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SysTools Gmail Forensics Tool

Execute Gmail Forensics Investigation & Analyze All the Artifacts of Gmail Mailbox.

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Gmail Forensics Tool


  • In-Depth Forensic Analysis of Gmail Messages with Advanced Features
  • Create Multiple & Separate Cases in the Tool for Better Management
  • Scan and Add Gmail Data by Applying Multiple Scan Settings
  • Preview Gmail Emails in Tool in Normal, Properties, Message Header View, etc.
  • Preview Attachments Stored in Gmail Emails in Software Panel
  • Advance Search Types – General, Fuzzy, Wildcard. Proximity, etc.
  • Multiple Filters for Better Forensics – Standard, Media, AND/OR, Keywords, etc.
  • Gmail Forensics Analysis Using Link Analysis, Timeline Analysis, etc.
  • Extract Required Email Messages in Various Export Types from Tool
  • Export Customized Export Reports from Software After Investigation

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Key Features of Gmail Forensics Software

Features that Ensure Smooth Investigation of Gmail Email Messages

evidence loading

Evidence Loading

The first step of Gmail forensic analysis is to add or load the evidence. Therefore, this software allows users to add their evidence smartly for their Gmail forensics. The software has advanced features while adding evidence for:

  • Case Management - Managing all the cases is now easier with the interactive dashboard design. Create New cases & manage them as per the requirement.
  • File Scanning - There are various file scanning options like log unprocessed items, logs at case path, uploading attachments while scanning, etc.
  • Custom Settings - A total of three hash settings are offered to users. It depends on users which setting they choose from MD5, SHA1, and SHA256 for investigation.

preview data

Evidence Preview

Once users are done with the loading of evidence, it’s time for them to preview these files. Here, the software comes out strong as it offers several preview options. This helps users to study their data from different perspectives.

  • Preview Options - Preview all Gmail emails with properties, messages, message header, RTF, HEX, MIME, & HTML views.
  • Attachments Preview - There are attachments with the emails in many cases & users want to preview them as well. Therefore, users can preview attachments as well.
  • Custom Columns - On the basis of factors like MD5, Sent, Received To, From, Subject, etc., users can easily select or deselect columns as per their needs.

search options

Profound Searches

The search options are also specially added by keeping in mind the actual requirements of Gmail forensic analysis. Let’s explore these options:

  • Search Types - This software offers General Search, Regular Expression, Proximity Search, Wildcard Search, Fuzzy Search, etc. that help investigators.
  • Search Filters - Multiple search filters are available in this utility like Tags filter, Keywords filter, Custodian filter, etc. which makes time management easier.
  • Search Language - To broaden the range of the entire examination of the data, the search feature in multiple languages comes out as a boon for all its users.

data analysis

Evidence Analysis

The most significant part of Gmail forensics is the analysis of artifacts. Here, the top three evidence analysis smart features of this tool are:

  • Link Analysis - The link analysis feature is the major highlight of the software that helps is tracking the email source, destinations, & other linked users & their IPs.
  • Word Cloud - To find out the most discussed terms, from the emails. The word cloud feature allows users to know the words that occur the most in the Gmail account.
  • Timeline Analysis - Finding the links between people, organizations, nodes, transactions, etc. from a specific timeline is quite easy for the investigators now.

export evidence

Export the Evidence

It’s quite easy to export the evidence after the analysis is complete by the investigators. SysTools Gmail Forensics Tool exports data as required by the fornicators with utmost accuracy. There are various export options like EML, MSG, PST, CSV, TIFF, DAT, PDF, HTML, etc. Also, it’s possible to export the data selectively as per the needs.

report generation

Generate Reports

Report generation is one of the most significant parts of any investigation. When it comes to Gmail forensic artifacts, the tool can generate the report by itself in PDF & CSV file formats. Users can add multiple fields in the report depending on their requirements like tags, keywords, bookmarks, subjects, etc. respectively.

Gmail Forensics Software – System Specifications

Know the System Requirements of this Software for Gmail Email Investigation

Software Download

Version: 5.0

Trial Limitations

  • Creates only a Single Case to test the software.
  • Allow only 2 Gmail User Mailboxes.
  • Export only 5 Jobs at maximum after analysis.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
3GB of Free Space

16 GB of Memory

Intel(R) Core (TM) i5-7400 CPU @ 3.00GHz (Minimum)


  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1.
  • VC++ 2015 redistributable should be installed.
  • VC++ 2010 redistributable should be installed.

Supported Editions

Windows 11, 10 and Windows Server 2012, 2016.




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SysTools Gmail Forensics FAQs

Listed Commonly Asked Questions and Their Answers

Yes, you can examine as many Gmail accounts as you want in this application. Moreover, you can create multiple cases for each Gmail account and make overall Gmail forensics experience much easier.

The software comes with multiple advance features like date-based filter, multiple search types (General search, Wildcard search, Regex search, etc.), and data filter options (Standard filter, Media filter, Keywords filter, Tag filter, etc.). All these features will help you filter out only important data and perform Gmail forensic analysis without any issue.

Yes, you can also use the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature while performing Gmail email forensics. You need to enable OCR while adding evidence into the software.

The only additional setting that you need to fulfil for Gmail forensics using this tool is to Enable IMAP option in the Gmail account. Other than that, you don’t need to work on any other prerequisites to carry out investigation of Gmail email account.

There are several pieces of evidence that can be gathered from a Gmail Account & are mentioned below:

  • Emails
  • Meta Data
  • Networks & Links
  • Attachments

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