Know How to Batch Convert Thunderbird Email to PDF ?

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We are well known with the profits of printing data and it is even beneficial for the users to create a hard copy of data stored in your device into digital form. It secures the data and keeps it away from all the issues like corruption, technical problems and many more. It takes some efforts while printing any vital data and afterwards making modifications in it so that it comes out more enhanced. Therefore, before proceeding further in the entire article, we will be discussing the ways that can be employed to Batch Convert Thunderbird Email to PDF in a prudent manner.

Hence, the article will provide the entire process to store Thunderbird mails to PDF in an easier way. By knowing all the benedictions of the process you would like to convert Mozilla Thunderbird to PDF along with all the attachments. But, before proceeding further, let’s switch to the Facts and Advantages that PDF offers. Before discussing things further, let’s know briefly about PDF files.



Why You Need to Convert Thunderbird Emails to PDF ?

PDF is referred as a Portable Document File and are completely robust and versatile especially when it is compared to Thunderbird data files. The PDF files are best suited and provide a lot of benefits due to which the users want to batch export Thunderbird to PDF. Some of the uses are listed in below segment:

1. The PDF Files play a lot of importance in terms of mobility and versatility. Despite of the fact that they are documents but they can be easily carried anywhere. In addition to it, the Adobe PDF files are very useful as they can be accessed from all the devices, so users need not to face any compatibility issues

2. PDF files work best in case you are going to publish anything. This is the only reason why most of the people prefer Adobe PDF files over any other document file

3. Many users transfer MBOX to PDF along with the Attachments in all its editions just because the PDF files are creative in terms of printing. It hardly matters that if you want to print a text file or need images the arrangement in your document will be same as that in hard copy

4. The quality of image is completely improved despite of quality of paper you are using for taking the print out

Henceforth, if you need to print your Thunderbird files, then in case you need to batch Convert Thunderbird Email to PDF format as the way mails are printed and doesn’t even need that any program to get the data saved.

Mozilla Thunderbird facilitates the users with multiple options for saving emails in EML format but, if we take other formats into consideration i.e., PDF, it is not possible. Although, many times we come across queries like how to save Thunderbird emails as PDF ? Therefore, in this article, the users will get are giving a proper solution i.e., Import/Export Inbuilt Add-on.

Ways to Batch Convert Thunderbird Email to PDF Manually

Follow the steps listed below to save Thunderbird emails in PDF file format:

1. First of all, download ImportExportTools add-on from its official website and afterwards, launch Mozilla Thunderbird mailing client on your machine

2. Open Tools and choose Add-ons alternative to continue the entire process

Note: If you have launched Mozilla Thunderbird application, in case the Tools option is not appeared on screen, tap Alt button from the keyboard.

3. In the Add-ons Manager tab, hit Settings option and select Install Add-On From File function

4. Browse the location where you have downloaded Import/Export Add-on, and select and click Open button

5. It enables a Software Installation window, from where need to click on Install Now option. Import/Export add-on will be installed in Thunderbird.

6. Select Restart Now alternative to install Import/Export Add-on in your Thunderbird program

7. Choose mails That you need to convert from Thunderbird to PDF , afterwards right-click on it and initiate the process

8. Opt for Save selected messages >> PDF Format option, from the list of alternatives previewed on the display screen

9. Click OK and then again press OK, for terminating the warning display box displayed on the screen of your system

10. Navigate to the location in which you want to store the PDF files and then hit on Select Folder button

11. Finally, go to the location, in which the resultant PDF files are stored. In this case, you will have all the selected emails from Thunderbird to PDF, without errors and omissions.

Observational Verdict

From the above listed procedure, the users are well incorporated with the free process to save Thunderbird emails as PDF by employing Import/export add-on. This solution can be termed as free, easy, & quick way for printing mails in portable documents. If you Convert Thunderbird Email to PDF format in bulk from MBOX , it becomes difficult to export into PDF without Thunderbird , In such cases you can Go for Conversion process by SysTools to completely view email files in any device supporting PDF Format. So, opting for PDF file seems to be like a wise choice.

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