive steps to upgrade Office 365 plan, Hope it will help you! Remember, before upgrading the Office 365 plan think about your data. Because it is not good to leave old data while planning to switch between Office 365 plans.

Frequently Asked Questions During M365 Plan Upgrade

Q. Is upgrading a Microsoft 365 subscription free?
Ans. Both yes and no. Let us explain. If by upgrading you mean changing licenses for individual users, then it won’t cost you extra. However, you still need to purchase the licenses first before assigning them, so it is not completely free either.

Q. Can I downgrade the Microsoft 365 license to a cheaper option?
Ans. Yes, it is theoretically possible to change to a low-cost O365 plan. However, by doing this, you lose access to all other features/apps that are part of the more expensive version. This includes the data as well, so backup everything you wish to preserve with the help of the automated utility.

Q. Is the upgrade process time-consuming?
Ans. No, as it is a subset of license assignment, it should only take a few minutes of your time. Provided that all the preconditions are met. This means all purchases are done, user activity is minimal, and the backup is complete. You can speed up the backup by relying on an advanced utility like the one mentioned earlier.


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