Outlook Not Responding When Sending Email- Error Resolved

Anuraag Singh ~ Modified: September 6th, 2022 ~ Error ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Reasons for Occurrence of Error:
Outlook is advanced yet complex emailing application. Let’s see some reasons resulting in “Outlook-not-responding-after-sending-email” error.

  • As Outlook’s add-ins do not turn to be reliable sometimes leading to the wrong functioning of the program. Outlook archives Inbox mails for mailbox’s size reduction. But, mailbox size keeps on increasing with constantly adding up items; thus struggling to give smooth access to mailbox, eventually ending up as “Microsoft Outlook not responding when sending email” error.
  • Additionally, any advanced security setting in any anti-virus program prevents Outlook from functioning aptly.
  • There are other causes too for this error. This error is a frequent one if Outlook program hangs/freezes while sending mails.

Quick Fix: In most of the cases, the main reason behind this error is corruption in Outlook data file (. PST). Therefore, you can try SysTools Outlook PST Data File Repair Tool for one-stop solution. Not just capable to repair the file the tool also gives you the option to export the repaired Outlook PST files in to different file formats too.

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Common Causes for Error: Outlook Not Responding When Sending Email

  • MS Outlook program is an outdated one
  • Outlook program is in use by more than one process
  • Conflicts in Outlook’s add-ins
  • Bulky mailbox
  • Corruption in any MS Office program
  • Corrupted/Damaged Outlook’s data file or files
  • Conflicts of antivirus programs with MS Outlook.
  • Corrupted user’s Outlook profile
  • Conflicts of other programs with MS Outlook

Top 10 Tips to Resolve Error

You can try the following solutions that will enable you to Overcome the Error Microsoft Outlook Not Responding When Sending Email in Outlook 2007, 2013:

#Tip1: Outlook.exe Process End:

  • Use this when Outlook is used by more than one process
  • Start Windows’ Task Manager
  • Press Ctrl + Alt + Del, or right-click taskbar
  • Select “Start-Task-Manager
  • Switch to “Processes” tab
  • Click OUTLOOK.EXE for choosing it
  • Click “End Process” button.

#Tip2: Outlook to be started in Safe mode:

  • Start Outlook in safe-mode as it loads it without add-ins and any customization file.
  • Hold “Ctrl” key down
  • Click its icon
  • Or Open command line
  • Type outlook.exe /safe.
  • Click Yes for confirming to start the program in Safe-mode

#Tip3: Disable Outlook’s add-ins:

If an error has come for first time, then turn off Outlook add-ins.

  • First, go to Tools
  • Then, click “Trust Center“
  • Now, choose ‘Add-ins’
  • Finally, click on Go

` In MS Outlook 2010 and 2013

  • Start by switching to File tab
  • Then, click ‘Options’
  • Now, choose ‘Add-ins’
  • Click Go

  • Finally, uncheck add-ins
  • Close dialog

#Tip4: Shut Down Unnecessary Programs

Try closing all programs/applications that are open

#Tip5: Restoring Outlook Data Files

Try repairing Outlook’s data files: Use the built-in utility, Outlook’s Inbox Repair tool to scan damaged/corrupted Outlook’s data files and automatically repair them. But first you have to find where ScanPST.exe is located.  

  • Close MS Outlook program
  • Navigate to

    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE14 folder for Outlook 2010

    C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE15 for MS Outlook 2013 version

  • Then, double-click Scanpst.exe
  • Click “Browse” for selecting Outlook’s data file
  • Open “Options” dialog box to choose scan options
  • When done, click “Start
  • Initiate repair process

#Tip6: Reduce mailbox size

Try creating more than folders in Outlook as Outlook will take much more time to display email items from one single folder while the user navigates to another folder. This way, one can organize emails and can avoid any errors at the same time.

  • Compact Outlook’s data file
  • For MS Outlook 2010 version
  • On File tab, go to Compact option
  • Under Info
  • Go to Accounts Settings
  • Go to Data Files tab
  • After that, choose Personal Folder
  • Then, click Settings.
  • Go to General Tab.
  • Then, click Compact Now

For Outlook 2013/2010 versions

  • Firstly, right-click Personal folder
  • Select Data-File Properties
  • Select Advanced
  • Select Compact Now
  • File size can also be reduced by archiving old email items

For Mac Outlook Corruption: Well, if you are getting any data file corruption issue with Mac Outlook, then you can try the Mac version of this tool that is known as Mac Outlook Recovery Tool. The Mac version is also deals with any kind of Mac Outlook issue.

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#Tip7: Avoid Interruption while Syncing

Synchronization by Outlook must happen without any interruptions so while Outlook synchronizes mail messages/contacts with other devices, do not perform any action at that time to avoid this error – Outlook Not Responding when sending the email with attachments.

#Tip8: Disabling Anti-Virus

Disable your antivirus program if it is outdated

#Tip9: Repair MS Office programs

  • Close MS Office applications
  • Then, open the Control Panel
  • Under “Add-or-Remove-Programs”, right-click on MS Office
  • Then, select Change
  • And then, choose Repair
  • Click Continue button

#Tip10: Secure & Safe Method

When other methods fail to deliver results to resolve error Outlook Not Responding when sending an email with attachments, then a foolproof way to solve the issue is to use a good commercial solution like the one provided by SysTools. Using this best Outlook Repair Tool you can recover lost data from Outlook PST file. The application also allows Outlook users to repair Outlook PST files without Scanpst that have got corrupted.

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To Conclude

Sometimes, the ScanPST or the Inbox Repair Tool doesn’t work and other ways also cannot fully solve the issue and user fails in repairing Outlook’s PST file or files. In such scenarios, one can make use of some useful third-party software, to Outlook Not Responding when sending an email with attachments.

Frequently Asked Queries

How to resolve Outlook freezing when opening a file ?

This is a common Outlook error and can be fixed by disabling Outlook Add -ins which is creating problem. Also this can be check by opening Outlook account in safe mode.

Why Outlook stuck at processing and stops working suddenly ?

When a user tries to do some big task like deleting or moving a large number of email messages at once. In such situations Microsoft Outlook may get stuck while processing.

Can I open Outlook in safe mode to fix this Outlook not opening issue ?

Yes, trying to open MS Outlook in safe mode is the first step to resolve the issue. It helps users to recognize whether there is an in their user account. Later you can decide how to fix the issue accordingly.

How to solve Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 hanging problem ?

Microsoft Outlook hangs frequently when user tries to do some operation on large data file, or when tries to some operation on already opened file. This can be fixed regardless of MS Outlook version effortlessly.