Commendable Features of GoDaddy Mail Backup Utility

  • Backup GoDaddy email, calendar, contacts, task, etc.
  • Allows Multiple Accounts Backup from GoDaddy to Outlook, Thunderbird etc.
  • Allows Archiving of Multiple Accounts in GoDaddy for users.
  • Option to Pause & Resume while converting from GoDaddy emails to PST/MBOX/EML/MSG
  • GoDaddy Mail Backup Tool provides delete after download to optimize storage.
  • GoDaddy Email Backup allows smooth backup while customizing internet bandwidth.
  • Compatible with Outlook 2016/ 2013 and all below versions.
  • Have a smooth backup by customizing the internet bandwidth

Summarized Features of GoDaddy Mail Backup Software

Saving Data as PST, EML, MSG or MBOX

Four File Saving Options

  • PST File: Convert GoDaddy files to PST files which gets supported in Outlook 2007/2013/2016.
  • MBOX File: GoDaddy email large files conversion to MS Outlook, MSG files gets supported.
  • MSG File: Supported by Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, etc.
  • EML File: GoDaddy email to Thunderbird, Entourage, Apple Mail, etc. are supported

GoDaddy Pause and Resume Options

Option to Pause and Resume Downloads

Many times, situations occur where the backup process is interrupted whether intentionally or unintentionally because of many reasons. To overcome the problem, the GoDaddy Mail Backup software offers users with two options i.e., Pause and Resume. The option helps the users to start the process from where they left. And easily convert emails from GoDaddy to Outlook 2016/ 2013 and all below versions.

Selective Restore Option

Option for Backup of Selective Data

The GoDaddy backup tool is robust enough that it provides an out of the box feature like selective mail backup files. It allows the users to filter the unnecessary data item which does not need to be stored on the local system and this can be applied while the conversion from GoDaddy email to Thunderbird. All the users need to do is just check/ uncheck mailbox. It also allows users to selectively export GoDaddy contacts, emails, calendars & tasks to Outlook & multiple emails format such as GoDaddy to Thunderbird EML & MBOX is made.

Export Data from GoDaddy to Outlook

Maintains Folder Structure of the Mailboxes

The GoDaddy Mail Backup allows users with a high-tech and advance algorithm that it can easily generate archive files with same structure as the previous one. The GoDaddy backup email account tool even maintains the integrity of the data while performing entire process of files. It even keeps all the data intact. And the structure of the files is maintained while GoDaddy to Thunderbird MBOX, PST file formats.

Delete Spaces From Server

Delete Data after Downloading

The GoDaddy backup mail server tool provides an option to delete the data from the server once downloaded. The main aim behind the feature is that it frees the space of storage. It keeps the storage in check after transferring data on a local machine. It even provides an option to customize internet bandwidth when the processing is started. And the converted files can also removed like GoDaddy to PST fies after successful download.

Perform Backup Email Filters

Apply Date Filters Option

Users can even take the GoDaddy mail to Thunderbird backup files of any data within a specified date range. Maximum times, users save their time and effort by specifying a particular range of date. The users can even save the files in many different formats i.e., PST, MBOX, EML, MSG, and that is including GoDaddy to Outlook 2007/10/13/16 and export GoDaddy email to Thunderbird also included.

Steps to Backup GoDaddy Mail

Steps of GoDaddy Backup Tool

Watch Video to Export Emails from GoDaddy Mail

Download GoDaddy Backup Software

Install GoDaddy Mail Backup Software

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Frequently Asked Question

Is the GoDaddy Mail Backup utility totally safe and secure when it comes in terms of saving credentials?

"I am always concerned about my security when it comes in terms of the passwords. As I am really possessive regarding this, I wanted to know whether the tool saves the credentials while backing up emails from GoDaddy to PST i.e., user id along with the emails? Is it totally secure or does it save the credentials anywhere in database? "

Yes, the Backup GoDaddy tool is also totally safe in terms of logging in. The tool does not save any details in the database without permissions. It even offers an option of checkbox while saving the files. The checkbox asks for saving options. If a user wants to save he/she can mark the option and continue.

Does Email from GoDaddy to Thunderbird provide an option to resume interrupted download?

"I was taking the backup data of selective folders from and GoDaddy email to Thunderbird MBOX files. The file size was approximately 8 GB. Suddenly due to power failure, the entire process got interrupted. Moreover, there was some technical glitch too in the internet. Does the utility provide an option to resume download from where it stopped? "

Yes, you can easily take resume the all downloaded data if interrupted. The GoDaddy to MSG tool also provides an option to Pause and Resume the downloading. You do not need to worry regarding the interruption caused due to internet failure or power supply. You can easily rely on the tool in this aspect and continue the work. And export GoDaddy email to Thunderbird work very well.

Is the GoDaddy Backup Email Account utility capable enough to delete the storage space from the server?

"I recently downloaded many files from my account and stored them to the local machine. The files were very big in size. I need to empty the space occupied by mails. Is the GoDaddy to EML tool efficient enough that it can easily delete the data once downloaded from the server? "

Yes, the utility server users with this amazing feature, that it can easily provide an option to delete the files once downloaded from the server. The option thus provided will save the storage space of mailbox along with time of the users.

Does the utility works without Microsoft Outlook pre-installed in the system?

Yes, the GoDaddy Mail Backup software works to export Godaddy emails to PST File without installing Outlook in local machine. And GoDaddy Outlook settings is really simple to use. You can use GoDaddy Email Backup tool directly without pre-installing the Microsoft Outlook and save it in the desired location.

Does the utility provide an option to where mails can be selected by applying date filters?

Yes, the GoDaddy Mail Backup provides an option to users where they can select the mails by applying date filters. Backup Email GoDaddy files can be saved as our need.

Is the integrity of data maintained while taking GoDaddy backup of the emails from different folders?

Yes, while taking the backup files from the folders, the utility preserves the meta-properties of all files and folders.

Does the Utility allows to GoDaddy calendar to Outlook ?

Yes, this GoDaddy mail backup tools provides an in-built facility not only to export calendars but also to GoDaddy contacts to outlook.

Whether it is possible to Migrate mails from GoDaddy to Apple Mail?

Yes, tool provides user with facility to convert GoDaddy emails to Apple Mail easily.