How to Save Multiple Gmail Emails as PDF File Using Top 2 Solutions

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This article explains the techniques to save Gmail emails as PDF documents. Here, we have discussed the various methods of saving emails as PDFs with their advantages and shortcomings. Understanding the difference between various methods will help you pick the right solution to solve your problem.

Query: I’m using Gmail email client service since 2011. So, I have a lot of emails in my Gmail account. Now, I want to backup all my Gmail emails in the Portable Document Format (PDF). I was searching for the Gmail to PDF conversion option in my account but was unable to find it. Please let me know how can I save or print multiple Gmail emails as PDF files.

Solution: The solution to export or save gmail emails as PDF is quite simple. Just log in to your Gmail account. Open the email you wish to save and click the 3 vertical dots at the top-right corner. Select Print and then choose the Microsoft Print to PDF option from Destination.

The step-by-step explanation to convert the Gmail email into PDF format.

Manual Method to Save Gmail Emails as PDF Format

By using the Gmail interface, you can print an email into PDF format. Follow the below-mentioned steps to export Gmail emails to PDF format:

  1. Login to your Gmail account.
    Login Gmail Account
  2. Now, click on the 3 vertical dots at the top-right side.
    3 Vertical Dots
  3. Afterwards, select the Print option from the list.
    Print Gmail as PDF Option
  4. Select the required option from the Destination & Other Options.
  5. At last, click on the Save button to export Gmail emails to PDF.
    Save Multiple Gmail Emails as PDF
  6. Browse the location to save the PDF file on your computer.
    Select location save Google Emails as PDF

Manual Method Limitations to Export Gmail Emails to PDF

In the manual method of converting multiple emails as PDFs, you need to open and save each email one by one. This works well when you need to store only a few emails; however, if you wish to export all Gmail emails to PDF files, then this manual process will not work.

Method to Save Gmail Emails as PDF Files

The perfect solution to bulk export Gmail emails is SysTools Gmail Backup Tool. This application allows users to directly Gmail save multiple emails as PDF files. The PDF files will contain all the attachments associated with the emails with all their attributes intact.

The generated PDF file will be saved with the same name as the Subject of the email. You can also use filters only selective emails of a folder as a PDF file.

Note: Try the demo version of the tool to export 100 Gmail emails to PDF format for free. You can use this tool to easily export Gmail emails to PDF.

Steps to Batch Export Gmail Emails to PDF

  • Download and run the software on Windows.
  • Enter your username & password. Click Login.
    enter account details
  • Now, select the export type as PDF & select categories.
    select export type as PDF
  • Browse the destination path & click the OK button.
    browse location to save data
  • Lastly, click Start to save multiple emails as PDF in Gmail.
    successfully export gmail emails to pdf

Note: If you want all the exported emails in a single PDF file, then use SysTools PDF Merge Tool.

Benefits of the Automated Solution To Export All Gmail Emails to PDF

  1. Save multiple Gmail emails to PDF in one go.
  2. Naming convention option to save PDF with a different name.
  3. Apply filters to save emails of particular folders in PDF files.
  4. Advanced date filter to save emails of a particular date range.
  5. Option to save the attachments of each email in separate folders.
  6. Download the exported emails at the desired location.
  7. Save contacts and calendars as PDF documents as well.
  8. Freely save emails in another popular file format.

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In this article, we have explained how to save Gmail emails as PDF files both manually and with the help of a converter tool. The article also discussed the limitations of the manual procedure and how to overcome them with the suggested software solution.


Q1. How we can manually save the Google emails as a PDF file? 

You simply need to first login to your Google/Gmail account, select the emails and simply use the print option as save as PDF files.

Q2. How this utility can help us to Gmail save multiple emails as PDFs.

Yes, you can use this tool to export and save multiple emails from different Google accounts.

Q3. Does the tool take long enough time to take the backup and save multiple emails as PDF files?

It totally depends on the stable and fast internet connection plus the amount of email data is what decides the time it will take to export and save.

Q4. How do I save entire email as PDF in Gmail?

  • Login to Gmail.
  • Now, open the email message to save it into PDF.
  • Click on the Print icon & select Destination to save data.
  • At last, select layout setting & click save to export Gmail to PDF.

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