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Published On September 19th, 2022
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The Lotus Notes is an on-premise email client which is used as an emailing application. While MS Office 365 is a cloud-based application which contains several advanced functionalities. Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration is not an easy task to be performed manually, users must have the technical expertise to perform this migration process.

When a user tries to migrate the Lotus Notes NSF file data then he/she has to face many hurdles. Furthermore, if the migration is not performed correctly then it can also lead to work, business and capital loss. Therefore, to save all the users from such unlucky situation, we are going to discuss Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration issues and challenges through this blog post.

Reasons that Leads to Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration

Here are some of the major reasons which leads to migrate Lotus Notes all data item to Office 365.

  • Huge Storage: MS Office 365 saves the data in the cloud, hence, it does not consume any local space. Thus, the user can save the data without any worry in the cloud.
  • Formatting Issue: Lotus Notes is not able to render all HTML/CSS script appropriately. It leads to formatting issue in emails along with its attachments. It becomes difficult to maintain the data inconsistency by using this faulty rendering.
  • Synchronization Issue: The IBM Notes suffer more because of the poor synchronization with its Domino Server. It causes inconsistency in the email service & also reduces its performance speed. This issue basically arises when the user tends to transfer Lotus Notes emails to Office 365.
  • Client Migration: IBM Notes has its file format i.e NSF, which has a very less use among other email applications. It can be possible that the user may need or want to access this NSF file in other email application. Thus, there arises the need for migration of data from IBM Notes.
  • Business Requirements: Office 365 supports business goals like innovation, agility, and mobility.
  • User-friendly: Office 365 is very easy to learn and it does not require any training for its usage.
  • Operational Cost: The operational cost of Office 365 is very low and it also provides flexible working.

Critical Considerations During the Migration Process

While migrating IBM Notes to Office 365, the export of other items including Lotus emails, calendars, tasks, address book etc., are kept in mind. There are some crucial considerations which are considered as Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration challenges for the users.

  1. Email: An email is the most preferred way of communicating in this modern era. Today, most of the data files are exchanged through emails, hence, users in bulk depends upon emails. The accurate and proper migration of emails becomes critical. Even the small downfall in the migration of Lotus Notes emails to Office 365 can cause huge loss in the work flow of business. This downfall can further lead to productivity problem in future. Lotus Notes and Office 365 need to coexist because of the reasons stated above. Hence, it is very important for both the platforms to work in coordination as the migration cannot get completed overnight. For handling the attachments of emails, the email routing is carried out carefully.
  2. Calendars & Contacts: The other items such as calendars, contacts of IBM Notes, journals, meetings, must be transferred to Office 365 without any data loss.

Lotus Notes Email Migration to Office 365: Top Challenges

There are the top challenges that are faced during the step by step migration of Lotus Notes emails.

  • Security Concern: Some users have fear of moving their data to the cloud. But, Microsoft has plenty of data security for the users who are migrating from On-premise to cloud. Microsoft provides the safeguard which ensure to save the data during Lotus Notes emails to Office 365 migration.
  • Consolidating Emails: This migration process requires users to give their previous email platforms. It is done so that the data can adapt to the new platform.
  • Little Bandwidth: The organization which has little or low bandwidth and a lot of data to be migrated can get frustrated. Thus the conversion process from On-premise to cloud is a lengthy mechanism.

Common Issues While Migrating Lotus Notes to O365

  1. Partial Migration: There are cases when the data does not migrate properly as wanted by the user. This basically happens when migrating data from one platform to another.
  2. Viruses and Malware: The viruses and malware are prone to the threat while importing Lotus Notes NSF data into Office 365 process. Therefore, it is always recommended to use a third party solution to resolve this issue. Users can choose the good software so that no malware or the viruses attack is possible.
  3. Always choose the satisfactory tools to carry out the process: sometimes while carrying the migration process user opt for a third party software that are available in the market. The user cannot trust the software which is a major concern and issues for the end users. Users need to select the appropriate tool if they want to migrate the data with the help of any third party solution so that there is a low chance for Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration issues.

One such third party tool is described in the below section. User can try the software if they are looking for best and reliable results.

A Suitable Solution to Migrate Lotus Notes Emails to Office 365

Using the IMAP connector, one can perform manual transfer of Lotus Notes data items to the desired Office 365 account. However, it renders several limitations, which one needs to undergo while availing the same. Moreover, the outcome is not result-oriented as there is a high risk of data loss issue wherein sufficient technical expertise is required.

Thus, we would like to recommend users an adequate solution which is SysTools Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration Tool. By using this software, users can get rid of all the shortcomings associated with the native workaround. It is a versatile software offering wide-range of advanced functionalities all in a simplified interface. It is capable to migrate NSF emails, contacts and calendars mailboxes to the destination Office 365 account.

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Benefits of Using Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration Software

  • Option to migrate selective mailbox items from the Workload section
  • Date filter option for selective data migration by date-wise
  • Delta migration feature to transfer new set of NSF data to O365
  • Option to avail Re-run migration to migrate missed/ skipped NSF data
  • Retry failed items feature to transfer failed data items caused due to technical failures
  • Option to set Priority to Lotus Notes NSF mailboxes to Office 365
  • Avail Concurrent migration feature to transfer NSF data batch-wise

Quick Steps to Migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365 – Here’s How!

Following are the steps to transfer HCL Notes NSF data to Office 365 using the futuristic software:

  • Install and launch the software on your Windows system.
  • Select source platform as “Lotus Notes” and destination platform as “Office 365”.
  • Select desired categories to migrate and apply “Date filter” option from the Workload section.
  • Provide the admin credentials of source and destination user mailboxes.
  • Map user accounts with source and destination platforms, set priority to the mailboxes, which needs to be migrated first.
  • Once the required settings are applied, click “Start Migration” to begin migrating NSF files to Office 365.

The Final Verdict

Here in this article, we focused on some of the Lotus Notes to Office 365 migration issues and challenges. To avoid such issues, the users are provided with a third party solution to import Lotus Notes NSF files to Office 365. The user can also try the demo version of the software which is available for free.


Q. Does the software support migrating bulk NSF files to the desired Office 365 account?

A. Yes, Users can migrate single or bulk NSF files to Office 365 account using this remarkable software. Using “Fetch Users” and “Import User” option, one can map and upload the user mailboxes between the source and destination account for migration.

Q. Is it possible to export selective data within NSF email data item to O365?

A. Yes, Within the software panel, it offers “Date filter” option. You need to specify the date ranges from which the data will be exported to O365 under “To” and “From” sections.

Q. What is the maximum export time required to transfer NSF files having size of 28 GB file size?

A. The software will consume minimum transfer time to migrate NSF files to the desired O365 account, irrespective of the file size.


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