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Outlook Express DBX Forensics

An Advanced Expert Utility to Execute Meticulous DBX Forensic Analysis in a Secure and Hassle-Free Manner

  • Proficiently previews & analyzes DBX data in a smooth & efficient way.
  • Supports processing and analyzing orphaned DBX file data as well.
  • Comes with a dedicated preview panel with 8 different view modes.
  • Allows uploading either a single DBX file or multiple DBX files at once.
  • Offers several features such as Bates Number, Naming Convention, etc.
  • Offers multiple search fields for a thorough forensic analysis of DBX files.
  • Securely export internet headers while exporting DBX emails to PDF format.
  • Preserves the folder hierarchy intact as original throughout the DBX forensics.
  • Windows 11 (64-bit), 10, 8, 7, etc. and Windows Server 2016, 2012 R2, 2008 compatibility.

DBX Forensics Tool – Highlighted Features

Search File

Advanced Search Filters

This utility is deemed an expert favorite because it exceeds all expectations. Not only does it preview DBX file data in a clean way but also provides countless search filters that help in a thorough and in-depth DBX forensic analysis. You can search through DBX emails as well as attachments on the basis of a number of aspects (as listed below). The advanced filters of this tool not only make it a rare find but also contribute to its overall functionality.

For DBX Emails:

  • To
  • From
  • CC
  • BCC
  • Subject
  • Body
  • Received Date
  • Sent Date
  • Sender Name
  • Modification Date
  • MD5
  • Message Header

For DBX Attachments:

  • Extension
  • Name

Multiple Export Options

Print DBX Emails or Save to PDF

The tool offers its users two different options to obtain your resultant data. Since Outlook Express is not in use anymore, one must convert DBX file content for further usage. Here are the two export options of this tool explained.

  • Save to PDF: By choosing this option, you can proceed to export and save your DBX emails and attachments in PDF format. In addition to that, the tool also provides you with different settings to adjust for your resultant PDF files. While exporting, you also get the option to either create a single PDF file for each DBX file or create an individual PDF file for each DBX email message.
  • Print DBX Emails: With this option, one can directly print their analyzed DBX data. Similar to the other export option, the utility also provides settings like page layout adjustments for when you choose to print your resultant data after the DBX forensics process.

Multiple Preview Options

Export Internet Headers of DBX Mails

Another great option this tool provides is to export the message headers of DBX emails. As we know, the email client Outlook Express has become outdated now. This becomes a challenge for forensic experts as this leaves the DBX file extension in an orphaned state.

Moreover, the headers of the DBX emails cannot be viewed without the application. Thus, this tool is the ultimate reliable solution for forensic investigators to preview, analyze, and further export the internet message headers along with the DBX emails and attachments. Along with exporting message headers, some other features provided by this utility are:

  • Analyzes orphaned DBX files.
  • Exports attachments with associated emails.
  • Previews DBX content in 8 different view modes.
  • Gives the option to save as PDF or print DBX emails.

List of Key Features in SysTools DBX File Forensics

Expert Tool to Thoroughly Analyze Outlook Express File Extension

Upload & Read DBX File

Deep & In-Depth DBX Forensics

The DBX File Forensic Tool is proficient in accessing and previewing DBX file data in a smooth and hassle-free manner. It is a standalone application which means it frees users from Outlook Express dependency. The tool provides a variety of search filters for a meticulous analysis of DBX emails and attachments. Moreover, it also maintains the original folder hierarchy intact throughout the forensic analysis. The utility provides the option to securely export DBX emails along with attachments and internet message headers in PDF format or print them.

Preview DBX Files

Search Filters for a Thorough Analysis

This advanced DBX forensics tool is deemed a personal favorite by numerous forensic experts as it allows a thorough search analysis for DBX emails. Users can upload their DBX files and filter the email data on the basis of CC, BCC, To, From, Message Header, MD5, Sender Name, Sent Date, Received Date, Subject, Body, and Modification Date. In addition to that, it also provides other search filters for segregating DBX attachments as well. Using this tool, one can search their DBX attachments on the basis of their extension and name.

Load & Scan

Save your Files to PDF Format

One of the main features of this tool is that it allows users to export their DBX files to PDF format, and that too, with 100% intact data integrity. It is also free from any email client dependency, therefore, neither do you have to install the native email client of DBX file nor the Adobe PDF Reader for the resultant PDFs.

Open DBX File

Print DBX Emails and Attachments

Another export option this tool gives is the option to print your DBX emails. Not just emails, but you can print the attachments associated with them as well. Along with that, the page provides multiple other attachment settings such as Pin Attachments, Append Attachments, and Save Attachments.

View DBX Files

Dedicated Panel With 8 Preview Modes

The advanced DBX forensics tool comes with a dedicated preview panel. This panel consists of eight different view modes that display different attributes of uploaded DBX files. The said preview modes are Mail View, Hex View, Properties, View, MIME View, Message Header View, HTML View, RTF View, and Attachments. Not only you can preview a variety of DBX file attributes in the panel but also the attachments associated with the email messages. This is one of the best features of this tool as it helps in thorough analysis on a clean interface.

Read DBX Files

Export Internet Message Headers

This tool is a personal favorite of forensic experts as it not only previews the contents of orphaned DBX files but also provides users with the option to export message headers of DBX emails. Since the native email client of the files is discontinued, it is a strenuous challenge for forensic experts to perform header analysis as the headers can only be viewed in the application interface. To export the message headers, simply enable the checkbox for the “Include Internet Message Headers” option in the “General Settings” of the software.

View DBX File Emails

Date Filter & Naming Convention

If you want to perform an in-depth analysis of DBX emails from a specific time period, you can do so with the help of this amazing tool. Its Date Range Filter helps in filtering out DBX data according to provided time stamps by users. Simply provide the desired time stamps in the “From” and “To” fields and the tool will automatically segregate the DBX emails and attachments falling in that time period. While saving your DBX files into PDF, you can use either of the provided Naming Conventions. This helps in managing & organizing the resultant PDF files in a better manner.

File Search Option

Windows OS & Server Compatibility

This DBX forensics tool is fully supported by all Windows OS versions, whether the latest or the oldest. The tool is compatible with Windows 11 (64-bit), 10, 8, 7, and other previous versions. Along with that, it is also compatible with Windows Server 2022, 2019, and so on. This makes this expert utility highly versatile and available to download for all Windows users. Therefore, one can easily download and launch this tool on any Windows machine for in-depth and meticulous DBX forensics without worrying about version compatibility.

Basics of DBX File Format -DBX Forensics


DBX is the Outlook Express file extension used for storing the collection of each email folder. This email folder belongs to the Microsoft Outlook Express email client and stores the email of a particular email folder on the user profile. Each DBX file stores the collection of emails per folder including custom folder if any, i.e. inbox.dbx, sent items.dbx, and so on.

Usage of DBX extends from Outlook Express to Windows Mail on Windows Vista and Windows Live Mail on Windows 7. However, these only support importing messages from a DBX format file, while Outlook Express remains to be the default origin of DBX format files. Since, evidence can be found be any file format, investogators require a reliable solution for DBX forensics.

Role of Outlook Express DBX Files In DBX Forensics

Like other desktop email applications, even Outlook Express has been observed to be used a lot in malicious web based activities. Thus, Outlook Express DBX file forensics is also an essential part of email client data forensics. And as Outlook Express is no longer in use as support was stopped by Microsoft, a lot of challenges are usually confronted by investigators, especially opening and accessing the file for DBX forensics. Moreover, when the file is multiple in numbers the process becomes more tiresome and next to impossible, because each folder has a DBX file each of its own and Outlook Express only works with XP.

DBX File Information - A Detailed Overview

The DBX file extension files are a collection of emails thus; they are more of an email folder than file. The client, Outlook Express uses the common extension for saving the emails of all its folders. All the folders of a user account created on the client are saved at its default store folder location with .dbx extension. Thus, each folder is represented as; inbox.dbx, deleted items.dbx, drafts.dbx, sent items.dbx, and the same applies to custom folders, if any.

Location of DBX File

The DBX file structure in a raw format shows a basic hexadecimal arrangement. Header portion also known as file signature can be seen beginning with the hex value: CLSID, i.e. Content Class ID is an identifier that distinguishes the DBX file type. This is usually a string at the start of the file that defines respective file on the OS.

Outlook Express DBX File Format Forensics

Closely observing the structure of DBX files shows that on deleting any message, a trace is left behind. When a message deletion takes place, in the header block, 0x0200/ 0x01fc and the DBL (Data Block Length) gets updated reflecting a deletion. Moreover, in the data block the first 4 bytes get overwritten. This way, in case of evidence tampering, during the process of Outlook Express DBX forensic it can be detected during the DBX file forensics by studying the structure keenly.

Present Time DBX Forensics Challenges

The major challenge commonly faced during DBX forensics is that Outlook Express has now become outdated. Only a rare count of users presently have Windows XP, which is the only version of the platform that supports usage of Outlook Express, in fact, comes preinstalled with one. Therefore, since the end of support for both; the OS version and OE client, primary challenge of investigating DBX files turned out to be its orphaned state.

Moreover, the detailed header analysis during Outlook Express DBX forensic became more of a challenge as far as complete internet header information was concerned that couldn't be viewed without the application.

Frequently Asked Queries

Commonly Asked Questions and Answers About DBX Forensics Tool

Here is a quick and simple tutorial on using this expert utility:

  • Step 1: Download the SysTools DBX Forensic Tool on your system.
  • Step 2: Browse and load the DBX file/s you want to preview and analyze.
  • Step 3: Preview DBX file data in the dedicated preview panel.
  • Step 4: Apply advanced search filters to thoroughly analyze DBX data.
  • Step 5: Click on Export to save your resultant DBX file in PDF format.
DBX Forensics Tool

Yes, you can upload an entire folder containing multiple DBX files. The tool supports uploading multiple DBX files in bulk, thus, there is going to be no problem. Moreover, there are no file-size limitations on user-uploaded DBX files as well.

Yes, there is. The utility provides its users the option to save attachments along with their associated DBX email messages. You simply need to go into the “Attachment Settings” panel and enable the checkbox for the “Save Attachments” option.

This tool allows users to deeply analyze their DBX emails. For that, you can filter your DBX emails based on CC, BCC, Subject, Body, Sent Date, Sender Name, Received Date, Modification Date, MD5, From, To, and Message Header.

Yes, using this tool, you can also filter out your DBX email attachments on the basis of their Extensions and Names.

Yes, the tool is perfectly capable of exporting email message headers. Simply go to the “General Settings” panel and enable the checkbox for the “Include Internet Message Header” option to export the headers along with the email messages.

This software ensures preserving and maintaining 100% data integrity and keeping the folder hierarchy intact as original throughout the entire analysis. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about your folder hierarchy ruining in case you upload multiple DBX files at once.

Yes, the tool is perfectly capable of exporting email message headers. Simply go to the “General Settings” panel and enable the checkbox for the “Include Internet Message Header” option to export the headers along with the email messages.

How To Read DBX Files Outlook Express Without The Client?

Outlook Express, though a client used long ago, was one of the highly adopted email applications especially for organizational purposes due to its plain and simple interface. Thus, there are many who still have their archives stored in DBX storage file. There is clearly no proper procedure to manually look into a DBX file and its email headers without causing the information to get altered in the process. However, with an external forensic application that is developed dedicatedly for the analysis of DBX file and its emails, assistance can be gained in large amount. Another option for reading & analyzing DBX file is the conversion of DBX file to PST file & doing its forensic without MS Outlook application. DBX Forensics is a likewise and greatly suitable application that is purposefully built to open/view orphaned DBX files as well as configured account from its default storage path for further analysis.