How to Open Access Database in Exclusive Mode?

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Anuraag Singh
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Published On September 27th, 2023
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A lot of computer users want to open Access database in exclusive mode to get enhanced control and security. This mode allows a single user to access and modify the database while preventing simultaneous access by others. Exclusive mode is ideal for tasks like maintenance, design changes, data import/export, and encrypting Access database.

Sometimes the process to get exclusive access to Access database becomes mandatory as some MS Access tasks can be performed in only Exclusive mode. This article explains the detailed instructions to open Access database exclusively. Let’s continue to read this till the end.

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Scenarios to Get Exclusive Access to Access Database

Sometimes users want to decrypt Access database but receive a popup message like “You must have the database open for exclusive use to set or remove the database password.” But they don’t know how to open Access in exclusive mode.

Exclusive mode error

There are some other scenarios also available due to them users may search for a solution to open Access database in exclusive mode as mentioned:

  • Execute Maintenance
  • Implement Changes
  • Data import and export
  • Security and protection

How to Open an Access Database in Exclusive Mode?

  1. Start MS Access 2016, 2019, or 2021, and choose Open.
    Choose Open option
  2. Click on the Browse button to select a database.
    Browse MS Access database
  3. Select MS Access database from your computer.
    Select database to open exclusively
  4. Choose the down arrow from the Open button and select the Open Exclusive.
    Open Access database in exclusive mode
  5. See your Access database is opened in Exclusive mode.
    Get exclusive access to access database

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MS Access Open Exclusive Vs Open Exclusive Read-Only

The below-mentioned table describes the differences between MS Access Open Exclusive and Open Exclusive Read-Only modes:

Feature Open Exclusive Open Exclusive Read-Only
Access Type Exclusive access with write permissions. Exclusive access with read-only permissions.
Modification Allows making changes to the Access database structure and data. Permits only viewing database but not making modifications.
Encrypt Database Open Exclusive mode allow to encrypt and decrypt databases. Open Exclusive Read-Only mode is not suitable to encrypt and decrypt databases.
Tasks Basically, used for tasks like design changes, data maintenance, and structural updates. Suitable for scenarios where users need to view the data but should not make changes, like reporting.
Security Concerns Higher risk of unauthorized changes, making it important to limit access to trusted users. Lower security risk as it is read-only, so users can’t modify the database.


In above article, we have explained all steps with real-time screenshots to open Access database in Exclusive. We have also mentioned information above MS Access Open Exclusive and Open Exclusive Read-Only modes. Exclusive mode is a valuable feature for database administrators and users to manage full control and security. After reading this article, anyone can open Access database exclusively.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1: How to open access 2007 database in exclusive mode?

A: 5 steps to open access 2007 database in exclusive mode:

  1. Start MS Access 2007 on your computer.
  2. Select Open button to browse database.
  3. Choose a database to open in Exclusive mode.
  4. Click on dropdown arrow and choose Open Exclusive.
  5. See Access 2007 database in Exclusive mode.

Q 2: What is exclusive mode access

A: Exclusive mode in MS Access means one user has complete control and exclusive access to a database, while others can’t make changes or access it at the same time. It’s like having the database all to yourself for a while.

Q 3: Can I open Access database in exclusive mode if forget the password?

A: No, manually this is not possible, but you can use the SysTools solution to open Access database without password.