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Published On November 16th, 2023
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Printing Outlook emails is quite easy, simply select email and right click on it and then choose print. Task completed, are you also thinking same? If yes then, answer the below questions. Let us have a quiz on how to print Outlook emails.

Answer These Questions!

  1. How to print Outlook email chain in chronological order?
  2. How to print Outlook email without header?
  3. How to print Outlook email without name on top?
  4. How to print Outlook email with attachments?
  5. how to print Outlook emails for court?

What! You know all answers, oh you are champion.

Wait, no idea about these questions, then you are on right page. Here you will get to know all possible solutions of all mentioned questions with practical step by step process. 

 MS Outlook is widely used for professionals and personal use. If anyone needs to store a few emails as hard copy or share them into a different platform, then printing Outlook emails can help them to do so. In the same way, a lawyer can present an electronic email in court as evidence. 

Now, let us move to the solution part.

Methods Print Outlook Emails

Different methods are available to print Outlook emails . You can opt anyone that fills your requirement. Here in this post, I will explain two approaches to print Outlook emails with all associated attributes. Both the methods are explained below with working steps. 

  • Use Outlook Inbuilt Option to Print Emails for Free
  • SysTools Software to Print Outlook Emails with Required Information

Both the methods are associated with certain pros and cons. First understand them and then decide which method is perfect for you. Here I will start with free inbuilt option in Microsoft Outlook. The same steps can be performed on any Outlook version.

Limitations of Outlook Inbuilt Print Option 

User may face certain limitation while using Outlook’s inbuilt print options. Some of them are listed below:

  • It will not allow you to apply naming conventions.
  • No filter available to apply category selection.
  • Unable to print Outlook emails lies in certain date range.
  • No option to print Outlook emails in chronological order.
  • You can exclude email header while printing. 
  • You can add any text in header and footer.
  • No option to manage attachments while printing Outlook emails. 
  • Outlook installation is mandatory to print emails

If your requirement meets to any of the above limitation. Then move to method 2 directly.

Method-1: Print Outlook Emails for Free

This method allow users to print selected emails or complete folder (Outlook default or user generated).  You can print Outlook emails manually.

  • Launch Microsoft Outlook and Select Emails The You Want to Print
  • Either Right Click on Selected Emails and choose Quick Print (this will not allow you to do customization) or click the File tab and choose the Print option.
  • Under Printer, select Microsoft Print from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on Print to continue.
  • In the Print Output box, navigate to the folder where you want to print emails.
  • Give the file a name and click the Print button.

Method-2: Print Outlook Email without Any Limitation

Choose your operating system and follow the instructions!

For Windows

For Mac

This solution will overcome all the limitation of Outlook inbuilt print option. Especially when you have a bulk amount of emails to print. Moreover, forensic investigators might need to print Outlook emails without Outlook. In such cases, SysTools Outlook PST Converter Tool is the right solution.

It is an efficient tool that helps experts to print emails even without Outlook. Follow the suggested steps to know how to print emails from Outlook.

Advantages of Using This Software

  1. Allows to print corrupted and password protected PST file emails.
  2. Outlook installation not required to print emails from PST file.
  3. Provide naming convention to print Outlook email chain in chronological order.
  4. Apply advanced settings like: Category Selection, Date Range Filter, Margin (Top, Bottom, Left, Right), Pager Layout, Page Size.
  5.  Allows to add text in header and footer of every email page.
  6. Allows separate options to manage attachments like: Attachment on Pin, Append Attachments, Save Attachments.
  7. Add bates number on every page in different ways like: Prefix, Suffix, Start Number, Font, Increment By, Position, etc.
  8. Software provides an option to add date stamp with formatting like: Position and  Date Format.

After getting advantage of using SysTools software to print Outlook emails, let us move to the steps you need to follow.

Steps to Print Outlook Email on Windows OS

Windows OS user can follow the instruction listed below with proper screenshot.

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Step-1: Download SysTools software and launch on your Windows system. 

Print Outlook Email

Step-2: Click on Add File button and then choose Select File or Search File depending on your requirement. Browse your Outlook PST file to select.

Add File

Step-3: The software will scan and preview entire emails. Click on Export option.

Print Outlook Emails

Step 4: Click PDF radio button under Select Export Type.

print outlook emails for court

Step-5: Select Adv. Settings and Check the box beside “Include Internet Message Header” to print Outlook email with header information.

Advanced Settings

Step-6: Apply other PDF file settings for printing purpose like page size, page margin, bates number, date stamp, etc.

Page Size

Step-7: Browse the destination folder and click on Export button.


Steps-8: Go to the location you provided in step 7, All your Outlook emails are now in portable document format. Select all and give the print request as do usually. Hurray! Print Outlook emails process completed.

print outlook email without name on top

Steps to Print Outlook Emails on Mac OS

Download Mac PST converter tool and install it on your Mac system. Afterwards follow the below listed steps.

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Step-1. Launch the software on your Mac OS system and add PST file or folder.

add files or folder

Step-2. Select PDF file format from the Export options.

select print options

Step-3. Click on Advance Settings for more filters and PDF setting.

pdf setting

Step-4. Select location to save output and click the Export button.

outlook print email without header

Author Suggestion

In this blog, we have suggested two different methods that will allow you to print Outlook email with header section and attachments. Printing an Outlook email  manually is a time-consuming method as it saves one email at a time. So if you are going to print a large number of emails, then it is better to go with the suggested automatic solution. This software will print all your emails quickly.

People Also Ask

1. Can you print an Outlook email without the header?

Ans: Yes, you can print Outlook email without the header information using the advanced settings of the suggested conversion tool.

2. How do I export emails from Outlook in bulk?

Ans: If you follow the manual process, you need to repeat the same approach to export bulk emails from Outlook.

3. Is it possible to print attachments while saving the emails?

Ans: No. you cannot print the attachments if you are saving the emails manually. However, PST to PDF Converter allows you to print the attachments while exporting Outlook emails in PDF.

4. Is it possible to print selective emails from PST file?

Ans: Yes, the application will allow you to print selective emails from Outlook data file.


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