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How to Add Gmail to Thunderbird Account? Proficient Solution

Published By Siddharth Tehri
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Published On December 2nd, 2022

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In today’s arena, Gmail is the most preferred web-based email application for communication. It plays an important role in the user’s life and facilitates best email services available these days. It does not only facilitate a large Inbox folder, but also there are more benefits of using this service. Gmail users have 15 GB of storage space to store the mailbox items. But, some of the users want to export emails from Gmail to Thunderbird.

User prefers Mozilla Thunderbird to move over another email clients because, it is the free desktop based email client to send and receive email messages with several advanced functionalities like folder management email, Compatible with IMAP and POP3 configuration of multiple email services. Moreover, most of the users prior to Thunderbird over Gmail. Furthermore, in the upcoming section, we will be going discuss the effective ways to add Gmail to Thunderbird effortlessly. First, you have to go through the below listed that will help to make you understand the procedure of move Gmail to Thunderbird effectively.

“I have been seeing for support on how can I add Gmail account in my Mozilla Thunderbird? but I did not get any best solution to resolve my problem. Whenever I can’t add Gmail account to Thunderbird each time I tried it shows an error message such as “Thunderbird username or password invalid Gmail”. How do I troubleshoot it?. Or Is there any other quick method to add Gmail email, the calendar to Thunderbird”

Manual Method to Add Gmail Account to Thunderbird

Most of the users need to transfer Gmail to Mozilla Thunderbird email client properly. At that time, users may face major issues. So, to get rid of from tedious problem user can go with below mentioned manual way. Here you just need to follow below mentioned steps to add Gmail to Thunderbird:

Step 1:  Change Mozilla Thunderbird SMTP, IMAP & POP3 Settings:

  • Email Sending through SMTPSMTP Host: smtp.gmail.com
    SMTP Port: 587
    SSL Protocol: OFF
    TLS Protocol: ON
    SMTP Username: (username)
    SMTP Password: (Gmail password)
  • Gmail Email Fetching via POP3POP3 Host: pop.gmail.com
    POP3 Port: 995
    TLS Protocol: ON
    POP3 Username: (your Gmail username)
    POP3 Password: (your Gmail password)
  • Gmail Email Fetching via IMAP settingsHost: imap.gmail.com
    Port: 993
    Encryption: SSL
    Username: (Gmail username)
    Password: (Gmail password)

Step 2: Add Gmail to Thunderbird account using IMAP settings:

  • In your browser sign-in to your Gmail account.
  • Select “Gmail Settings” to tap Gear button you can see in the upper-right corner.
  • Hit on “Forwarding and POP/IMAP”.
  • Opt “Enable IMAP” by using IMAP Access options & select “save changes”.

Enable IMAP

  • Here, to add Gmail account to Thunderbird application, start Thunderbird in your local machine and then select “Mail Setup” as an option.
  • Insert your credentials of Gmail email account and then click “Continue”.

Continue to Add Gmail to Thunderbird

  • Choose the IMAP radio button to enable it to select “Manual Configuration”.

Manual Configuration

  • Through default entries, you have to verify your Gmail IMAP properties. When you completely set-up or verify hit on “Re-set”.

Add Gmail to Thunderbird Account

  • If all the information is found to be correct now, you can add Gmail to Thunderbird. Select “Create Account”.

Create Account

  • View your folders such as “Inbox or mailbox” to check and fetch the mails. It may take a few minutes to load all the emails and folders from Gmail as compare to the size of your mailbox.

How to Add Gmail to Thunderbird

  • Select on Account Settings >> Tools you can create a copy in Gmail Sent folder whenever sending a message from Thunderbird application.

Account Settings to Add Gmail to Thunderbird

  • Finally, hit on an option to “Copies & Folders”, and then enable the checkbox for Place a copy in: and then setup option as a mandate. Select “OK” button when setup is done and then, you have to “Restart Mozilla Thunderbird application for enabling changes.

Copies & Folders

Professional Way for Adding Gmail Account to Thunderbird

The above-described manual method has some drawbacks even users should not aware of them. Moreover, it is very time-consuming and long procedure. So, here we come up with an appropriate solution to transfer Gmail to Thunderbird. Thus, users can go for a reliable solution i.e. SysTools Gmail Email Backup Software . With this utility, users can download Gmail emails to Windows & Mac computer without any data loss.

These files can be easily moved to various email clients i.e. users can add PST / MSG to Outlook, move MBOX / EML to Thunderbird, and EMLX is supported on Apple Mail. This software is developed with an easy-to-use and understandable interface even, a novice user can also Add Gmail to Thunderbird without taking any expert help. Hence, there are some more amazing features of this utility are listed below:

1. Supports Various File Formats to create a copy of Gmail account
2. The software permits the Secure Backup creation of a Single Account
3. Allows Delete After Download option to free up server space
4. Backup Emails, Contacts, Calendar and so on from Gmail Account.

Step by Step Guide of this Reliable Application

Step 1:  First, download and install the software on Windows or Mac OS.

Tool to Add Gmail to Thunderbird

Step 2: When the application is launched completely, insert the credentials of Gmail account
and then click on “Log-in” button.


Step 3: Next redirected to new page. Add credentials and Next hit on the “Allow” button to get the application accessible to the Gmail account.


Step 4: Here, in the menu choose the file format in which you want to create the backup. So, you have to opt for MBOX because Thunderbird supports MBOX file format.

How to Add Gmail to Thunderbird Account

Step 5: After selecting an option to “MBOX” now, click the “Browse” button to browse the final destination for the transfer procedure.

Step 6: Nevertheless, you can apply the customized filters by clicking on the “Apply filters” button as per your need.


Step 7: You can create the backup by using the custom filter like:

E-mail Filter: Allows the date filter containing the form and constraints to define the start or end date respectively.
Select Folders: In this, you can create the backup of the whole folders that can include for backup creation.

Email/Folders Filter

Step 8: Select “Start” Button to begin the procedure.

Start Add Gmail to Thunderbird Account

Step 9: Finally, after completion of the process, you can view the final converted resultant files at the destination location.


Step 10: Next, GOTO to the location where Thunderbird saved data in background on desktop and copy paste resultant file at that location & import MBOX to Thunderbird . Now restart Mozilla Thunderbird to view added MBOX file.

Done Add Gmail to Thunderbird

Final Verdict

Sometimes, the user finds an appropriate solution to resolve their issue “cannot add Gmail to Thunderbird”. When they try to do it manually they are unable to do it in a proper manner. Therefore, the manual method contains some constraints like it may lose your data, lengthy and time-consuming procedure, and so on.

So, we described a professional application to solve the issue unable to add Gmail emails to Thunderbird. The user can go with above-described utility to execute the export Gmail emails to MBOX file format without putting extra effort. Once got the MBOX file to add it to Thunderbird. Moreover, in the above section, we described manual and automated solutions simultaneously, the user can opt for any one of them as per their requirement.