SysTools PDF Attachment Extractor (Win & Mac)

Best PDF File Extraction Tool to Extract Attachments from PDF Files

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  • Allows to extract embedded attachments from multiple PDF files
  • Provides File Size filter to extract attachments of a specific size in MB
  • Gives File Type filter to Include / Exclude attachment of particular type
  • Support to extract attachments from restricted / known password-locked PDF
  • Allows to export extracted attachments in an individual folder or single folder
  • Support Windows OS 10 and below versions & Mac OS X 10.8 and above versions

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PDF Attachment Extractor Tool (Win & Mac)

NOTE: The features & the working procedure of PDF Attachment Extractor for Windows & Mac are same. So here we have mentioned the screenshots for the Windows version of the software. However, for the Mac OS, users can download the tool from the above-given download button. And follow the same working steps as given below.

Steps to Extract Attachments from PDF Files

  1. Launch & run PDF Attachment Extractor tool & click on "Add Files / Add Folder" option

    pdf file attachment extractor

  2. "Click on Change" to choose the destination location for saving the attachments

    select destination for pdf attachment export

  3. Note: Users can also enable “Create Single Folder Only” option to save all attachments in a single folder

  4. Select the File Type as “Attachments” & "Apply Attachment Filter" either as “Extract Attachment (Up To / More Than) or “File Type”

    apply filter

  5. Finally, click on the "Extract button" to initiate the process

    extract pdf attachments

  6. The successful "process completion message" will be displayed by the tool

    process completed to extract attachments from PDF

Advantageous Features of PDF Attachment Extract Tool

Free Download the Software & Export Embedded PDF File Attachments on Windows & Mac

Extract Attachments from Multiple PDF Files

PDF Attachment Extractor software allows users to extract attachments from multiple PDF documents. The tool provides multiple PDF file selection options i.e. Add Files / Add Folder. Users can extract all types of attachments from PDF files such as .doc, .docx, .pdf, mp4, .ppt, images, without any hassle.

Export Attachments of Specific Size

The PDF Attachment Extract tool can export PDF file attachments of any specific size. It provides two file size options i.e. “Up To” & “More Than”. Users can select any of these options and enter the size. After that, the tool will extract attachments of the size according to the selected file size option. The utility provides the size limit as a minimum 1 KB to a maximum 100 MB.

Extract Selective PDF Attachments

With this PDF file attachment extractor tool users can extract selective type of attachments from PDF files. With it “File Type” filter i.e. the user can select either Include / Exclude option for extracting the required attachments.

Apply Page Settings Option

This PDF Attachment Extractor tool gives the Apply Page Settings option. With this, users can easily extract attachments from PDF files by All pages, Even Pages, Odd Pages, by Page Range, and Page Number. Selecting any of these options helps in extracting attachments from selective PDF pages.

Extract Protected PDF File

If the user has password-protected PDF documents then they can extract attachments from that protected PDF file also. But, the password must be known by the user for processing these secured files. Once the password is applied the PDF Attachment Extractor tool will easily extract PDF attachments. Moreover, it also supports restricted documents for attachment extraction.

Save All Attachments in Single Folder

If the user wants to save all the extracted attachments of all the PDF documents in a single folder then they can enable the option “Create Single Folder Only”. Enabling this will create a single folder at the destination location that contains all PDF file attachments.

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Frequently Asked Questions by User
Common Queries Asked by Users About PDF Attachment Extract Tool

How can I extract attachments from PDF files?
  • Step 1: Run PDF Attachment Extractor tool & click on Add Files / Add Folder
  • Step 2: Select the item as “Attachments” & Apply Attachments Filter
  • Step 3: Click on the “Extract” button to start the process
  • Step 4: Finally, the software extract PDF attachments
Is it possible to export PDF file attachments in bulk?

Yes, of course, the software provides Add Files / Add Folder option to insert multiple PDF documents for attachment extraction.

Yes, the tool provides Include / Exclude filter option to extract selective attachments from PDF files.

No, the PDF Attachment extractor tool does not require any external application to extract attachments from PDF documents.
Yes, of course, the software is compatible with Windows Operating system 10 and below versions to save PDF attachments.