How to Archive Gmail Emails by Date? 3 Quick Methods Explained

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Published On December 2nd, 2022
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When a person creates a new Gmail account, it seems like they have all of the space that they will ever need. But after several years, that may not be the case. Because Google offers only 15 GB of storage space.

However, emails are important for users and they do not want to lose the data at any cost. So, to keep emails safe, archiving is the best option. Therefore, in this write-up, we will tell you all the possible methods to archive Gmail emails by date.

By doing this, users can locally export Gmail emails on the system and access them whenever needed.

“Are you seeking for a way to archive multiple emails in Gmail? Do you need a simple and reliable solution? Do not worry; you are landed in the correct place. In this article, the step-by-step solution is mentioned to let users understand how to archive Gmail emails to save your Gmail server space. Before that, let us discuss brief information for the same.”

What are the Methods to Archive Gmail Emails?

Archiving Emails means saving a copy of emails and deleting them from their original location. Users can archive Gmail emails by using 3 methods: 

1. Using the “Archive” Feature in Gmail

When a person archives an email in Gmail account, that email message is hidden from the Inbox folder. But, it does not mean email is deleted from the Gmail account. It is just like transferring something into a filing cabinet for protection, rather than keeping it in the trash. Any email message that you have archived can be found by clicking on the “All Mail” option on the left side of the Gmail page.

For this example, let’s archive emails in Gmail before the date 2017/08/15. Using the below keyword we can get email messages received before a specific date. In the search box on the Gmail page type a search in the below format:

in:inbox before:2017/08/15

  • The entire search string will look something like the below:


  • Now that you have a list of results matching your search criteria, you can start the archive Gmail by date process. Choose the Select All checkbox as shown below. That checkbox accounts for the emails on the first page, if messages exceed 50 emails you can click on the link to select all messages.

  • Once those selections are made, all that is left to do is the archiving. For that, click the Archive button as shown below.


  • You will get the message “conversations have been archived

2. Archive Gmail by Date Using Backup Utility

When users want to archive Gmail emails to free up Gmail space, the in-build “archive” feature in Gmail failed to do that task. In such cases, automated tools can be used for archiving emails and saving them on hard drive. Once downloaded, the tool will automatically remove those emails from the server. And, by using the Date Range Filter users can archive Gmail emails by date.

“I am using Gmail account for a long time so I have lots of email message stored in my account. Now I wish to export some of the important emails within the particular date range on my computer and delete it from the server. For this purpose, I have tried Google takeout method, but it takes a long time to execute. Also, failed in between and Takeout archive whole Gmail emails instead of selected emails. Therefore, I am searching a fast and reliable third-party tool. But, I am not much aware of the online market and tools. Can you please suggest me the best possible way how to archive emails in Gmail by date?”

There are so many people who may face the same query like this. Thus, keep in mind the user’s problem; we have suggested an efficient tool named as SysTools Gmail Email Backup Software to download Gmail emails to computer. It is the perfect tool for creating an archive of important emails within a particular date range in Gmail. Because, it has an option to apply the date-based filter, which gives the specific email messages within the date range.

Simple 6 Steps to Archive Gmail Messages by Date

  • Step 1: Run the Tool & enter Gmail credentials
  • Step 2: Select the format to archive the file
  • Step 3: Choose Apply Filter option & set the Date filters
  • Step 4: Opt. Delete after Download option
  • Step 5: Select location to save archived file
  • Step 6: Hit on the Start button

Method to Archive Gmail Emails By Date

The following are the elaborated steps to archive the Gmail mailbox to the local computer:

1. Run the utility and enter the credentials of your Gmail account and click on the Login button


2. After Sign in successfully, choose the email format in which you want to save archive email in EML, PST, MBOX, and MSG


3. Here, you need to select the radio button next to PST format and click on the Browse button to choose the destination location

Archive Gmail Emails by Date in PST

4. Further, click on the Apply Filter button to apply customized filters and archive emails in Gmail by Date

Apply Filter

5. Here, you can provide the Start and End Date according to your need. It will give you the emails within the date range that you have entered

Date Filter to Archive Gmail Emails by Date

6. After choosing the particular date range, just click on the “Start” Button to start archiving Gmail messages. Once, archiving Gmail emails by date process completes successfully. Click on the OK button to end the task.


3. Archive Gmail Emails Using Google Takeout

Google Takeout can be used to archive email and save it locally. It is not possible to archive emails in Gmail by date using Takeout. This utility only allows the user to select labels and export emails from Gmail in MBOX file format.

Consequences of Using Takeout

However, Takeout is the best and most effective manual solution to archive emails in Gmail when the mailbox size is small. But fails when there is a large number of emails also has so many drawbacks as well.

  • This method needs fast and smooth network connectivity.
  • If the process is interrupted in between, it cannot be resumed.
  • It is a very lengthy and time-consuming process.
  • Archive complete Gmail account data, no such option to archive selected Mail.

How to Archive Emails in Gmail through Google Takeout?

1. First of all, Log in to your Gmail account to archive Gmail mailbox data

Gmail Account

2. Then, use the left panel of the screen to navigate the Personal info & privacy >> Control your content

Archive Gmail Emails by Date Wise

3. Now, in the Download or transfer your content section, go to the Download your data box and click on the Create Archive option

Create Archive

4. Now, click on Select None at the top of the screen, then slide the toggle next to Gmail


5. You can either download your all email items or use the drop-down menu to choose the specific Gmail labels

Solution to Archive Gmail Emails by Date

6. After this, click on the Next button

7. Now, you need to choose the File Type, Archive Size, & Delivery Method

Multiple Way to Archive Gmail Emails by Date

8. Finally, click on the Create Archive button.


After performing the above-mentioned step, you have created the archive of your Gmail emails. Now, you can save it locally.

Archive Gmail account using Google takeout is an easy task but it has some disadvantages like:

  • The archive process can be stopped in case of Internet connection loss
  • Cannot archive Gmail folder (particular mailbox) from Google account
  • No option to archive Gmail Offline in multiple formats


Archiving is not always such an easy task in today’s world. The process of archiving Gmail emails by date through Google Takeout is not possible. Thus, we have recommended a reliable tool as suggested above to resolve the query ‘how to archive emails in Gmail by date’. It will allow archiving emails from the Gmail account within a specific date range in a trouble-free manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to freely archive Gmail emails of specific data to the local system?

You can use the methods of Google takeout provided by Google to move a copy of your Gmail data to a local hard drive. Perform the steps within and freely take down your Gmail data to your local end.

How do I archive thousands of emails in Gmail?

Gmail offers a very efficient archive function with its In-built feature list. This option lets you archive any number of emails within your Gmail account.

What are Archive Gmail emails?

Archiving Gmail account to move the data from the corresponding label folder, like Inbox to the Archive folder. The data is indeed stored within the Gmail account. You can find the archived emails in the ‘All Mail’ list and they are also included in the searches. There are three possible methods to archive Gmail mailbox are mentioned in this blog.

How to filter emails in Gmail?

Gmail provides a search box to search for a specific or related set of emails with a keyword search. with this, you need to search something like this ‘in:inbox before:2017/08/15‘. This will search all the emails from the Inbox folder that is dated before 15 August 2018. Likewise, you can filter out emails within your Gmail account.


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