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How Do I Export Outlook OST Files to EML?

“One of my clients sent me an OST file, which is large in size. And, I do not have Outlook on my local machine. In order to open OST file, I need to convert OST to EML as I have Windows Live Mail on my machine.

But, I do not know the procedure for the same. Hence, I am searching for a solution that let me export all OST file data to EML file format. Could anyone let me know the same?”

Instant Solution:
To directly convert all data from OST to EML format, you have to opt OST to EML converter tool. The tool will simplify the entire export process for you.

Download OST to EML Converter

Offline Storage Table or OST file is created by Microsoft Outlook when it is connected with Exchange Server, or an IMAP configured in it. In addition, when a user set up Office 365 Outlook 2016, a new OST file is created.

Now, the problem is OST file is supported by Outlook only and in case of migration, a user needs to convert it to some other format.

Apart from this, when a user deletes the existing profile, a new OST file is created. However, if a user performs profile reset, then also Outlook keeps on using a new OST file instead of an existing one. In all such situations, if a user wants to use and open OST file, he or she needs to export OST file to EML file or other file format.

Among multiple available file formats, EML file format is the common format that is supported by the number of email clients.

For example, Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, etc., so the Outlook OST to EML conversion will automatically increase the chances of accessing OST file in multiple email clients.

  1. After all such research and understanding, users just want the solution to export OST data to EML format.
  2. How can it be done without compromising the integrity of data?
  3. Is there any manual available for the same or any OST to EML converter?
  4. What is the best possible for accomplishing the task?

If you are also having any such query in mind, then you are in the right place. This blog will surely answer your such queries and let you know how to perform Outlook OST file to EML conversion.

How to Convert OST to EML File Format?

When it comes to converting OST file to EML file format, then there is no direct approach available.

In addition, there are two possible cases that you can use to export OST file to EML.

  • Case 1 when the OST file is connected with Exchange Server
  • Case 2 – Disconnected OST file

Now, for two different situations, the methods are also different. In order to know about the same, continue reading a blog.

When Outlook is Connected With Exchange Server

If a user’s Outlook profile is connected with Exchange Server, then the Outlook OST to EML conversion process is done in two parts. But before starting the conversion, there are some prerequisites that need to be fulfilled.


A user must have an IMAP configured Gmail account in Outlook. If it is not, then do it before starting the conversion process.

  1. A user must have an IMAP configured Gmail account in Outlook. If it is not, then do it before starting the conversion process.
  2. There must be an email client installed on the local machine that supports EML file format. For example, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, etc.

Steps to Convert OST to EML File Format Manually

As discussed above there is no direct manual solution available, so it is divided into three broad categories i.e.,

  1. Copy OST File Data to Configured Gmail Account
    To start the conversion process, a user first needs to copy or move the desired OST file data to the configured Gmail account. To do the same, he or she just need to drag and drop the data.

  2. Configure Same Gmail Account in Mozilla Thunderbird
    After that, a user needs to configure the same Gmail account in Mozilla Thunderbird. When a user is done with the configuration process, all its Gmail data is there in Thunderbird account automatically. It means Outlook OST file data is now also in Thunderbird.

  3. Extract EML File from Thunderbird

    When a user is done with configuration process in Thunderbird, its time to export EML file from it. A user simply needs to open OST file data in Thunderbird and after that drag and drop it to any desired location on the local machine. It will automatically create EML file on the destination location.

Why Not Rely on Converting OST to EML Manually

Point to Remember: The above discussed manual method is not helpful in the case of a disconnected OST file.

Limitations: In the case of a large amount of data in OST file, the manual process becomes very lengthy. However, the drag and drop method is not at all a feasible way to convert OST to EML format. Thus, to defeat this limitation, a user needs to search some other alternative.

Export Disconnected OST to EML Format

If you want to convert disconnected OST file to EML format, then there is no manual approach available that will be helpful.

Therefore, to tackle such type of situations, commercial solutions comes into mind. In this situation, a user can try OST to EML converter application by SysTools software to convert OST mailboxes to EML file, as this software provides an option to export OST file to EML also.

It is one of the most selling software in the market that lets users convert OST to EML format in all possible scenarios.

A Quick Glance At the Features of OST to EML Converter Software

  • Convert Emails, Contacts, Calendar etc., from OST File to EML Format.
  • Allows to Export OST to PST, MSG, MBOX, PDF, HTML, CSV, and Other Formats
  • Export Damaged / Inaccessible / Orphaned OST to EML Format.
  • Export Office 365 / IMAP/ Exchange/ Hotmail OST files to EML file.
  • Naming Convention feature to set the Name of exported EML file.
  • Date Based filter to export selected OST data to EML format.
  • OST to EML Converter is compatible with all Outlook and Windows Versions

Download the Software –

Download Software Purchase Software

Step By Step Guide to Perform OST To EML Conversion

  • Install and Run the OST to EML Exporter Software On Your System.
  • Now Click on Add file button and Browse the OST File for conversion. 
step 1
  • Preview the OST file mailbox Data and Click on Export Button.
export options
  • Now Choose the EML File format and Browse the location to Save Data.
ost to eml


No one wants to lose a single bit of information from OST file. Therefore, whenever it comes to the conversion of OST file, a risk of data loss is one of the major concerns among the users.

Keeping such things in mind, this blog will let users know how to convert OST to EML file format without any loss of data. Depending upon the type of OST file and number of emails in it, a user can make a choice between manual or professional OST to EML converter approach for OST file to EML conversion.


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