Know How to Recover Deleted Files From External Hard Drive After Formatting in Quick Steps

Chirag Arora ~ Modified: July 30th, 2022 ~ Recovery ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Nowadays, most of the users store all their personal and business data in the external hard drive. Moreover, it is one of the best reliable modes in storing and archiving the data. Perhaps, there is always a chance that the external hard drive becomes inaccessible.

Users often get annoyed whenever such a situation occurs. After which, the system may ask the user to format the disk, so that the drive can be reused. Once the format gets over, the data which was stored in the drive gets deleted.

Today, most of the users come up with similar concerns to recover files from external hard drive after formatting. Therefore, this blog will help all those users who are looking for an instant solution to retrieve deleted files from an external drive after format in a hassle-free manner.

Let’s Follow A Scenario to Understand

“I have got a 2 TB external hard disk drive containing all the important documents and presentations in it. Whenever I try to plug my 2 TB external HDD to my computer, suddenly the drive becomes inaccessible. After which, the system prompts a message to format it for reuse. After formatting, I am not able to trace any of my files, as all of them has been deleted. Moreover, I haven’t taken any backup of those files before formatting the disk. Now, please suggest the best solution to recover deleted files from external hard drive after format.”

Now, coming to the manual method to restore the deleted files from external hard drive after formatting can be accomplished, only if the user had taken the backup of the formatted files. However, taking backup of the deleted files is not feasible every time, which is why it is not a reliable approach to restore the files back.

Also, if you normally delete the files from external drive, then it also treated as permanent deletion. Because the deleted files from external disk will not go in recycle bin folder.

So, deleted data recovery from external hard disk by the manual method is not possible. So, it doesn’t mean that you lost your files for forever. Data recovery is possible, but for this, you have to use a trusted and secure utility to get files back even after formatting external hard drive.

Secure Way to Recover Deleted Files From Formatted External Hard Drive

After formatting the external hard drive, losing the crucial data is one of the major issue faced by the users. When it comes to recovering the deleted files from external hard drive after format, an efficient recovery tool is needed. Fortunately, we have SysTools Professional Hard Drive Data Recovery Software. It is the perfect solution, which will help the users to recover the lost data from formatted external hard disk.

We all are aware with the situation in which you have to format your disk. Here I am not going to explain the reasons for this. But here you will get an optimal way to recover deleted files from external hard drive. It doesn’t matter the disk is formatted or not. In both, the situation the below mentioned steps will be helpful for you.

Steps to Recover Deleted Files from Formatted External Hard Drive?

Before starting the steps make sure that your external hard disk not being used. Because once the data get overwritten then recovery not possible. Perform below steps and recover deleted files from external hard drive which formatted once or much time. First of all, download and install the software on your system.

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Step 1 :- Now attach your external hard drive to your system and click on Refresh View button.

recover data after formatting hdd

Step 2 :- Now you can select Scan option instead of Formatted Scan

accidentally formatted external hard drive how to recover

Step 3 :- All the deleted files will be highlighted in red color as shown below.

recover files from formatted external hard drive

Step 4 :- Now, Save the recovered files from the external hard drive in the desired folder.

recover files from my formatted external hard drive

Why Use this Software to Recover Deleted Data from Formatted External Drive?

It is the most common question which comes in mind, Why I use this utility. So, am going to list a few features which will answer your concern.

  • You can take help 24X7 from our Technical Expert
  • The utility is capable to recover file from GPT & MBR partition type
  • Recover deleted files from external hard drive of any Size and Brand
  • Support all file type recovery from your external hard drive
  • Get this utility and recover deleted files from Windows all versions.
  • You will also get a one-year free software update facility

How Does the Tool Help to Recover the Deleted Files After Format?

The hard drive can be formatted through Quick format, which is the default option in Windows. The Quick format allows to format the partitions quickly and deletes files without scanning. It simply creates an empty file system on the logical volume.

On the other hand, Full format(Unselect Quick Format) consumes more time, because it scans all the bad sectors and completely deletes the data. However, with third party utility, one can efficiently recover the deleted files from external hard drive after formatting from any of these options.

Note: In the external hard drive, if any further data is overwritten after format. Then, it is no longer possible to retrieve the lost files from an external hard drive after format. Hence, it is advised to stop using the drive once the format is done.

How To Get Back Data From Formatted External Hard Disk – User Query!

To understand the situation in a better way, I am going to list some user’s query here. The queries are taken from different forum sites.

“I am using the Samsung external hard drive. Last night I plugged it in my laptop and it shows an error message you need to format the disk before use. I did the same, now my external hard disk opening but all files erased. Can I recover deleted files from external hard drive after formatting? Please suggest a solution”

“After formatting my external hard drive. I searched for a solution to recover deleted data using the command prompt. But nonwork in my case, Is it possible to recover data from formatted hard disk drive without software?”

“Files deleted from my external hard disk and I also formatted the disk. Now want to know how do I recover deleted files from external hard drive after formatting it.”

“After deleting files from external hard disk. I come to know that some important files were deleted. I checked to recycle bin but nothing found. Is recycle bin recovery possible? Also, suggest me a solution to get back data from formatted external hard drive.”

Bringing It Altogether

By reading this article, one can easily understand the process of recovering the lost data from an external hard drive after format. This is achieved by using SysTools Software, which is enriched with multiple innovative features.

With the help of this tool, now users can handle any worst situation to recover data from external hard drive after format. It is a trustworthy solution, which is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, and below versions.