Import Old Emails into Gmail – Guide with All Possible Solutions

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Published On October 8th, 2022
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Plot: Find the methods to import old emails into Gmail in a quick way. Learn some facts about Gmail and a few file formats and understand how every method falls into place keeping in mind the various formats emails are saved in. Without wasting anymore time, let’s jump right into it.

Users worldwide have been using various emails clients and services to communicate with their clients, partners, teachers, and family. As we all know, there is not just one but a huge amount of email clients and services some of which are desktop-based and some are web-based. Now, every service has a file format that it supports which users may want to convert while transferring them to Gmail.

Some of these formats are EML, PST, and MBOX that we will be exporting in this write-up. Here you will find different methods for each format that will help you to import email files to Gmail. Let’s get going with it.

Every email client supporting MBOX files can use this method to convert the files and import them into Gmail easily.

Find the solutions explained one-by-one in the upcoming segments.

Scenario 1 – Import Old Emails into Gmail from Outlook Format

Users who have their emails in PST format can use this method to export these files directly into their Gmail account. Make sure to download the Outlook to Gmail Migration Tool for business which will help you to import various Outlook files such as ANSI, UNICODE, Secured, Corrupted or network into Gmail. It also offers an option to transfer single as well as multiple files altogether only in one go.

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Note: If you have your emails saved as OST file, you can use the OST to PST Converter Tool to export the files as PST and then follow the steps to import the converted files into Gmail as listed below.

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Find the working steps of the software to import email files to Gmail in the next segment:

1. Launch the application on your Windows OS desktop and hit the Add File(s) button.

outlook to g suite migrator tool

2. Browse for the files you want to choose and add in the software. Click Open and hit Next.

add .pst file

3. Fill in the credentials for the PST files and press the Login button to move further.

default profile

4. Choose the dates in the Date-Filter for emails and hit the Apply button.

normal view

5. Mark the Categories you want to move and click on the Export button to end the procedure.


You can also add a folder containing PST files by clicking on the Add Folder(s) option and go for migrating multiple emails. Also, the Date-Filter as provided by the tool allows users to set a date from and to for selectively transferring data as required.

Scenario 2 – Import EML Files

Here, we are going to explain the method to move the EML files from various email clients in two easy steps. First step requires you to convert these files into Outlook file format and the second step explains the process to import old emails into Gmail. Let’s check these out.

Division 1 – How to Convert EML Files as Outlook Accessible File Format?

For this method, you have to download the EML to PST Converter which will make it an easy process to export EML messages by converting them as Outlook files (.pst). It is possible for the users to convert multiple EML files using the software and export them in bulk without losing any data. Also, the data integrity and the on-disk folder hierarchy is maintained during the process.

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Go through the instructions listed below to start the conversion process:

1. Run the tool on the desktop of your machine and choose the file(s) or folder that you wish to convert.


2. Press the Export Selected button once you have chosen the emails to be exported.


3. Select the PST radio button as the export type and apply Advance Settings to selectively import email files to Gmail.


4. Click on the Browse button to choose the final path of the converted files. Select the Make New Folder option and press OK.


5. Check the Create PST for Each folder check box and hit Export to finish the procedure.


In the Advance Settings option, you can choose to set the following filters:

  • Split PST File: If you have a file that you want to split, choose this option and split the file after a specific size.
  • Date-Filter: With the help of this filter, you can set a certain time-duration from which you can export selective emails.

Once you have your files converted to required file format, go to the next method to complete the procedure.

Division 2 – Import Old Emails into Gmail After Conversion

After performing the conversion process, you can go through the steps that are explained in the first method which shows how to export Outlook files to Gmail. Since you have your data files exported as PST format, you will need to follow the steps of method 1.

Scenario 3 – Exporting MBOX Files in Two Stages

As the heading mentions, this method is also divided in two segments for users to be able to import MBOX files of various email clients such as Thunderbird, Entourage, Apple Mail, Eudora, etc. First you have to convert these files to Outlook supported file i.e. PST. After that, you have to export these files into Gmail with the help of the migration software.
Let’s get started!

Stage 1 – Import Email Files into Gmail by Converting MBOX Files

Start the procedure by first downloading the MBOX to PST Converter which will help you to convert the files in bulk or batch mode. The software ensures the safety of the data stored in the MBOX files and offers an option to merge various files. You can run this tool on Windows versions 10, 8.1, 8, and 7.

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Once you learn some facts about the tool, it becomes easy to understand its working as instructed below:

1. Download this tool and select the Add File option to browse for the files you need to convert.


2. Choose the Select file(s)/folder from file system option and hit the Next button.

select email application

3. Click on the button to navigate to the location of the files and choose them. Hit Open and select the Process option.

attachment view

4. Mark the checkboxes beside each email you want to convert, right-click and hit Export to get started.

export all folder

5. Select the export type to be PST and hit the Change button for setting a final location.

save selected mailboxes

6. Final step requires to press the Export button which will complete the process.

click export

Apply the PST Split filter to choose a specific size after which the tool will automatically split the PST file. Now, to the second part of this procedure which completes the process to import old emails into Gmail.

Stage 2 – Importing the Resultant Files into Gmail

You have to use the migration tool that is used in the first scenario to transfer the Outlook data files after conversion in your Gmail account.

Ending Lines

With the help of this detailed guide, you can easily export your data to Gmail without having to go through the troubles that you might face looking for other solutions. This article consists of all the recommended solutions by the experts and are the only safe ways to make sure the data is not lost or manipulated. All the above mentioned methods are for Windows OS machines and are reliable enough to keep the data integrity and folder structure maintained while performing the task to import email files to Gmail.


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