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  • Effortless SharePoint to SharePoint Site Migration Along with Metadata
  • Move Document Library from One SharePoint Site to Another SharePoint
  • Utility Supports Batch Migration of SharePoint Sites While Saving Time & Efforts
  • Successfully Migrate Document Sets and Documents Folder with Ease
  • Smart Date-Based Filter for Selective SharePoint Site Contents Migration
  • Feature to Map Permission Settings of Source Users with Destination Users
  • In-Built Dashboard to Track Migration Progress of Ongoing Process
  • Delta Migration Feature to Migrate Only New Data from SharePoint Site
  • Software Provides Option to Stop Ongoing Migration Whenever Required
  • Provides Detailed and Summary Report of SharePoint to SharePoint Migration
  • Specific Folder Selection Option is Not Available in Case of Site Migration
  • Tool is Compatible with Windows 11, 10 (64-bit), Windows Server 2012, 2016

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What It Migrates?

SysTools SharePoint Migration Tool

Perform Error-Free SharePoint Online Migration

You Can Migrate All These SharePoint Data

It is an impeccable migrator whose goal is to import all the important data items from one SharePoint to other SharePoint site. Use this SharePoint to SharePoint migration software and transfer all the following types of data to new SharePoint site, site collection.

document set

Document Set: It is a group of similar kind of documents that you can handle as a single entity.

document folder

Document Folder: Use to manage files and group them under the document library. It is very helpful to organize the information.

document library

Document Library: SharePoint document library comprises all the site folders that can be easily accessed by team members.

sharepoint list

SharePoint List: List is similar like a database or spreadsheet that adds data in Row & Column

SharePoint Permission Level Migration

On top of our advanced features, the most rated SharePoint migration tool offers essential SharePoint Permission migration option. You only need to create a CSV file that comprises the mapping of Source User ID and Destination User ID and upload it in software. It can migrate two types of Permissions:

User Level Permission: It is used to assign permission via. user’s email address to read & write List and Document.

Group Level Permission: It is a set of permission that applies to a Group. So, the Group members can get access to view, edit, and read.

Note: Make sure whatever level of SharePoint Permission you are mapping. It should be available at the destination SharePoint site too.

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Tremendous Features of SharePoint Migration Tool

Know Why This is the Best Software to Migrate SharePoint Sites With 100% Precision.

SharePoint to SharePoint Migration

SharePoint to SharePoint Migration

This tool has the ability to transfer Generic List, Document Library, Document Sets, Documents Folder from one SharePoint Team Site to another SharePoint site. Adding to it, the software is devised to import the site contents into other SharePoint sites, including Site Collection too in a matter of minutes.

Bulk SharePoint Migration

Bulk SharePoint Migration

This advanced SharePoint Migration Tool makes it easy for organizations and administrators to transfer important SharePoint data in bulk. Having multiple SharePoint sites and migrating them one by one could be a difficult task if you don’t have the option to transfer data in bulk with 100% accuracy.

Map Sites and Subsites

Map Sites and Subsites

While migrating your data, the utility offers users with an option to map their sites and subsites. This process of mapping sites / subsites makes it easy for the users in case of bulk / batch migration. You just have to create a CSV file containing the list of source and destination SharePoint sites.

Map Users and Permissions

Map Users and Permissions

SysTools SharePoint migration tool permits users to map source and destination users. This step ensures that all the permissions granted to the users will also get migrated during the migration process. It is an essential step if you want to make sure that permissions are transferred successfully.

Use Advanced Date Filter

Use Advanced Date Filter

Date Filter integrated with the software allows you to export only required data from SharePoint Online. This is one of the best features offered in SysTools Migrator as it results in saving a lot of crucial time and storage at destination site. You can use Date-filter for both Document Library as well as Generic List.

Track Realtime Migration Progress

Track Realtime Migration Progress

Once the migration process is started, it becomes important to check how much data is migrated from source to destination Sites. To make this happen, there is an in-built dashboard offered in this utility that provides a detailed information of how much data is migrated from a SharePoint Site.

Delta Migration

Delta Migration

This option in SharePoint Migration Tool helps users to skip the previously migrated data and migrate only new data. Once you have transferred complete data to the destination Site, the newly arrived items in the Site can be migrated using the Delta Migration option offered in the tool.

Re-Run Migration

Re-Run Migration

Another advanced option of this utility is Re-Run migration:

  • Retry Failed Items: Helps in migrating failed items again.
  • Re-Run Full Migration: If you want to migrate complete data again.
  • Delta Migration: To skip previously migrated data

Stop Migration if Required

Stop Migration if Required

While migrating one SharePoint site to another site, this tool provides an option to stop the migration in between. This feature can be really helpful in scenarios where you feel the need to stop migration due to any possible reason.

Summary Report

Summary Report

This SharePoint migration tool offers two reports once the migration is complete.

  • Migration Summary Report: Single report containing report of all migrated Sites.
  • Detailed Report: A detailed report for individual SharePoint site.

How this SharePoint Migration Tool is the Best Fit for You?

A Proficient Solution to Make your SharePoint Sites Migration Job Simple

Simple Migration Process

This SharePoint Migration Tool is built using advanced set of algorithms, offers a convenient interface, and ensure secure migration. All these points when bundled up in a single tool, makes SharePoint migration process effortless.

Console for Live Status

There is an in-built dashboard within this SharePoint migration tool that provides a real time status of ongoing migration. This dashboard displays details of migration process like the SharePoint site that is being migrated along with the count of Document Library and Generic List.

Bulk Migrations

To make migrations quick and efficient, this application offers concurrent migration option. This functionality will let you migrate multiple SharePoint sites simultaneously that in turn reduces migration time to a great extent.

Permissions Migration

Permissions play a crucial role when creating Sites as they decide whether a user can access a document or a list or not. SysTools SharePoint Migration tool supports migration of permissions (User level and Group level) to destination Sites.

Selective Migration

If you have a huge amount of SharePoint data and want to transfer only selective set of documents, then simply use the date filter offered in this application. This filter will migrate only that SharePoint content whose modified date will fall into that time period.

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Size : 181 MB

Version : 6.8.1

MD5 : a5a5caa11769e818719cbbad48bf890c

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
Almost 500 MB free space for installation and 20 GB of space to store data

Minimum 8 GB RAM is recommended

Minimum 8 Core Processor

Operating System

Windows 11 / 10 (64-bit), Windows Server 2012 and 2016.


  • Microsoft .net framework v4.8.0 must be installed.
  • Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Latest (Visual Studio 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2022) Should Be Installed. Download
  • SharePoint site must be created at the destination.
  • Service project must be created on Microsoft Azure Portal. Project Creation Steps
  • The proxy setting should not block the network call.



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Queries Related to SharePoint Migration Tool

What Users Commonly Ask While Migrating One SharePoint Site to Another

What are the basic steps to migrate SharePoint to SharePoint with this software?

Simple 5 Steps to Migrate SharePoint site are:

  • Step 1. Install SharePoint Migration Tool.
  • Step 2. Enable Sites Checkbox in Workload Selection
  • Step 3. Apply Date Filter as Per Requirement.
  • Step 4. Validate Source & Destination Details.
  • Step 5. Select Accounts Click on Start Button.
Yes, the SharePoint list migration tool has the ability to migrate SharePoint List to different SharePoint site without any failure. Adding to it, user can move Document Library & other data too.
Yes, one of the best features of this SharePoint migration tool is the option for batch migration of SharePoint sites.
Yes, the tool offers Delta Migration option which only migrates new data during the same document and list migration again.
No, this tool is meant for SharePoint Online site content migration. To import on-premise SharePoint data, then try SysTools SharePoint Organizer.
No, SharePoint migration tool does not provide any such feature to select specific folders in case of Sites migration.
No, this SharePoint data migration software does not come with any free demo version. You need to purchase the license for the number of Sites that you want to migrate and then start migrating your data.
Yes, this advanced SharePoint Migration Tool consists of a date filter option. This option will let you choose a time range within which you want to migrate SharePoint contents.
Yes, after the software completes migrating data to the destination site, there are two types of reports that you can download. First one is a Summary report that contains migration details of all sites. The second report is a Detailed Report that contains details of individual SharePoint Site migration.
Yes, this is a complete solution that will migrate Microsoft Teams as well. You just need to make sure that you enable the Teams checkbox under Workload Selection section in the SharePoint Migration Tool.
SysTools SharePoint Migrator adheres to the same licensing model as other SysTools solutions. Each migration from a source to a destination user account utilizes one license quota. Subsequent migrations with changes to either the source or destination user accounts consume additional license quotas.
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