2 Methods to Convert PST to CSV With or Without Outlook

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Published On December 13th, 2023
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Are you searching solution to convert PST to CSV format? If yes then, you are landed on the right page. Here we are going to discuss the most effective solution to how to convert Outlook mailbox including emails, contacts, calendars, task, journals, etc. from PST to CSV without Outlook installation?

Microsoft Outlook is preferred email application for personal and professional use. It stores entire data in Outlook data file format i.e. PST. If you have PST file of any configured profile, then you can easily access entire data from it. In this post, you will get to know the easiest way to convert PST file to CSV format. 

Before starting the techniques to export Outlook PST to CSV, let’s take a quick look at the real-life scenario faced by the user.

“Hey, I am a class representative of my class and the HOD of my department sent me an Outlook PST file that contains contacts of my whole class students. My HOD said to me that I have to make an excel sheet of all student contacts lists. But the thing is that I do not use Microsoft Outlook and it is not installed in my system. Also, I do not know how to convert all the PST contacts files into CSV without Outlook. So, anyone who knows the effective and easy solution then please help me

The above query shows that there are lots of users who want to export Outlook PST to CSV file format and they are not using Outlook. So, to understand the whole scenario let’s take a look at what is PST and CSV files.

PST stands for Personal Storage Table and it is a file format that is used to store email, contacts, calendar, tasks, events, and journals of Microsoft Outlook.

CSV stands for Comma Separated Value. It stores all its data in tabular form. The CSV file is supported by various services like Google contacts and Outlook applications. The most use of CSV files in Excel Sheet and Google Sheet.

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Possible Reasons to Convert PST to CSV Format

Exporting data from PST to CSV format facilitate in multiple aspects. Some of them are listed below. Lets have a look:

  • Data Analysis: PST is a mail format and CSV is document format. Exporting PST to CSV allows to manage and analyze email data in document. 
  • Platform Dependency: PST file is a primary email file for Microsoft Outlook. So, it is not accessible without Outlook. At the same CSV file can be accessed without any additional application. 
  • Bulk Editing and Management: CSV file advanced multiple advanced options for bulk editing and managed data in row/column. Having data in CSV file always an advantage for editing. 
  • Data Migration: Converting PST file to CSV format enables easy and platform independent data migration. 
  • Sharing and Legal Compliances: Strait forward way of data management in CSV file. Always has advantage in sharing to different users and also for legal compliances as well.

Difference Between PST and CSV File Format

Let us understand the technical differences between PST and CSV file format:

Features PST File CSV File
File Extension .pst .csv
Full Form Personal Storage Table Comma Separated Values
Usage Outlook data file format used to store emails message, contacts, calendars, task, journals, etc. Used to store plain text data in tabular form like spreadsheets.
How to Open Microsoft Outlook or PST viewer software required. Text editor and spreadsheets software can open it.
Size Limitation File size depends on the Microsoft Outlook versions. No size limitation, large size can degrade performance.
Attachment Handling Attachments are embedded with email messages. Attachments are not managed, usually stores only letters, numbers, and special characters.
Readability Complex in structure, required programmatic environment to access. Simple plain text and tabular arrangement makes readability easy.

Methods to Convert PST Files to CSV Format

There are two different methods to export complete data from Outlook PST file to CSV format:

Both the methods have their own pros and cons, choose which best suites in your case.

Method-1: Export PST to CSV without Outlook

In order to convert PST to CSV without Outlook, there are no manual method. This task can be accomplished by using the SysTools PST to CSV converter. It allow you to convert Outlook PST file to CSV with all mailbox items. The software is able to export multiple PST files to CSV file format at one go.

PST to CSV converter software is available for both Windows and Mac operating system. Download the software according to your OS and easily export emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, journals from PST to CSV format.

For Windows OS Users

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For Mac OS Users

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Steps to Convert PST to CSV Without Outlook

Below listed steps are for Windows OS users. Steps may be differ for Mac OS users. 

Step-1. Launch PST to CSV converter on your Windows system and click on Add File

browse pst

Step-2. Select PST files having contacts and click Add button

add file

Step-3. Preview PST file items in software panel and click on the Export button.

preview contacts

Step-4. Select CSV radio button from the saving options list.

select csv

Step-5. Browse destination path to save output and Apply required filters. After that click on the Export button.

export pst to csv

Step-6: After a successful conversion, the software will notify by a message. Navigate to the provides location and view complete data in CSV format. The software will create separate folder for each category.

convert pst file to csv without outlook

Step-7: Open respective folder and view complete data from PST file in CSV file. 

pst to csv


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Why SysTools Software?

This PST to CSV converter tool is the most searched tool over the internet to convert complete mailbox from PST to CSV without Outlook in one go. It is one of the most trusted solutions that ensure no data integrity loss during the conversion process of export Outlook contacts to CSV.

The tool comes with advanced features some of the features are mentioned below:

  • Batch Conversion: This software has the ability to export PST to CSV in bulk without any data loss. As well as it also maintains the data integrity of the file.
  • Advance Scan: The tool offers the Scan option that allows you to scan PST file and remove corruption from it. After, save into the CSV file format.
  • Preview Contacts with all Attributes: Once you added the PST file, the tool performs quick scanning of these files and generates an instant preview. Moreover, you can able to preview with all its details.
  • Maintains Folder Hierarchy: The software preserves the folder structure of the PST contacts even after the conversion. It offers 100% accurate solution within a minutes.

Method-2: Convert PST to CSV using Outlook

This is the manual method to convert PST to CSV and it only works when you have Outlook installed in your system. Moreover, the steps of methods are listed below:

Step-1. First, open Microsoft Outlook on your system. After a successful importing process. Click on File menu option. Now, click on Open & Import >> Import/Export option


Step-2. After that, select Export to a file from the list.

Export PST to CSV File

Step-3. Select the Comma Separated Value option.

Select CSV

Step-4. Select the PST contacts file which you want to export into CSV. Here you can select only one folder at a time. Repeat all above steps for different folders.

PST Contacts to CSV

Step-5. Now, select the Destination location to save the resultant file on your system locally.


Step-6. After all setting, click on Finish button to start the Outlook PST to CSV conversion process.

Finish: Convert PST Contacts to CSV Without Outlook

Author Suggestion

There are many queries regarding how to convert PST to CSV without Outlook. So if you are searching for the same then, go through the article. Here we have discussed the most affordable and effective way  to convert PST to CSV files without data loss. You can download the trial version to test the working features.


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