Cannot Download Attachments from Gmail? See The Solution Here!

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In this write-up, we will resolve the commonly asked query of many Gmail users “Can’t Download attachment from Gmail”. We have provided two solutions below, which will help you in resolving your problem. If you cannot download Gmail attachments in Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser, then the solution will work for all browsers.

M. Rodrigo on the Google support forum asks – Hello, I don’t know why, but I am not able to download attachments from Gmail in chrome. I have tried to clear the cache and storage space, but the problem still persists. I have tried to contact Google Support, but no help from their side also. Can somebody resolve this problem, I urgently required the save all attachments from bank statements of the past few years.”

Sakura Yuki on Firefox Support asks – I cannot download any attachment from my Gmail account. I am currently using Firefox (76.0.1 version) on Windows 8.1. Although saving emails in Google Drive and then downloading them locally works fine, I have to waste so much time on it and it’s too frustrating to do. Tried clearing cache, disabling antivirus and ESET smart security web, and all email protection, but still no luck. Can anybody tell me, if there is any other way?”

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Solution #1: To Download All Attachments From Gmail

There are many users who face similar problems in different browsers, some of them support Google and some don’t. If you cannot download attachments from your Gmail account in Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser, then a quick way is to solve the problem is by taking help a third-party software. Utilities like SysTools Gmail Backup Tool allows user to extract attachments from Gmail in bulk.

Users can easily save Gmail emails with attachments as PDF on the local computer and use the attached files for their work. This way you will get emails and their attachment in order and will help you in easily sharing or accessing these attachment files.

Steps to download attachments from Gmail account:

  • Step 1: Install & Login into the Software  Login: Can’t Download attachments from Gmail
  • Step 2: Select Category as “Email”, Email-format as “PDF” can't download attachments from Gmail - solution
  • Step 3: Browse destination location & Apply filter  Apply Filter
  • Step 4: Click on Start button to begin download  Can't download all attachments from Gmail
  • Step 5: Open PDF files and save required attachments.  Gmail Attachment Cannot Download

Note: If you only wish to view the attachment in Gmail then you can download all emails at one place in any format available in software and use a free range of viewers to preview them.

Solution #2: 6 Ways Resolve ‘Cannot Download Attachments From Gmail’ Issue

In case you don’t wish to spend a penny and have a lot of time for resolving the issue, then you perform the following 6 things that might resolve your problem.

1. Check for the Supported Browser – There are few browsers who doesn’t support Google services. If you are using Opera, Maxthon, Vivaldi, etc., browsers, then try to switch to Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge, etc.

2. Update the Current Browser – If you are on supported browsers, then try to update the browser to the latest version. Go to help or Settings and update the browser version from there.

3. Clear Browser Cache – Try to clear the browsing history, cache, junk files from your browsers and try again.

4. Turn Off Antivirus – It might be possible that your antivirus is restricting the files to be download at your system through Gmail account. Try to turn Off the antivirus settings temporarily from Antivirus Settings.

5. Turn Off Labs Settings – Gmail provides multiple experimental settings in Gmail labs. If you have enables many lab settings, turn off a few settings might fix attachment issue. The following are the steps to Disable Labs Settings in Gmail.

  • In the Gmail account, click on Gear Icon, then go to Settings, and select the Labs tab.
  • In the available lab options, click on Disable radio buttons and click on Save Settings.

6. Don’t save encrypted pages to Disk Setting should be off – The other reason for unable to download attachments in Gmail is due to enable the function “Do not save the encrypted page on Disk”. Following are the simple steps to disable these settings:

  • Click on the Windows button on the keyboard and type “Internet Option” in the search bar.
  • In the Internet Options window, Go to Advanced Settings
  • Now, uncheck do not save the encrypted page on Disk option & click OK.

Note: There is a good chance that by following it you might be able to resolve your problem. However, if the problem still persists, then we highly recommend using method 1 as a solution.

Why Should We Care?

If you need to access or share the attachment file urgently, and you face can’t download attachments from your Gmail account, then it will be a problem. To resolve such a problem, we have provided two solutions, the first solutions guarantee to work, whereas solution two might work (unknown error might also be a problem).

The only possible case, where both of the methods will not work, is when a sender sends the message with Confidential Mode ON. Even in Gmail, you will not be able to download, print, or save the attachments of an email.