Detail of Google Apps Mail to Office 365 Conversion Software

Google Apps to Office 365 Migration

Features - SysTools Google Apps to O365 Exporter

  • Migrate Mailbox from Google Apps to Office 365 account with simple steps
  • Move Email, Contacts & calendars of your Google Mail account to your Office 365 account
  • Multiple Domain facility provided to migrate multiple users of your Google Apps domain account at a time
  • Impersonation facility provided to import multiple accounts of G Suite to O365
  • Authentication feature help you to secure your account, as it ask while accessing both the accounts in interface
  • Filter Items (Emails, Contacts & Calendars) while exporting & Apply date filter for transferring data of particular date range
  • Facility to Pause & Resume the migration process

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Ver: 1.0

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Specification for G Suite to Office 365 Converter

  • Internet Connection is required to switch from Google Apps To Office 365
  • You can use Domain User & Impersonation Facility only when you are admin of the domain
  • You must be login to your Google Apps account during the migration process

Trial Limitations

In Trial Version only 100 items of mail with SysTool's as prefix and 25 items of other category will be exported.

System Specification

System Specifications
  • Hard Disk Space: Minimum 50 MB of free hard disk space

Steps to Export & Import Single User

To transfer single Google Mail account, you need to select Single User account initially

To import single user's mailbox from Google Apps to O365 you need to select Without Impersonation option & provide credentials to export the required mailbox


One Project

Transport all your data to your favorite Cloud based platform from the previous one, simultaneously!

Scheduled Conversion

Now get data transfer executed the way you want and automatically at the time you want!

Secure Migration

Be sure of guaranteed data security while it is being transported from one Cloud to another.

Folder Types Selection

Control data export over Cloud services by choosing between all or selective folder migration.

When Do You Need To Switch ?

Feature set offered by both the cloud platforms are similar, therefore making a switch due to any reason will not degrade the quality of services in any way. Here are some of the reasons why you need to get yourself Google Mail to Office 365 exporter right away:

  • Office 365 offers a variety of versions and differently priced plans based on the number of users accounts to be managed.
  • Unlike Google, Microsoft legally maintains the privacy of user data and does not scan to use it for advertising purposes.
  • Storage provided by both the cloud services varies. Microsoft is comparatively better at providing classified and larger storage for each service provided by Office 365.
  • Local access of Office applications like Excel spreadsheet, presentation, Word documents, etc., provided by Office 365.

Who Should Get Google Apps to Office 365 Migration Tool?

  • Business users with the requirement of switching from one cloud platform to another
  • Enterprises having the need of a cloud platform that serves better privacy of user data
  • Employers with the requirement of getting a platform with differently priced plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "What is the major benefit of having this application?"

A: Getting this application lets you have the freedom to do qualitative transport of data from one cloud (Google Apps/ G Suite) to another (Office 365) regardless of the quantity. Being a Business User will give you great benefits of having this application. You can transfer your business profiles from a Cloud service to another along with data security.

Q: "What is the maximum quantity in which data can be transported to Office 365?"

A: There are no such limitations imposed by the application. It is a tool of great potential and is capable of handling bulk data transfer from Google Mail to Office 365 regardless of individual or collective size.

Q: "What provisions are made for the convenience of end user?"

A: The greatest advantage provided by the tool besides data migration with security is its provision for Folder Selection that saves a huge amount of migration time from being consumed due to the transfer of unnecessary data.

Q: "Office 365 seemed better & now feels the right time move but will it be safe?"

A: Concerns regarding the safety of data must be dropped immediately as the application is programmed to ensure that the transfer takes place in a secure mode that ensures it not to be affected by any kind of interruptions throughout the migration.

Q: "How will the application transfer/ move my Google Apps emails, Contacts, and Calendars?"

We have a lot of user mailboxes on our Google Apps domain account. How will the application transfer each user mailbox to Office 365 correctly, i.e. determine individual transfer of emails, contacts & calendars

A: The application is built with ample of potential along with programming to support the transfer individual item (email, contacts & calendars) from Google Apps to respective storage of Office 365 account. The application is designed to automatically map correct data types with the determination of source and correct selection of destination for its migration.

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