Know-How to Extract Specific Data from PDF Files

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Published On September 26th, 2022
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Do you want to extract specific data from PDF files? Maybe looking for a way to scrap out specific text from them. Well, it’s not a big issue! With the right software, you can extract anything out of PDF files. When we mention anything, we mean:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Bookmarked Pages
  • Hyperlinks
  • PDF Metadata
  • Attachments
  • Video or any kind of Richmedia

Furthermore, you can use filters to extract specific information from PDF.

Difficulties in PDF Data Extraction

Acquiring and extracting information from a PDF is vital for reorganizing and presenting data as indicated by your own necessities. In most other file formats like DOC, XLS or CSV, extricating a segment of data is simple; essentially edit the data or copy and paste.

But, this is very difficult to accomplish for PDFs; extracting data is impossible and copy paste simply doesn’t keep the originality and control of data presentation.
So, how to extract specific data from PDF? Don’t need to worry because in below section we will discuss the best solutions to extract data from PDF files.

Instant Solution to Extract Specific Data From PDF File

Download and Run the PDF extractor tool in case you want an instant solution to extract information from PDF files.

For Windows

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Download Tool Purchase Now


How to Extract Specific Data from PDF?

So, how might take out information from a PDF file in a productive manner? Here are some of the distinct approaches to take out information from PDF in proficiency and originality.

  • Copy and Paste
  • Using PDF Extractor Tool

Manual Solution by Using Copy and Paste

A copy and paste approach is the most viable choice when managing number of PDF files.

  • Open the PDF file from which you want to extract specific data
  • Select a portion of data or text on a particular page or set of pages
  • Copy the selected data from the PDF file
  • Paste the copied data on any DOC or text file

As this solution is not so productive in order to extract specific data from PDF files therefore we recommend you to use the PDF extractor tool from SysTools. This tool is the best approach to take out any type of data from PDF files that’s why we must recommend to opt for this solution also this tool provide multiple other functionalities that we would discuss later.

Why Choose This Tool?

This tool has data extraction functionalities that permit you to extract information from PDF file. In addition, with this tool you will actually be able to provide filters to extract specific data that you want scrap out from PDF file.

Steps to Use This Tool to Extract Specific Data from PDF Files

Use these 5 steps to Extract Information from PDF Files:-
Step-1: Download and execute PDF Extractor Software
Step-2: Now, click on Add Files / Add Folder option

tool to extract pdf items
Step-3: Click on Browse button and select any location to save the files
Step-4: Select the specific item type you want to extract

select items
Step-5: Adjust Page Settings to take out data from selective pages

apply page settings
Step-6: Finally, click “Extract” button to begin extraction from PDF file

pdf file data extraction

Additional Advantages of This Software

  • Gives the options to extract data from numerous PDF files
  • The device supports to extract attachments from PDF files
  • Permits to extract inline images from PDF files
  • Choice to Create Individual PDF or Create Single PDF for extracted pictures
  • Gives the choice to extracted items in a single folder or individual folder
  • Permits to Apply Page Settings for separating text and images from selective pages
  • Offers help to extract known password ensured/confined PDF


In this blog we have discussed the methods to extract specific data from PDF files. We have mentioned a manual method of copy and paste using which one can take out the data from PDF file. But this solution is not to be called as a perfect solution to do this because it does now maintain the originality of file. Also, we don’t recommend to use this method professionally. Therefore, in behalf of this we have mentioned the best solution to extract any type of data and information from the PDF file by using the tool. The tool to we have mentioned above to extract the data from PDF file is used by numerous of users and called as tested and verified method also.


Does the product support to take out PDF documents in bulk?
Yes, obviously, this PDF Extraction tool offers help to take out data from various PDF files. It gives the Add Files/Add Folder option to embed numerous PDF files for extraction.

Would I be able to utilize this tool on Windows OS to save all inline pictures?
Yes, this software is viable with Windows OS 10 and below variants as to save all implanted inline images from PDF.

Does the tool allow to extract information from restricted PDF files?
Yes, the software also allows to extract restricted PDF documents.


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