An Easier Way That Will Make you Import LinkedIn Contacts to Gmail

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Published On October 8th, 2022
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LinkedIn is a social networking platform used to maintain and create a professional network. But if someone knows how to use it right, then it can become the most powerful online marketing tool. Today with the emergence of sales funnels and Inbound Marketing, professional business data is considered a critical component.

import LinkedIn contacts to Gmail

If you are the one who uses this eminent professional community and wants to connect your LinkedIn contacts outside the platform, then let us tell you one thing that you can download a list of your business contacts. After that, you can connect with them through various social media or business platforms like Office 365, Outlook, Gmail, etc.

So, today in this write-up we will show you how to import LinkedIn contacts to Gmail just in 3 simple steps. However, before directly jumping to the solution section there are a few things you must know about.

What professional contact information can we export from LinkedIn to Gmail?


LinkedIn allows to import and export professional contact information simply. We can export names, email addresses, company pages, websites, Twitter, phone, IM, address, etc., information. After pulling contact information from LinkedIn, we can account and invite those contacts from multiple platforms. Moreover, it also depends on what each of your LinkedIn contacts decided to give up at the data level.

Now, let’s talk about the main topic:

How to import LinkedIn contacts to Gmail?

Well, there’s no direct way to sync LinkedIn contacts with Gmail. But, don’t worry! We can do this indirectly too and this indirect process to export contacts from LinkedIn to Gmail is categorized into 3 major steps and it is highly recommended to follow the steps sequentially to avoid any kind of data loss issue:

Step 1. Export Contacts from Your LinkedIn Account

Exporting contacts from LinkedIn is quite simple but keep this thing in mind that LinkedIn allows exporting 500 contacts at once. Therefore, if you have more than 500 connections, then you have to repeat this step until you export all your contacts. You just need to follow these steps to have all the contact information of the people with whom you are connected on LinkedIn:

  • Log in to your LinkedIn account and click on the My Network button. From the left-side screen, click on Connections

how to import contacts from LinkedIn to Gmail

  • Hit a click on Manage synced and imported contacts button to initiate sync LinkedIn contacts with Gmail process

connect LinkedIn to Gmail

  • Click the Export Contacts button within the Advanced Settings section

how to sync LinkedIn contacts with Gmail

  • After this, you will be redirected to a new page. Here, select the radio button next to Pick and Choose and check Connections and other data you want to export. Hit the Download archive button

sync LinkedIn contacts with Gmail

  • Now, LinkedIn might ask you to enter your account password to make sure that you are authorized to download the data. Type the password and LinkedIn will start preparing an archive of your LinkedIn data so that you can import LinkedIn contacts to Gmail
  • Once it’s done, you will get a notification that your archive is ready and you can download the LinkedIn connections archive
  • A .zip file will start downloading and once you will unzip this, you will find all your LinkedIn contacts with entire contact information

Step 2. Make LinkedIn Contacts CSV File Gmail Compatible

Since Gmail allows to import CSV file directly to Gmail but, importing LinkedIn Contacts CSV to Gmail might lead you to permanent data loss or contact information mismatch issues. Therefore, you have to make this CSV file Gmail compatible and this could be done via converting CSV to vCard. Below is how to do this:

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Note: In case if you are a Mac OS X user, then download the tool to convert CSV to vCard and convert LinkedIn contacts CSV to vCard to sync LinkedIn contacts with Gmail.


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  • Click on Browse and all the LinkedIn contacts CSV to the software
    The software will load and preview added LinkedIn connections CSV data. Click Next

import LinkedIn contacts to Gmail

  • Now, select a LinkedIn CSV contact field from the Excel Fields section and choose the respective contact field from the vCard Fields section
    Once all the LinkedIn contacts get mapped with vCard fields, hit the Next button

connect LinkedIn to Gmail

  • Select vCard v3.0 or 4.0 and check the Import empty email addresses option (this will import all the email addresses of your LinkedIn connections). Click on the Browse button and select a destination location for the resultant file. Click Convert

how to import contacts from LinkedIn to Gmail

  • All the LinkedIn connections will start converting into vCard file format after this and let the process gets completed successfully

how to sync LinkedIn contacts with Gmail

Step 3. Import Converted LinkedIn Contacts to Gmail Account

In order to import LinkedIn contacts to Gmail follow the steps below:

  • Log in to your Gmail account and open Contacts

import LinkedIn contacts to Gmail

  • Click Import >> Select File

sync LinkedIn contacts with Gmail

  • Next, browse the converted vCard from its saved location and click Open
  • All the LinkedIn Contacts vCard will be imported to Gmail after this

How to use LinkedIn connections for your online business?

After performing sync of LinkedIn contacts with Gmail, you can access all your LinkedIn contacts from Gmail and connect with them from various platforms regardless of applications or device issues. You can do the following with your LinkedIn connection details that are in your Gmail account now:

  • You can invite them to your newsletter by email
  • You can invite them to join an event via email
  • You can search them on other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and grow connections
  • You can invite them to an exclusive group of experts on WhatsApp

Alert: Just because you have personal contact information about your LinkedIn connections that does not mean you can use it for anything. Therefore, it is recommended to invite them to be a part of your newsletter list first. This is so because sending people commercial emails or newsletters without their consent is against the laws.

Wrapping Things Up

In this technological arena, social networking platforms are the best way to connect and grow our businesses. LinkedIn is one of the best professional networking sites that allow us to connect with all the professionals and most of us uses it. However, connecting these people on a personal level through other platforms might lead your business to the next level. Therefore, in this tutorial, we have discussed an ultimate solution to import LinkedIn contacts to Gmail. Hope this is gonna help you to grow your relationship with your connections and your business.


Q. How do I ➕ add bulk contacts to LinkedIn?

Just save all the contacts within a CSV file and then follow the steps below:
Open LinkedIn, click the My Network icon
Click Connections >> More options.
Click on the Upload a file button.
Choose Contacts CSV file for uploading, then click Upload file.

Q. Can I ↗️ export email addresses from LinkedIn?

Yes. You can export your LinkedIn Contacts to a CSV file by clicking on My Network >> Your Connections >> Manage synced and imported contacts >> Advanced actions >> Export Contacts >> Request Archive.


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