How to Set up AOL Email in Windows 10 / 11 Mail without Data Loss?

Kumar Raj ~ Modified: December 2nd, 2022 ~ AOL ~ 4 Minutes Reading

It’s damn true that nothing works better than the Windows Live Mail application for sending and receiving emails on the Windows platform. With this email program, the user can operate a number of user accounts. Windows Mail was also included in outdated Windows 7 and Windows Vista which have their own struggles. But, with upgraded Windows 10 / 11, its performance and functionality improve the user experience. That’s why people searching for a solution to set up AOL email in Windows 10 Mail.

However, if you are using AOL Mail and want to add an AOL account to Windows 10 Mail or Windows 11 Mail, here is the solution. In this guide, we will help you to know how to set up AOL email in Windows Live Mail manually as well as professionally. By following below mentioned simple step-by-step procedure, you will be able to configure Windows Mail and AOL setup. Through this write-up, we have tried to resolve all your queries regarding setting up AOL Mail in Windows Mail.

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Access AOL Mail with Windows Mail 10 / 11

Windows Mail is the default email program, inbuilt in Windows OS-based systems. It allows Windows users to access different email accounts of several email clients such as AOL Mail, in one centralized place.

Windows 10 Mail is advanced enough to support email clients which support POP and IMAP. These protocols make it easy to sync Windows Mail with other email clients such as AOL Mail. For the configuration or set up of AOL emails in Windows Mail, users might need to know AOL’s POP or IMAP server settings to download emails and AOL SMTP server setting to send emails from Windows Mail.

How to Manually Setup AOL in Windows Mail?

  1. Open the Windows Mail app and select the Settings icon at bottom left side.
  2. Select option Accounts, then choose Add Accounts. Now, Choose an Account window will pop up. Here, select AOL from the Other Account list.
  3. Type AOL Mail email address and fill other required information such as Name, Password, POP/IMAP settings, etc.
  4. Then, select the Sign in button.
  5. Now, click on Done to end the task.

After following these simple steps, your AOL account setup will be complete. Now, the user can switch between email accounts (AOL Mail or Windows Mail app) by using Menu button. 

If you cannot add an AOL account to Windows 10 Mail or Windows 11 Mail and need a straightforward automated solution, then do not worry. In the next section, we will provide you with an automated solution to export and add AOL email to Windows 10 Mail without any data loss.

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Automated Way to Set Up AOL Email in Windows Live Mail

Use AOL Backup Software trustworthy automated tool to export or set up AOL in Windows Mail. It is an automated solution enriched with advanced features that enable users to export AOL Mail email files in several other email file formats. After the conversion, users can easily import email files in other email clients such as AOL Mail.

The Tool easily converts AOL email files into EML file format that can easily be imported and viewed in Windows Live Mail without any data loss. Software is designed with a user-friendly interface that makes the tool easy to use and operate. With this utility, the user can export or set up AOL emails in Windows Mail 10 / 11 in a few simple steps.

Steps to Export AOL Emails in Windows Live Mail Instantly

Step-1: Download and install the software

Login to Set up AOL Email in Windows 10 Mail

Step-2: Select Email Format and Destination location to save emails

Select File Format

Step-3: Select Filters to export emails selectively

Filter to Set up AOL Email in Windows 11 Mail

Step-4: Click on the Start button to begin the process.

Start to Set up AOL Email

Now you can check your exported email data saved at the provided destination location. These EML files can be easily imported, viewed, and opened in the Windows Mail app. 

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In this blog, we have provided a manual as well as an automated solution on how to set up AOL email in windows live Mail without any hassle. By performing the steps mentioned above, the user can easily add AOL email to Windows 10 Mail / 11 Mail app. Moreover, we have recommended a professional solution that enables us to export AOL emails in Windows Live Mail email file format. With this utility, users can import or setup AOL in Windows Mail without any data loss.