Why Office 365 is Better Than Google Apps – Benefits & Reasons

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why Office 365 is better than Google Apps

Nowadays most Google Apps users are trying to change their cloud platform to Microsoft. After hearing about it you will think about why this is happening. There are a lot of reasons exist that lead to this great change which includes the advantages & benefits of Office 365 over Google Apps. In this blog, we are going to find the reason why Office 365 is better than Google Apps.

Features That Make Office 365 to Lead Over G Suite

Features Office 365 Google Apps
Applications Outlook, One Drive, PowerPoint, Excel, MS Word, Skype, Onenote, Access, etc. Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, Slides, Spreadsheet, Hangout
Email Storage 50 GB 30 GB including both Email & File storage
File Storage 1 TB storage space
Security Services Provides their tools with Artificial Intelligence to analyze any suspicious activities (Virus, Hacking, threats, etc.). Provide the services to auto detect suspicious activities from both user and admin accounts.
Pricing Monthly plans per userBusiness Essentials Plan – $6
Business Plan – $10
Business Premium Plan – $15Note: Plans with below 50 GB of Emails and 1TB of cloud storage is different
Monthly plans per user
Monthly plans per user

Basic – $5 per user
Business – $10
Enterprise – $29

Accessibility Offline access through Apps like MS Outlook, MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Online access only
Communication Services Outlook mails, Skype Gmail, Hangout
Intranet SharePoint Google Sites

Advantages of Office 365 over Google Apps

In the above section we saw the features that create the difference between both the Office 365 and G Suite service. In the following section, we are going to discuss why Office 365 is Better than Google Apps through benefits over G suite. Lets get start !!!

Familiar User Interface

This is one of the main reason why Office 365 is better than Google Apps. Office 365 provides a consistent interface across Offline and Online platforms. That makes the users to familiar with the user interface and work comfortably. Most Windows users are work with the desktop based Microsoft application in their daily life for various purpose. This is is the main reason for Office 365’s popularity.

The inconsistent user experience and limited Offline capability of the Google Suite makes more difficulty for the users in their daily life.


Both Office 365 & G Suite provides various services to protect their user data from various threats. But Office 365 is providing more powerful security measures with the highest standards of enterprise information security (ISO 27001) & through there own services with artificial intelligence. Which includes Data centers, Antivirus & Anti-spam protection, Encrypted access to data, etc.

High efficiency & Compatibility

High efficiency and compatibility is another benefit of Office 365 over Google Apps. The office is highly compatible with most of the applications and software. Which enhance the Efficient transfer of data without causing any type of trouble for the users.
But when considering the G Suite application which only compatible with only a few of the application. This creates problems for the users while exchanging data between different applications.

Better Online Collaboration

The Skype for business provided by Microsoft help the users in easy online collaboration and meetings. It offers unlimited audio/ video meeting with 300 users at a time. Also allows to create private social network for instant messaging, file sharing, etc. In Google Apps the Online meeting through Hangout is limited for 15 participants. Also, have the number limit in Online meetings per month.

Reliability & Scalability

Office 365 is one of the most reliable cloud based service which provides financially backed service level agreement. Also, it offers the on-demand Sale up or down service according to the user needs. Google’s reliability is not as transparent and also the service downtime can only be recognized after 5% of the user base is affected.

Provide Offline Access Through Desktop Apps

When you search for the reason for why Office 365 is better than Google Apps, this will be one of the main & common answers by most of the users. Microsoft offers the desktop based application for the Offline access of Office 365 service. Which also provides easy synchronization with Online. Which will help the users in easy management of their data. But G Suite is purely online based service which creates difficulties for the users in the offline management of their data.

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Bottom Lines

In this blog we discuss a few important reasons for why Office 365 is better than Google Apps. In the above section, we overview the features that differentiate both O365 & G Suite together with the explanation for benefits of Office 365 over G suite. Both services are best in there own ways but after finding out these advantages I will surely go with Office 365. We also provide the best solution for the users who searching to migrating from G Suite to Office 365.