Demystifying Salesforce Contacts to Outlook Migration

Written By Kumar Raj
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Published On October 6th, 2022
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Are you a Salesforce user and thinking to export Salesforce contacts to Outlook? If so, then this article will help you out to do the same. The method disclosed here applies to import Salesforce contacts to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and below.

Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that allows companies to connect their customers and acquire more information about them. It enables cloud technology for companies to track their customer activities, coordinate sales of services, and optimize marketing strategies. At the time of writing this article, more than 150,000 companies use Salesforce that includes Fortune 500 companies and start-ups as well. Overall, Salesforce includes everything companies need to run their business from anywhere.

But, everything that’s good comes with some flaws and so is Salesforce.

Its user interface is stuffed with clumsy features and tools, which create a distraction for users and while using it users face issues in the transition among transactions. Moreover, sometimes users have to go through several screens to proceed with a transaction.

Despite all this, there are multiple Salesforce Security reasons for what most of the users get annoyed with Salesforce and start searching queries like how to export Salesforce contacts to Outlook. This is so because Outlook is a simple and easy-to-use emailing service with a plain-professional interface. Therefore, to fix all the queries related to the same, we have come up with this guide. Here, we will show you a simple solution to import Salesforce contacts to Outlook safely and quickly. So, keep reading!

Salesforce Contacts to Outlook Just in 3 Simple Steps

Since there is no direct option to import Salesforce contacts to Outlook, so we have to do this indirectly. Well, don’t worry. The method we are going to discuss here is completely safe so follow the steps sequentially:

  • In Salesforce, click on Reports and choose New Report

Salesforce Contacts to Outlook

  • Choose Accounts & Contacts >> Contacts & Accounts >> Create

sync Salesforce contacts with Outlook

  • From preview selection eliminate Title, Mailing Addresses (City, State, Zip, Postal, Country), Mobile, Fax, Account Name, etc. Click on Run Report once all the fields are deselected

export Salesforce contacts to Outlook

  • Click on Export Details to import Salesforce contacts to Outlook

import Salesforce contacts into Outlook

  • Hit the Export button to save all the Salesforce contacts to .csv or .xls on your computer

Salesforce Contacts to Outlook

Note: Here we will not import CSV directly to as it might result you in CSV File Not Importing to Outlook issue. Therefore, we will make this CSV file MS Outlook compatible via converting it into vCard format.

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Pro Tip: Mac users can download CSV to VCF Contacts Converter to convert Salesforce CSV to vCard on Mac OS X.

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  • Launch it and click on the Browse button to add the contacts CSV or XLS file you have exported above

convert Salesforce contacts to vcard

  • Preview all contact information and check if all the contact fields are formatted properly. Click Next

sync Salesforce contacts with Outlook

  • Select the Excel Fields section and choose a contact field and map it with corresponding vCard Field. Follow the same step to map all contact fields and once done, click Next to export Salesforce contacts to Outlook

export Salesforce contacts to Outlook

  • Select vCard v3.0 or v4.0, check the Import Empty Email Addresses option, and other desired options. Browse destination location and click Convert

Salesforce Contacts to Outlook

  • All the Salesforce Contacts will be converted into vCard file format right after this
  • After this launch Microsoft Outlook application and click on the File tab
  • Click on Open&Export >> Import/Export

export Salesforce contacts to Outlook

  • Select Import from another program or file >> Import vCard (.vcf) file

  • Browse the VCF file you have converted above and select Contacts folder

import Salesforce contacts to Outlook

  • Map all the VCF Fields with Outlook Contact Fields and click Finish

Now, quit the MS Outlook application and re-launch it. Open Contacts folder and you will find all the Salesforce contacts are synced with Outlook Contacts automatically and you can contact them via email and other modes.

And…that’s it. Import Salesforce contacts to Outlook [SOLVED]

Concluding Lines

Several companies are using Salesforce and due to several reasons, they are thinking to switch themselves to various other services like MS Outlook. However, migrating from one platform to another is not that simple as it seems to be. Therefore, in this article, we have disclosed a simple solution to export Salesforce Contacts to Outlook. The method discussed here is safe and even non-technical users can execute it without more technical assistance.


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