How to Download Emails from Exchange Server in a Secure Way

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Published On December 13th, 2023
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Due to the immense popularity of Exchange Server, many organizations still use it as their primary email communication platform. And as the rate of cyberattacks is increasing at a rapid pace, it is quite risky for organizations to keep mailbox data in a single place. Thus, a need to download all emails from Exchange Server arises and administrators look for an efficient and secure solution to perform the process.

Now, if we consider two scenarios of downloading emails – in the first scenario, the administrator wants to download emails from a single mailbox, and in another scenario, there is a need to download all emails from Exchange Server in bulk. Similar to these, there can be various reasons behind the downloading Exchange Server emails.

Some of them are as follows:

  • Backup and recovery in case of server issues or data loss.
  • Offline access for emails, beneficial during travel or low connectivity.
  • Migration to different servers, platforms, or email clients.
  • Compliance and legal requirements for data retention.
  • Improved performance compared to accessing emails directly from the server.
  • Enhanced security and privacy by storing emails locally.

In the coming section, let’s discuss solutions for both ways. In the first process, we will discuss the manual way that will download emails from a single mailbox at a time.

Method 1: Download Exchange Server Emails Using Exchange Admin Center

If you are looking for a way to download emails from a single mailbox, then the best solution is to go with Exchange Admin Center. It is quite a simple and efficient way to get the job done. However, this solution will export an entire mailbox to a PST file instead of emails only. Thus, if you have a need to apply an email filter and want to download emails only, then you must consider the below-mentioned automated solution.

You can execute the following steps to get your email downloaded to the system:

Step 1. Log in to Exchange Admin Center using Admin credentials and navigate to recipients >> mailboxes.

Step 2. Right-click on the mailbox from which you want to download emails and click on the Export to a PST file option.

Export to PST File

Step 3. Following that, you will get the option to export only mailbox content or the content of the mailbox’s archive.

Export Mailbox Content

Step 4. To proceed further, you need to choose the path to the Network Shared folder where your emails will be downloaded.

Select Path

Step 5. Finally, you can choose if you want to notify any user after the completion of the process or not. Click on the Finish button to initiate the process.

Notify User

Method 2: Downloading All Emails from Exchange Server for Multiple Mailboxes

Downloading emails from tens or hundreds of mailboxes could be a tedious task if you perform the task one by one. Thus, to make your job quick and efficient, it is highly recommended to go with the professional solution recommended by experts i.e. SysTools Exchange Mailbox Export Tool. This solution enables users to perform a bulk download process that will make the Exchange administrator’s job effortless.

Additionally, the advanced features offered in this utility like a date-based filter, four export options, simultaneous download process, detailed dashboard, and delta export are extremely useful in making the process secure and efficient. Most Exchange administrators prefer this tool only when they are downloading emails from Exchange Server. This simple and user-friendly interface also makes the task hassle-free. Not only this, you can also export Office 365 mailbox to PST.

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You can use the trial version of the application for free and download emails from two user accounts.

Working Guide of the Application to Download All Emails from Microsoft Exchange Server

Step 1. Download, install and launch the utility on your computer. Choose Exchange as source and Outlook as the desired export option.

Step 2. Enable email from workload selection. Apply Date-filter checkbox and choose the range within which you want to download emails from Exchange Server.

Step 3. Choose the Exchange Server version and enter additional details as required.

Step 4. Select the export path on your system, and choose the export file size from the drop down menu. Click on the validate button to validate required permissions. Then

Step 5. Now select the users to download data and validate the required permissions.

Step 6. Finally, click on start button to download Exchange emails in bulk.


Downloading emails from Exchange Server could be a difficult task if you don’t go with the right procedure. Although Microsoft provides a free way to download data, you cannot download only emails from Exchange mailboxes. Thus, we have recommended an automated solution that enables you to apply filters and download only selective data from Exchange Server.


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