Microsoft Teams Chat Disappeared – Here is How to Fix It Safely

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Published On March 5th, 2024
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Microsoft Teams allows you to naturally connect with other team members through calls, video conferences(VC), and chats. Further, it provides group chat as well as a 1:1 chat facility to its users. However, recently, some users have been facing issues like Microsoft Teams chat disappeared from their Teams app.

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Let’s have a look at different queries from different users.

User Query #1

“At the month-end, my team and I were reviewing our work conversations in MS Teams and noticed that some sections of our chat conversation with each other were missing. It’s quite unusual because neither of us deleted anything. Frankly speaking, it’s getting really frustrating with time since we heavily rely on the chats to share and refer back to lists, links, and comments. And the worst part is we don’t know why is this happening.”

User Query #2

“Last night I updated my Windows and rebooted my laptop. Today, when I opened Microsoft Teams chat to discuss some important topic, what am I seeing, Nothing! Somehow my entire Microsoft Teams chat disappeared. But, it’s not the same with my other team members. They can view my conversations. So, now I’m confused what’s the matter with Microsoft Teams chat.”

After going through such types of queries, one thing is clear i.e. there must be some gaps in either Microsoft’s end or the user’s end to encounter such a problem. 

So, we did some digging and came up with this write-up. Here we’ll discuss the possible reasons for MS Teams chat disappearance and effective solutions to mitigate the same.

Let’s start with the topic.

Possible Reasons for Microsoft Teams Chat Disappeared Issue

Through MS Teams chats, it’s always possible to share documents and files, exchange ideas, and keep moving forward together. And, when suddenly your important chats cease to exist, it may feel like something valuable has been swept away from your fingertips.

Anyway, let’s understand the reasons for the Microsoft Teams chat missing matter.

  • First of all, a poor internet connection might be the problem here. Sometimes weak network connectivity fails to load your previous data.
  • Secondly, you might have a huge amount of chat messages that might be slowing down the application. As a result, you might not be able to view the chats.
  • Another reason for the disappearance of Microsoft Teams Chat could be high cookies and cache data. Because it can slow down your app, you should delete it and then restart the Microsoft Teams app.

Now, let’s know what you could do to eliminate the problem.

4 Tips to Roll Back The Microsoft Teams Chat Missing Issue

There are a few technical glitches you need to understand and according to that take a course of action. They are explained below.

  1. The users who face this MS Teams chat disappearance problem were found to be using the Teams desktop app. So, if you are also one of them then try using the web version of Teams and verify whether you can view your chats or not.
  2. Sometimes the cookies and cached data of Teams cause a problem. So, you can go to AppData>>Microsoft>>Teams>>Cache, and clear the cache files. These steps might help deal with the Microsoft Teams chat disappeared problem.
  3. Check your internet connection and make sure it’s running at a genuine speed. 
  4. You can follow the traditional approach and try signing out and signing in. In this way, you might be able to see your missing chats in Microsoft Teams.

Unfortunately, if you are still facing the issue after following the above then the best thing you can do is migrate your Microsoft Teams content to another team. After all, it’s a matter of your organization’s crucial data. However, before getting to migrate you should be familiar with Microsoft Teams migration checklist and best practices for it.

So, to transfer your MS Teams data including group chats, you can opt for professional software like SysTools Microsoft Teams Migration Software.

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How SysTools Tool Can Fix Microsoft Teams Chat Disappeared Problem?

For starters, with the help of a tried and tested tool, you can migrate the Teams chat messages with the timestamp. So, you will be able to see every single piece of chat conversation(including emojis, GIFs, etc) at the destination.

Apart from that, you can do a bunch of other tasks through this software. 

Additional Benefits:

  • You can easily move Microsoft Teams, Groups, Files, Channels, and Channel chats as well.
  • Migrating the channel message body, creating date and time, and all types of message formatting is possible.
  • In addition to chats, you can transfer files, attachments, GIFs, and links and reply/conversation with ease.

[Info: After utilizing the tool, you are not only able to get rid of the Microsoft Teams chat missing matter but also able to perform other interesting tasks.]

  • If you are thinking about the messages posted on multiple channels, then relax, you move them too. Along with that, you can migrate channel message stickers, stream inline images, etc.
  • You can easily map source and destination to migrate MS Teams chat conversations.
  • Yes, there’s more. With the help of Delta migration, it’s now effortless to migrate newly arrived data from the source. 

[Note: Don’t click on the ‘mark as complete’ button if you want to use Delta Migration]

Let’s get familiar with the workings of the software.

Easy-To-Do Steps to Transfer Microsoft Teams Data 

Step 1. Click on the download link, install and run the tool on your computer.

Step 2. Choose both the source and destination as Office 365.

Step 3. Go down and click on ‘Teams’ to fix the Microsoft Teams chat disappeared issue. After that, it will automatically select all the relevant options for you.

Step 4. Enter Admin email and Application ID for both the source and destination. Then, verify the required permissions by clicking on Validate.

Step 5. Next, go to the ‘Resource’ tab and fetch the users through ‘Fetch users’, ‘Import users’, or ‘Download template’.

Step 6. After specifying the users, click on Validate and perform a final verification for both source and destination permissions.

Step 7. At last, click on the Start Migration button to begin the process.

After completing the above steps, the tool will automatically begin the migration of all the Teams data including the chats.

Bringing It All Together

Not being able to see your important chats in Microsoft Teams can be quite a frustrating situation. Undoubtedly, the tech giant is looking into this ‘Microsoft Teams Chat missing’ issue. However, when it’s gonna come up with a proper solution that’s uncertain.

Hence, in the meantime, you can try the above-mentioned simple fixes or can directly opt for the one-stop solution and migrate Teams from one tenant to another to eliminate the issue.


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