How to Recover Permanently Deleted AOL Emails Using Quick Solutions

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Published On September 25th, 2023
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This article illustrates how you can recover permanently deleted AOL emails and access them. Many AOL mail users may be unaware of the deleted AOL Mail retrieval process. So refer to this post for how to recover deleted AOL emails and get your emails to safety.

AOL mail is one of the commonly used webmail clients that store their data items on a server. Our email account stores all official or personal data that we cannot afford to lose. In case of accidental deletion of AOL emails, we may lose the email. For such situations, one precaution is to save the important AOL emails locally for easy access.

Here, we will have a talk on keeping AOL emails safe & how to AOL retrieve deleted email accounts after permanent deletion. Before we side to the procedures of email recovery, we just look up, why it becomes a necessity to recover permanently deleted AOL emails.

Why is Recovery of AOL Emails Required?

Since data plays a very important role in our lives, we need to ensure that we have a disaster recovery solution to retrieve the Emails deleted by mistake or intentionally. Many organizations use AOL Mail as their corporate email platform. This means a majority of people have their official and important emails stored in their AOL accounts.

The accidentally deleted emails are not actually deleted permanently from AOL Mail but they are moved to Deleted items/ Trash Folder. These emails are present in the folder for some days i.e. around 15 to 30 days. This is the time that the AOL mail allows the user to restore the emails if it is under the retention period. If the AOL email is removed from the Trash folder as well, then recovering that email is not really possible.

In such cases, you have to start the work from scratch wasting your time and effort. Now we know what can happen if we lose an email from our AOL Mail permanently. But if we have a copy of it saved on our side, then it is easy to recover AOL mail which are deleted.

How to Recover Permanently Deleted AOL Emails & Save a Copy of AOL Emails?

One option is to save all the AOL emails in local storage, from where we can retrieve any information whenever required. Keeping the data safe in a local system not only gives us peace of mind but also ensures that the data does not fall into the wrong hands.

One way to keep a copy of your AOL Mail data offline is the AOL Email Backup Software. It provides a feasible facility to download all the AOL emails and save them on Computer / Laptop / External hard drive. The best part of this is it will help you access (recover) your important emails even if it is deleted permanently from AOL Mail.

Now, let us check how an AOL mail user can save their email data offline.

Quick Steps to Use Backup AOL Email

  • Step-1. Launch Tool to recover AOL mails.
  • Step-2. Log in and choose the EMail format.
  • Step-3. Set the destination to save AOL emails.
  • Step-4. use Delete after Backup 
  • Step-5. Click the Start button finally to backup emails.

Solve Unable to Download Attachments From AOL Mail Issue

Steps to Recover Deleted AOL Emails And Save Them in Computer

1: Download and Run the tool and log in with your AOL account credential to recover permanently deleted emails AOL.


2: Select an email format (PST / MBOX) to download AOL Mail.

Recover Permanently Deleted AOL Emails Tool

3: Browse a location on the computer to save AOL Mail emails.

Location Save Data

4: Click on the Start button to download emails from AOL Mail in order to recover deleted AOL emails.

Start to Recover Permanently Deleted AOL Emails

This will create a copy of AOL emails on a computer system. Now, if any important email is deleted accidentally or intentionally, recover permanently deleted AOL emails and use them wisely. You have saved a copy of the emails, but may I ask how you will retrieve the mail data? As I know, AOL does not have any email importing facility from the computer directly. What’s your step to importing the emails to AOL Mail? I have one downside.

How to Recover Deleted AOL Emails from Saved Copy?

We know AOL Mail does not import emails from an offline source. Thus, the only method we have is to connect AOL Mail to any desktop email client and then import the emails from the saved copy.

For this, you can take any email client, say MS Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird for Windows, or Apple Mail for Mac. Configure the AOL Mail on any of the email clients and import the saved copy. Once you have AOL Mail on any of the desktop email clients, you just recovered permanently deleted AOL Mail files to your AOL account.

Steps to Forward AOL Mail to Another Email Account

How to Recover Recent Deleted Emails from AOL Mail?

To recover the temporarily deleted emails from AOL Mail, one has to do the following things.

1: Log in to AOL Mail and move to the Trash folder.

Login to Recover Permanently Deleted AOL Emails

2: Check the email you want to restore (recover).

Restore Permanently Deleted AOL Emails

3: Go to the More option and then choose the email folder where you want to restore the email (s).

Finally Recover Permanently Deleted AOL Emails

This will recover the deleted email in the AOL Mail.

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Final Thoughts

AOL Mail is a known, popular, and majorly used webmail application. A human error can happen at any moment and your important data may be lost forever. Do you want to recover deleted AOL emails which are permanently deletion? If so, get the guidance from above and recover permanently deleted AOL emails.


Q1. How we can recover deleted AOL emails using some simple solutions?

In case of temporary deletion, you have the option to use AOL Mail to recover AOL mail. Else, you will need to use the backup tool for AOL mail.

Q2. Can we use this tool to AOL retrieve deleted emails?

Yes, this tool can help users to recover AOL mail which has been deleted permanently.

Q3. What security is provided by the software to recover permanently deleted AOL emails?

It provides a Delete After Backup Option which deletes the backup mails from AOL mails. This ensures that crucial mail is not available online.