Can’t Sign PDF in Adobe Reader DC? Fix this Issue

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PDF is the most preferred file format, which helps to keep crucial data safe. Even this portable document can be used everywhere, whether it is the university form, office document, and business transaction, and so on. Moreover, the installation of Adobe Reader is the must while accessing the PDF document. But when most users try to sign a PDF file then, they may face various issues either signing not allowed PDF or the sign button is greyed out. So, in this blog, we have discussed a step-by-step procedure to solve the problem “Can’t sign PDF in Adobe Reader DC” or when PDF fill and sign not working without any data loss.

Use this Method When You Can’t Digitally Sign PDF Document

When users try to sign in a PDF document at that time they might face an issue. They might find that the Adobe fill and sign not working due to which they can’t add a digital signature to the PDF document. So, they start searching for a commercial solution named Unlock PDF Software. This application is designed to remove permissions from PDF documents. This utility can be easily used when users can’t sign PDF in Adobe Reader DC.

The utility supports to eliminate different kinds of restrictions from PDF documents. Moreover, if the file is having a document open password then it can also be eliminated by the tool. But, it is necessary that the password must be known to the user. Moreover, the tool supports to process both 128 / 256 bit encrypted PDF documents.

For Windows OS Users

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For Mac OS X Users

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Steps to Enable Signing in PDF Document

To enable PDF signature permissions or to change signing permissions from “Not Allowed” to “Allowed” follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Launch and run the software on Windows OS or Mac OS X

Step 2: Click on Add Files / Add Folder option to insert PDF files in which you can’t sign

add files

Step 3: Select either “Save” or “Print” option as per the requirement

save or print

Step 4: Click on Change & choose the destination location for the resultant PDF

Step 5: Click the Unlock button & enable PDF signing


Step 6: Finally, the process completion message has been displayed

completion message

To check whether signing is allowed or not open the PDF in Adobe Reader DC & view document properties. If the signing is changed from Not Allowed to Allowed then you have successfully enabled signing permissions:

enable pdf signing

Now, in the next section we are going to discuss the following steps to add signature in Adobe document:

How to Sign PDF Document in Adobe Reader DC

Once you get the resultant PDF file by the tool, follow the below stated steps:

1) Firstly, open your PDF file, which you want to sign with Adobe Reader DC or Acrobat Pro DC

2) In the second step, click on the ‘Tools’ menu

3) Now, go with the option of ‘Fill and Sign’ and click on it

4) After this, you will be able to see the ‘sign’ icon that seems like a pen in the center of the toolbar. Then, click on it

5) If you are a new user or you have never set a sign before, then it will display you two options:

  • Add signature
  • Add initials

If you want to add a signature then, you can choose the first option, i.e., Add signature

Unfortunately, an option to sign through a webcam is not possible in Adobe Reader DC. But, this feature was available in the previous version of Adobe Reader for Windows. Now, continue with the three option to sign PDF:

  • Type a Sign in the default font

If a user has no issue that the sign is not in his/ her handwriting. So, this option will provide an easy and quick way to fix your issue you just write your name and click on it.

  • Design your own Signature

Here, in this step users can take the help of Mouse, Webcam pen, or tablet to make their own signature. If users are not satisfied then, they can erase them when they feel satisfied so, they simply click the ‘Done’ button

  • Upload Image of your Sign

In this step, if users prefer to sign with a marker or pen, then simply find a white sheet and sign with a black pen in the mid. Now, users can take a photograph or scan it all depends on their choice. Next, after you are done with the scanning save it so, you can able to access it to your local machine. Adobe Reader DC supports these files like PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP, and JPG, so you have to choose one of the formats to save your image. When you are ready to upload your image, then choose the image and ‘Upload’ it if, you are satisfied then select ‘done’.

After completion of all these three methods, users will be able to see the signature on the sheet. Now, your sign is available on the page that, you can re-size them by dragging the corners. Hereby, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC will remember your sign so, when you want to sign next time then, select the sign icon and click onto your sign to upload it.

Using Preview for MAC Users to Sign

If Mac users find that they can’t sign PDF in Adobe Reader DC. Then, it is necessary to eliminate security from the document first. After that, they can prefer to use the webcam to set up their sign, by using the Preview application. So, follow these simple steps:

1) Open the PDF file that you need to sign in the preview. Next, click on the ‘Markup Toolbar’ icon that appears like a toolbox. Remember, in the previous version of the preview this Markup Toolbar was known as ‘Edit Toolbar’.

2) Once you open the Toolbar, select the icon of ‘Sign’ and click on the drop-down menu.

sign icon

After executing the above-described steps now, you will get two options i.e. Trackpad & Camera.

two options

Sign a PDF Using Trackpad

Under this step, users can take the help of a Mouse, tablet, or pen to draw their sign when they are satisfied with their signature. Then, click ‘Done’ to complete the process.

Use Webcam to sign PDF

Take a white piece of paper and make a sign on it and after that, hold it up to your webcam so that it comes on the blue line. When it looks perfect then, click ‘Done’. Once you have done with the process, the preview can save your signature for the next time. If you want to sign your PDF then, simply select your signature from the ‘Sign’ drop-down menu.

Let’s Wrap Up

These days most of the users try to save their data in PDF files because it is the safest file format. But, sometimes users may face an issue, i.e., can’t sign PDF in Adobe Reader DC issue. Therefore, to resolve this issue we have discussed the complete procedure in detail. This solution will completely help users when Adobe fill and sign not working.

Frequently Asked Questions

1- Why Adobe Acrobat DC Sign is Greyed Out?

Due to signing restrictions in the document the Sign button greyed out or disabled.

2- How to add a signature in a secured PDF document?

To add a signature in such kind of PDF documents firstly un-restrict the document. Once, it is done then sign it with the help of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

3- Why the option “PDF Signing” is Not Allowed in Adobe Reader?

It is because the author of the document had disabled these Signing permissions.

4- How to put signature in PDF on Mac?

Mac Preview helps users to put the sign in the Adobe PDF files.

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