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Resolve Lotus Notes File Does Not Exist Error Generated During Documents Archiving

Media Team | Modified: 2019-12-30T10:17:45+00:00 | Lotus Notes|

Lotus Notes, the desktop email client by IBM has remarked as the best email client in all the aspects. The functions and security provided by IBM Notes are Outstanding hence, the favorite of business organizations. Mainly, large business organizations depend on the Lotus Notes client so as to make use of the services offered by Domino Server. Though the client provides high security, it doesn’t mean that the client is fully free from errors. There are situations that put the client in trouble. Lotus Notes “File Does Not Exist” is one such situation is when you try to archive the documents.

During the attempt to archive, sometimes users maybe bounced with the Lotus Notes error message “File Does Not Exist”, limiting the archiving of documents. What can be the reason for such an error message? How can the error be resolved? Here, in this blog, we discuss the ways to resolve the issue. But, before moving to the solutions, let us take a look at what contributes to the need for archiving.

Lotus Notes Archive File Does Not Exist Error

Why Lotus Notes Users Archive?

Archiving keeps a copy of the documents and helps to meet specific requirements or criteria. The benefits obtained out of archiving are it maintains the size of the database, unused or old mails can be kept apart, performance can be maintained, etc. Actually, archiving was meant for keeping the information that is not used for a long time. However, it can even be marked as the method of backing up the data. Hence, archiving is carried out by the organizations and is recognized as essential, but as per your need you can also Merge Lotus Notes Archive Database as per your need.

Nevertheless, sometimes while trying to archive users meet with the error message in Lotus Notes:

“File Does Not Exist”

What Cause Lotus Notes ‘File Does Not Exist’ Error?

The message is seen because of the destination .nsf file i.e. a_nameofdb.nsf archive is missing out from the directory.

The missing file can be either because of Deletion, Renaming, etc.

How Can Lotus Notes ‘File Does Not Exist’ Error Be Solved?

Here, some of the solutions for the error are discussed.

  1. Check for the Archive File Location by looking at the properties
    File>>Database>>Properties>>Archive Settings
  2. Verify whether the file is missing or has got Renamed using Windows Explorer
  3. Site the File in different Directory or Folders
  4. Follow the steps below if none of the above worked. The steps below are to be followed if the file has got Removed or Deleted.
    • Create or Rename NSF File in the exact location.
    • If the location got messed up then, Change the Location to the exact location.


Sometimes when users try to archiving of documents then they bounced with the Lotus Notes error message “File Does Not Exist”. As, we suggest the manual solution to fix the IBM Notes archiving issue easily.

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