A Step-by-Step Guide to Transfer OneDrive Files to Another Account Efficiently

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Published On December 1st, 2023
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This article endeavors to provide you with the fastest & safest way to transfer OneDrive files to another account. If you have the same query then just go through this write-up and you will get the most reliable & trusted solution for the same. So, without any further discussion let’s dive into it.

OneDrive is a popular cloud storage service offered by Microsoft that allows users to store, share and access their files from anywhere. It is a convenient way to store and share important files, documents, and photos. 

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However, there are several reasons for users may need to transfer OneDrive files to another account. Some of them are as follows:

  1. For Backup Purposes – Migrating OneDrive data to another account can serve as a backup in case the original account is lost, deleted, or compromised.
  2. Merging Accounts – If a user has multiple OneDrive accounts and wants to merge them, they can do so by migrating the data to one account.
  3. Plan Upgrade – Sometimes users may want to upgrade their OneDrive plan and that requires migrating their data to another account.

Let’s start with the user query and understand the real-life situation:

User Query:

How do automatically copy OneDrive files to another OneDrive account?

Just looking for a little advice. As I have to automate to copy of newly created files in one user’s OneDrive to another user’s OneDrive. Both these accounts are located in the same tenancy and as the admin, I can have access to them. I’ve tried to use Power Automate; however, the flow I was using would ask that I specifically needed to log in to each individual OneDrive account. I do not have the user’s credentials. Moreover, I am not technical to proceed with this script.  Is there a better way to do this operation in Office 365?

5 Quick Steps to Transfer OneDrive Files to Another Account

  • Step 1. Download & Run Software on PC.
  • Step 2. Check Documents & Apply Date Filter.
  • Step 3. Login with Admin Credentials & Validate.
  • Step 4. Create Mapping, & Validate Permissions.
  • Step 5. Click on Start Migration Button.

However, before getting into the migration process, it is always a good idea to go through a complete pre and post-migration checklist to ensure a smooth and effort-free data transfer. 

Migrating your OneDrive files to another account requires a professional approach to ensure a seamless data transfer. Preparing and executing a comprehensive pre and post-migration checklist is vital to guarantee an effortless and secure data migration.

Complete Checklist for Transferring Files to Another OneDrive Account

  • Plan the migration – Determine which files and folders need to undergo migration and establish a migration schedule.
  • Check storage capacity – Make sure adequate storage in both source and destination OneDrive for Business accounts.
  • Backup data – Prioritize data backup before initiating the migration process to prevent unforeseen issues.
  • Set up the destination account – Configure the destination OneDrive account, ensuring appropriate permissions and access rights for the upcoming upload.
  • Verify the data Validate successful migration by meticulously reviewing the uploaded files in the destination account.
  • Clean up – Post-migration, consider deleting files from the source account if necessary, and disconnect the former OneDrive account from your device.
  • Monitor the migration process – Continuously track the migration progress to ensure completion without errors.

Following the above checklist will facilitate a smooth and efficient transfer of your OneDrive data to another account, mitigating potential data loss or errors.

Check Out the Manual Method to Migrate OneDrive Data to Another Account 

Step 1. Log in to your OneDrive account

Log in to the source OneDrive for Business account from which data needs to migrate. Select the required files and folders, that you want to migrate. Select multiple files by holding the “Ctrl” key while clicking.

Step 2. Download selected files and folders

Click “Download” to download the selected files to your local device.

Step 3. Log in to the second OneDrive account

Access the destination OneDrive account where you intend to upload the downloaded files.

Step 4. Upload downloaded files and folders

Click “Upload” and select the downloaded files to upload to the destination account.

Note: If you have a large number of data files to download then it might take several hours or days, depending upon the internet bandwidth.

Major Limitations of Manual Methods to Transfer OneDrive Files to Another Account

The manual method of migrating OneDrive data to another account, as described in the above article, has several limitations that users should be aware of:

  • It becomes time-consuming to manually download and upload large files to another OneDrive for Business account. 
  • The manual method requires a high speed and stable network connection otherwise it can lead to failures or prolonged migration times.
  • Unlike automated software, the manual method does not provide any option to transfer data based on a specific time or date range. 
  • Manual transfers expose data to hacking, malware, and other cyber threats, lacking post-migration data integrity and document permission migration.
  • No built-in dashboard to monitor migration progress, leaving users unaware of completion status or potential errors.
  • Users must manually select files/folders for migration, potentially leading to missed items and increased time consumption.

Given the limitations, data management in the post-migration phase becomes a cumbersome task, as it does not maintain the data/folder integrity. Hence, it may be better to consider using an automated yet professional tool that can automate the entire process, provide real-time progress monitoring, and protect against data loss and security risks. 

Fastest & Reliable Way to Migrate Files from OneDrive to Another Account

When it comes to the most reliable and professional tool for this operation, SysTools OneDrive to OneDrive Migration Tool comes to mind. A cloud migration and management software that assists the transfer of data between OneDrive accounts easily, and not just that.

It simplifies transferring OneDrive files to another account by making everything automatic at just one click away, and it isn’t just specific to OneDrive since it also supports services like Office 365 migration as well.

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Some Features of this Software That Makes it One Stop Solution

  • This utility migrates several users’ OneDrive data using the Admin account in a single go.
  • The utility offers a delta migration option to transfer newly arrived items.
  • Offers a modern Date-based filter option for selective data transfer.
  • Supports various documents items such as the photo, doc files, PDF files, etc.,
  • It maintains the data/files integrity and hierarchy while migrating to another account. It ensures 100% safe, secure, and error-free data migration every time.

Step By Step Detailed Working Guide to Transfer OneDrive Files to Another Account

Follow these below-listed steps with respective screenshots carefully to execute this operation in a modern way with 100% data security & Integrity:

Before starting the procedure download the tool here –

Download Now Purchase Now

Step 1. In the very first step, download the utility from the above button and install & run it on your computer. Select Office 365 as the source & destination migration platform.

Step 2. Select Document and enable Migrate Document Permissions & allow the Use Group Mapping option. Use the date filter if required to migrate selective data and then click on Next to transfer OneDrive files to another account.

Step 3. Now, log in with the source & destination Admin credentials such as Admin Email & Application ID. Then validate permission and Click Next to move OneDrive data to another account.

Step 4. Here, create user group mapping between source & destination tenants (if you want to migrate OneDrive data). For this task, you have three options to use. Let’s use an import CSV file. Click on Download Template and enter source tenant & destination users

Step 5. Once a user mapping is created, validate it by clicking the validate button. Then click on the start migration button to migrate OneDrive to another account.

Try  The Demo for Free to Copy OneDrive Files to Another OneDrive Account

You can use this amazing utility for free. This utility offers a free demo version for users. You can easily avail yourself of a demo version. Moreover, the demo version can migrate OneDrive data to another account of two users’ accounts for free.
You do not need to pay anything for these two accounts. In this way, you can self-verify the workings of this utility before purchasing the full version.

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Bringing It All Together

The manual method is quite time-consuming and it is not suitable for large data transfers in OneDrive as discussed above. Hence, by using the above-mentioned software, it becomes quite easy for novice users to transfer OneDrive to another user.

Migrating OneDrive data to another account can be a simple process if followed the right approach. As the manual method is quite time-consuming and it is not suitable for large data transfers in OneDrive as discussed above. Hence, by using the above-mentioned software and following the respective steps, you can easily move your important files, documents, and photos to a new OneDrive account.