How to Import AOL Mail to Thunderbird on Windows OS 11, 10, 8, & 7?

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AOL (America Online) mail is a free web-based email service. But it runs a number of instances of an AOL software.exe process which slows down the user’s computer and makes the user frustrated at times. So, if you are among those users who are tired of this issue and want to get rid of AOL email services. But if don’t know how to import AOL mail to Thunderbird, Seamonkey, etc., then you are right place.

Important Note: First of all, you will have to check whether your application supports the IMAP protocol or not.

Note: “As we know every email service has two major standards for reading email: IMAP & POP3. IMAP enables users to read emails directly from the remote email server as well as these emails remain accessible if users use a different computer to access them later.

In the case of POP3, it requires downloading the user’s email on their computer before reading it, here email can be deleted from the email server as soon as it is downloaded. Even POP3 protocol is unable to connect the AOL email servers due to security reasons.”

So with the help of the aforementioned scenario, we can better understand the reason why the Thunderbird email program is the best option for importing an AOL mail into Thunderbird as it supports IMAP protocol and its staging performance eases the user task in minimum time.

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A Few Steps to Import AOL Mail to Thunderbird Easily

After understanding everything about the AOL mail and Thunderbird. Now, you have to follow the below outlined instructions to execute and import AOL emails to Thunderbird. Let’s begin the process and import AOL emails to MBOX.

Step-1: Firstly, open Thunderbird email service and type your name ‘email address’. Then, add the password and hit on Continue button

Login to Import AOL Mail to Thunderbird

Step 2: Then, tick on the checkbox of IMAP (remote folders). After that, hit on the Manual config option.


Step 3: Here, the user needs to manually enter their setting, under the server hostname they need to verify the following:

1. Incoming : : Either 993(ssl) or 143 (very infrequently) 585 (ssl).
2. Outgoing : : Either 25 or 465 (ssl) very infrequently 2525.

Now, click on the Re-test button to move ahead.

Step-4: After entering everything correctly, your task to import AOL mail to Thunderbird is completed. Now, you have to click on the Create Account option.

Create Account to Import AOL Mail to Thunderbird

Step-5: Now, user can check their AOL emails in Thunderbird, by clicking on the Read message.


Step-6: After that, it’s time to time to Set up the Sent folder Properly. To do so, follow the next step.

Step-7: Thunderbird >> Tools >> Account Settings >> Copies & Folders: Set place a copy into Sent Items on the mail server.

Import AOL Mail to Thunderbird

Step-8: At last, click on the Copies & Folder option and add all the required details. Then, click on the OK button to finish the procedure successfully.


What’s Next?

The above procedure for importing AOL folders is so easy and can be implemented manually. As we know everything has its advantages and disadvantages. So, this manual process is the time taken and is not a good option. Because if a user has a large amount of data then, it becomes difficult to import the AOL folder without using a third-party tool.

After getting the perfect solution, proceed further to the next segment. Here, you will get instructions to securely import AOL emails to MBOX format.

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Step by Step Procedure to Import AOL Mail to Thunderbird

Simply follow the steps mentioned below to execute the AOL mail to Thunderbird importing procedure. It is divided into two phases, you have to follow both of them to get the expected results. Let’s begin:

In that case, users can use automated utility that is SysTools AOL Backup Tool. It will help you to create a (.mbox) backup and then import AOL mail into Thunderbird flawlessly.

#Phase 1: Export AOL Mail to MBOX Format

Steps to Take Backup & import AOL Mail?

  • Step-1. Open the tool and insert the Login details.
  • Step-2. Select MBOX as the exporting option.
  • Step-3. Set the location to export the file.
  • Step-4. Use filters to import selected AOL email.
  • Step-5. Press the Start button to take AOL email backup.

Step-1: Run the tool and add AOL account credentials to the Login to export emails from AOL to Thunderbird.

Login to Import AOL Mail to Thunderbird

Step 2: Then, choose MBOX format and Browse the destination path.

Choose Thunderbird File Format

Step 3: Then, select the Apply Filter option to export selective emails

Filter to Import AOL Mail to Thunderbird

Step 4: Finally, click on the Start button to finish the procedure to back up the emails and import AOL mail to Thunderbird.

Start Process to Import AOL into Thunderbird

#Phase 2: Import MBOX File to Thunderbird

After transferring AOL mail to MBOX format. Now, follow the below-listed steps to import the resultant MBOX file into the Thunderbird application. Let’s start:

Step-1: Initially, open the Mozilla Thunderbird application and click on the Tools option. Then, choose the ImportExportTools option and hit on the Import MBOX file

Import Files

Step-2: Then, in the pop-up wizard, the option Import directly one or more MBOX files is set by default. Here, you have to click on OK button

Default Settings

Step 3: Now, browse for the MBOX file in the specified location, and all of your mailbox components will be imported successfully.

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How to import AOL mail to Thunderbird is one of the most commonly asked queries by users. So, in this article, we have disclosed the best and simplest methods to import AOL email to Mozilla Thunderbird account. Thus, the solution provided here is completely secure and can be implemented without taking any expert help.


Q1. How does this tool help me export emails from AOL to thunderbird?

Initially, you will need to configure or apply settings in Thunderbird to easily export the AOL mails. Later you will need to use the Offline AOL Backup tool to take the backup in MBOX format and then use export in the Thunderbird to access.

Q2. Does the tool provide options to export AOL email in different file formats?

Yes, the tool gives multiple options to take backup and export in PDF, MSG, PST, and MBOX format.

Q3. Is there any data loss issue when using the mentioned software to import AOL mail to Thunderbird?

The tool explained above comes with advanced functionalities. You can use this to take backups(MBOX format) and access them in Thunderbird.


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