How to Fix “Unable to Download Attachments From AOL Mail” Issue?

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Published On October 4th, 2023
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User’s Scenario: Want Help! I am looking for a quick way to resolve the “unable to download attachments from AOL Mail” issue. I searched over the Internet and tried many ways to do so, but did not get any appropriate results. Please suggest some feasible approaches to downloading AOL Mail attachments into a computer, hard drive, and flash drive. Thanks in advance.

If this query relates to your situation, then you are reading the right article as here, we are describing multiple solutions for downloading attachments from AOL Mail instantly. Stay tuned!!

Are You Unable to Download Attachments From AOL?

Users often face problems in downloading email attachments from their AOL Mail account. In this section, we will discuss two ways to export AOL email attachments to a local system. Let’s first begin with the manual process.

1: Log in to your account by entering your AOL Mail user’s credentials.

2: Open the email that includes the attachment you want to download.

3: Now, click the attachments images and file name to move ahead.

Your browser will display options to save or open attachments from its default stored location.

Direct Solution to Download AOL Mail Attachments

In case the manual method does not provide the expected outcome, you can switch over to the Best AOL Mail Backup Tool that allows you to download all the attachments in your mailbox in just a few clicks. Also, you can save AOL Mail emails to a computer hard drive.

This tool is specially designed to download AOL email attachments without any information loss. You can install and use this application without taking any expert help. Moreover, it extensively supports all editions of the Windows Operating System.

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Why Should Users Opt for Automated Solutions?

For a quick and seamless experience of downloading all of your AOL Mail data, choose the automated solution if you are unable to download attachments from AOL. Here are some of its main features:

  • Easily download attachments from AOL Mail to your local machine, flash drive, and hard drive.
  • Safe and secure way to incremental backup of AOL Mail within a few clicks.
  • Provides Apply Filter option to download selective emails into multiple file formats.
  • Allows changing user interface language to make the download process simple.
  • Supports all editions of the Windows Operating System.

Once you understand what this utility does, check out the next segment. We publish a step-by-step process for successfully saving attachments from AOL emails. please look.

Steps to Save Attachments From AOL Mail 

Quick Steps to Download Mulitple AOL Email Attachments

  • Step-1. Open the Tool and Enter the login details.
  • Step-2. Select “PDF” as the export type.
  • Step-3. Select the Browse option to set the file location.
  • Step-4. Use “Delete After Download” to make space.
  • Step-5. Hit the “Start” button to download AOL attachments.

This segment describes the steps to easily download attachments from AOL e-mail messages. All steps must be performed in order. Let’s get started:

1: Download and run an efficient professional application if you are unable to download attachments from AOL directly.

Unable to Download Attachments From AOL Mail - Tool

2: Add AOL Mail credentials and hit the Login button.

Login with AOL

3: Select PDF option to convert AOL emails to PDF files and Save Attachment on Disk options. Click the Start button.

Download Attachments From AOL Mail

4: The download AOL Mail attachments process was completed successfully.


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Concluding Thoughts

This blog discusses two ways if you are unable to download attachments from AOL. The manual process, though free, is a lengthy and repetitive task as you need to open each mail individually and perform the same steps to download the attachment. Thus, it is better to go with the automated software solution to back up your AOL Mail data.

Frequently Asked Questions By Users

There are a lot of users who have real problems where they are unable to download attachments from AOL issues. We have mentioned some of them in this segment. Let’s take a quick look:

Q1. Can I download attachments of selective emails?

Yes, using the above-stated tool, you can download selective email attachments from AOL Mail.

Q2. Does the application retain folder structure after downloading attachments?

Yes, the above-suggested utility is programmed with enhanced functionalities. Therefore, it maintains folder structure after and in between the downloading AOL Mail attachments process.

Q3. How can I save AOL Mail attachments without data loss?

Use the suggested tool to save AOL Mail attachments without data loss.

Q4. Does the utility support Windows 11 OS?

Yes, the above-mentioned application to download attachments from AOL Mail is compatible with all editions of Windows Operating System including Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7.