SysTools NSF Merge

Join & Merge Lotus Notes Database Files including Emails, Contacts, Tasks with any number of multiple NSF Files

SysTools NSF Merge

  • Merge NSF Files
  • No Size Limit
  • Batch Processing
  • No Need of Domino
  • Compatible with All NSF
  • Easy Management
  • Reduce NSF Size
  • Simplest User Interface

Highlighted Features of NSF Merge

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List of Key Features in SysTools NSF Merge Software

Merge Lotus Notes Archive

Merge NSF Archive Files

The tool merges two (or more) databases of Lotus Notes into one 'common' mailbox. If you have multiple archives of Lotus Notes, then consolidate NSF archives using SysTools NSF Merge software.

Join NSF Files

Join NSF Files

To join NSF files without combining two similarly named folders then Join NSF suits the need. Inbox1.NSF & Inbox2.NSF can be accessed separately by using the Join feature.

SysTools NSF Merge remove duplicate items

Remove Duplicate Items

Multiple duplicate items storing archived NSF can be merged with duplicates excluded. The tool has an option to eliminate the replicated items from a Lotus Notes archive before merge.

remove deleted items

Remove Deleted Items

If the size of your Lotus Notes database is increasing due access of items in the Deleted Folder, then you can choose to remove the items. As a result, the software will exclude all deleted items from your NSF.

custom display name

Custom Display Name

You can change the display name of a Parent Folder according to your need, which helps to manage the merge NSF files with a single Display Name that has been assigned as per the need.

complete status

Show Join & Merge Status

A live merge status is displayed while the join NSF Files software is merging or joining two or multiple NSF files. This information includes hierarchy after combining & folder of merged NSF files with removed duplicate count.

Lotus Notes Version

All Lotus Version Supported

The tool successfully runs with Lotus Notes 9.0, 8.0, 8.5, 7, 6 & below Versions. All Lotus Notes version are supported by the SysTools NSF Merge software.

merge lotus notes contacts, emails & calendars

Merge all Items

The software team up all items of Lotus Notes. Emails, Contacts, Calendar, Notes, Tasks & Journals are auto-merged. However, to merge Lotus Notes contacts, Names.nsf needs to be browsed separately.

SysTools NSF Merge Screenshots
NSF Merge tool
Step 1: NSF Merge Software
Add files folders
Step 2: Add NSF Files/Folder
join nsf files
Step 3: Join & Filter
start merging
Step 4: Remove Duplicates
Watch Live Video to Merge NSF Files

SysTools NSF Merge Software Specifications
NSF Merge box

Size: 13.4 MB Version: 1.0

Trial Limitations

Trial version of Merge NSF File software limitation:

  • Join NSF Limit: Join the initial 2 folders of each NSF file.
  • Merge NSF Limit: Merge only first 15 items of each folder of NSF file.
  • Merge Contacts Limit: Merge only first 15 items of each folder of NSF files.


  • Lotus Notes Installation is necessary to Join & merge Lotus Notes NSF Files in Bullk
  • If you are using Domino server then copy the NSF file in offline mode to another location & then perform merging process.
  • To merge contacts you must have separate Names.nsf file

Download NSF Merge

Installation Uninstallation EULA

System Specifications

System Specifications

System Specifications

System Specifications
  • Hard Disk Space: 80 MB of free hard disk space

Supported Editions

  • Microsoft Windows – 2000, 2003, 2008, XP, Vista, or Windows 7/8/8.1/10, 2008/2012 (32-bit & 64-bit)
  • Lotus Notes – Lotus Notes 9.0, 8.0, 8.5, 7, 6 & below Versions are Supported by the Software
Frequently Asked Question

Is there a way out to copy Lotus Notes email folder to another without using Lotus script?

Off course. You can copy one NSF to another using NSF merge Software.
Earlier I used createDocument to copy mail, where email formatting lost. So I used the Script where I get retained properties of mail. But new issue arises, it is taking too much time to copy mail from one nsf to another
Don't worry, the NSF Merge software is too fast to join & combine NSF Files. It just take 15 minutes to move 650 MB of NSF to another having 5000 emails.

Would I be able to move emails, contacts, calendar, notes & task from another NSF database ?

Yes, these all items you will get in your new NSF file
One more issue I have faced when I move my Lotus Notes database to another NSF, I found various duplicate email in another NSF
When you move your one NSF file to another using the SysTools NSF Merge software, it provide you the "Remove Duplicate". By checking this option you will get the new merged NSF file without having any duplicate items
Would I get the previous rule migrated too in my NEW NSF File ?
No, the software has nothing to do with the internal Lotus Notes settings. You need to add the rules manually

How do I combine my archived Lotus Notes .nsf files so that I am only left with 1 file?

You will have to combine the NSF files and achieve the desired output. However, being the end user, you have the complete freedom to choose between joining and merging NSF files.
What is the difference between these two options?
When you merge your NSF files, you get a common folder with the same name, for example: if both the NSF files have inbox folder then they will be listed in same Inbox folder.
OK, Single Inbox in a single NSF file?
Yes, exactly, both the Inbox folders will merged together & listed but within a Single INBOX of an individual source NSF file only. Great, now I got your point!

Can I merge my password protected NSF files?

No, the software does not support password protected NSF file for merging.
How to know which NSF files are password protected or not? I have a folder in which there are multiple NSF files & I am unaware about the ones that are and are not password protected. If I try to merge a set of password protected NSF files with unprotected NSF files, would I encounter any error message?
No, the NSF Merge Tool simply skips the password protected NSF files & merges the rest of the files.

My NSF file size increases tremendously after merging 100 NSF files. Is there a way to optimize its file size?

While merging NSF files, did all the files contain deleted items? How frequently do you empty your trash folder?
No, I haven't cleared my trash folder yet because I did not feel the need. However, after merging, I feel like removing them all at once.
Yes, you can do that. The software features an option to exclude deleted items. After doing that, you will notice that your NSF file has comparatively shrunk in size.
Thank you so much for adding this needful feature.

Is it possible to combine two address books of Lotus Notes together? I joined a new workplace where there are around 200 employees. They have this custom of introducing new employees to all the office members through mail. I do not want to type all the email IDs manually.

You can ask one of your colleagues for their address book (Names.nsf), which will be storing all the contacts.
Agreed, but I can't touch the names.nsf file without overwriting the other. In addition, I have my personal contacts too. I'll lose them if I overwrite the names.nsf.
Then in this case SysTools NSF Merge is the best option, because it merges two address book of Lotus Notes, without overwriting, & you won't have to lose any of your contacts in the process.

Will I be able to merge Domino database having the file extension .nsf with an existing .nsf file? Will I be able to access all the emails in Lotus Notes?

Yes, in offline mode you can copy the NSF file of Domino server to your target PC in order to merge two NSF Files together. For the software both files are NSF files so there will be no issue in merging these two files.
I am unable to find the contacts of Domino server in my NSF file?
Yes, because your contacts are stored separately in Domino Server as names.nsf. Browse Names.nsf files on the software and Lotus Notes contacts will be listed in a single Address book.

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