How to Put Restrictions on PDF Files Made Simple

Written By Kumar Raj
Anuraag Singh
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Published On September 20th, 2023
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PDF files have become synonymous with sharing documents, but there are times when a user wants to control what others can do with their PDFs. Users can add restrictions to a PDF file to ensure that it’s used according to their terms. Whether it’s about limiting access, printing, copying, or editing. In this guide, we’ll explore the types of PDF restrictions, and then we’ll dive into three methods to put restrictions on PDF documents.

What are the Types of PDF Restrictions?

PDF restrictions, also known as PDF security or permissions, are measures that allow the owner to control how others interact with PDF files. The most common types of PDF restrictions include:

  • Password Protection:
    Password protection restricts access to the PDF, requiring a password to open the document. It ensures that only individuals with the correct password can view the content.
  • Print Restrictions:
    Print restrictions prevent users from printing the PDF file. This is useful when you want to restrict the distribution of hard copies.
  • Copy and Past Restrictions:
    These restrictions prohibit users from copying and pasting content from the PDF into other documents. It helps protect your content from unauthorized use.
  • Edit Restrictions:
    Editing restrictions prevent users from making changes to the PDF, including modifying text, images, or annotations. It maintains the integrity of the document and makes the PDF non-editable.
  • Comments and Form-Filling Restrictions:
    Comments and form-filling restrictions control whether users can add comments or fill out form fields within the PDF. It is commonly used for forms and collaborative documents.

How to Put Restrictions on PDF Files?

There are three methods to put restrictions on PDF files: using dedicated PDF software, Adobe Acrobat DC, or an online PDF restriction tool.

SysTools Software to Change Restrictions on PDF Files

SysTools PDF Locker Software is a user-friendly software designed for adding restrictions to PDF files effortlessly. With this tool, users can set passwords and control permissions to protect PDF documents. It offers features like password encryption and permission settings for printing, copying, and editing.

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Step-by-Step Working of the Software:

  • Download and install the product on your computer.
  • Launch the application.
    launch the software
  • Click Add File to import the PDF you want to restrict.
    import pdf file
  • Set a password for the PDF and configure restrictions (e.g., printing, copying, editing).
    configure pdf restrictions
  • Set a password to open the PDF (if required).
    password to open
  • Click Lock to apply the PDF restrictions.
    press lock button to add pdf restrictions
  • Open the PDF and check its properties.
    check pdf properties to see restrictions

Adobe Acrobat DC to Add PDF Restrictions

Adobe Acrobat DC is a powerful PDF editor that allows users to put restrictions on PDF files. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open your PDF in Adobe Acrobat DC.
  • Then, go to File and select Properties.
    check pdf document properties
  • In the Properties dialog, go to the Security tab.
    open security tab
  • Here, select Password Security from the dropdown list.
    select a password security
  • In the Password Security Settings dialog box, choose the type of restriction required (e.g., password protection, printing restrictions, etc.).
    checkmark restrictions box
  • Now, configure the settings and set a password to password protect the PDF file.
    apply restrictions password
  • After that, confirm the password and apply restrictions to PDF file by clicking OK >> OK again.
    confirm the restrictions
  • Lastly, Save the PDF to apply the restrictions.
    save the pdf and check properties

Online Tool to Put Restrictions on PDF Documents

While online tools can be convenient, they come with risks such as potential data exposure. If you still choose to use one, follow these steps to change restrictions on PDF file:

  • Find a reputable online PDF restriction tool.
  • Upload your PDF file.
  • Configure the desired restrictions.
  • Complete the process as instructed by the online tool.
  • Download the restricted PDF.

With this, we have completed all the methods to convert PDF to secured PDF using 3 popular choices.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to add restrictions to PDF files is essential for controlling certain actions on the PDF file. It enhances the security of PDF documents. Many users prefer a dedicated one-time fee tool like SysTools over the pricey Adobe Acrobat Pro and a risky online tool. But the important part is to understand and choose a method that aligns with specific user needs. Pick a method of choice and put restrictions on PDF documents to control how others interact with the PDFs.