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G Suite to Office 365 Migration tool is a reliable and powerful software to efficiently move Google mailbox data – Mail, Address book, Calendar & Google Drive Documents into Office 365 platform.

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  • Migrate Mailbox from Google Apps to Office 365 account with simple steps
  • Move Google mailbox – Emails, Calendar, Contacts, Documents
  • Concurrent migration of multi-user mailbox in Batch mode
  • Category & Date filter to transfer particular data into Office 365
  • Set priority to specific users for an early migration of user mailbox
  • Eliminate duplicity of mailbox data through incremental migration
  • Facilitate Pause & Resume the migration process
  • Live progress tracking of G Suite to O365 migration process
  • Generate detailed & summary report of complete data
  • Labels are securely moved to the destination as folders
  • Support all Windows OS versions
  • Software is tested with 40 GB* per hour migration speed

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What It Migrates?









Manage Migration Process With These Approaches

User Mapping for Multi-User Migration

Add CSV File : Directly add the CSV file having the source & destination user ID to easily map multiple user accounts.

Email Format + Domain Name : Customize the destination user ID using the combination the provided email format & domain. Choose the email format (first name, last name, etc.) from source and enter the desired domain name.

Change Only Domain Name : Enter the desired destination domain name. All the source users ID will map to destination ID by only changing the domain name.

Same As Source Email ID : Customize the destination user email id same as that of source in the destination domain and move data from Google platform to Office 365.

Mailbox items

Data Items Migrate from Google Apps to Office 365

Email Message Migrate the original email message without making any type of modification on the content with all meta details from "Subject, From, Body, To, Sent, Size, Attachment Details, Cc, Bcc" etc.
Attachments Moving all type of attachment like Images, Calendars, Documents, Presentations, Hyperlinks, etc. along with the email message.
Folders Inbox, Outbox, Drafts, Sent Items, labeled items, etc. in maintained order.
Tags Corresponding to the each G Suite email label in O365 account separate folders will create.
Date filter Using the Date filter to transfer email data of specified date range.
Contacts G Suite to Office 365 Migration can easily move contacts with the contact number and other personal details.
Contact Details
  • Personal Details: Details: Name, Nick Name, Birth Date, Relationship, Events
  • Business & other Details: Business Phone, Business Fax, Home Phone, website, Emails
Date Filter Migrate the contacts saved between specific dates.
Calendar Data Events, Meeting, Appointment slots, Reminder, Task, Out of office.
Meta Details The tool migrate Calendars with attachments, its Subject, Reminder, Location, Start time, End time, & Categories, Duration, Status, Time Zone & all day events.
Date Filter You can selectively transfer the calendar events using the Date filter option which will filter out the events based on the date.
Documents Google Apps to Office 365 migration tool will move your Google drive data items like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, etc. without altering any data into Office 365 account.
Date Filter The tool allow you to apply the date filter on your document data to perform selective migration on your drive data.

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Expert Features of G Suite to Office 365 Migration Tool

Perfect tool to Migrate Google Apps to Office 365 With Mails, Documents, Calendars, Contacts Data

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Complete Google Apps to O365 Migration

Complete Google Apps to O365 Migration

The software has the efficiency to migrate complete data from G Suite to Microsoft Office 365 platform with a short time period. Together with email data, user can also transfer contacts, calendars, documents from business Gmail to Office 365 account by maintaining the quality as well as the integrity of the data.

G Suite Migration In Small Time Frame

G Suite Migration In Small Time Frame

G Suite to Office 365 Migration help the users in effortless platform migration of mailbox data. It allows to migrate all the user mailbox under the given source admin account at one time. User can quickly transfer the data items like emails, contacts, calendars, etc. from source to destination account. Software is tested with a migration speed of 40 GB * per hour.

(* The speed may differ depending upon your Internet Connection, Machine Configuration, and is distributed across users )

Keep Folder Structure Intact

Keep Folder Structure Intact

The Google Apps to Office 365 migration software helps the user maintains the structure of G Suite account data. It follows the actual folder hierarchy of the mailbox data even after the migration process. Also, allow the users to save mailbox data in the user defined folders.

No Constraint On File Size

No Constraint On File Size

The tool allows the user to transfer data of any size. Also, the admin user can move any number of user mailbox into O365. This feature helps the user to effortlessly move a large size file into the destination account.

Facility of Set Priority Option

Facility of Set Priority Option

The tool allows the user to easily select the desired number of user accounts for migrating G Suite to Office 365 from the given list of source and destination users. Apart from that, the software provides user priority option to migrate specific user's mailbox prior to other selected users.

Selective Migration

Import Data That You Need by Selective Migration

SysTools Migrator offers various filter options to migrate the specific data from Google Apps to O365. Through the category filter user can filter out specific mailbox item such as emails, contacts, calendars from user mailbox. Also, by the Date filter option to move the data of a particular date range.

Pause & Resume On-going Job

Pause & Resume On-going Job

While migrating from G Suite to Office 365, there is an option to pause the process in between if needed and resume it at a later point of time. The Pause & Resume feature helps the user to hold-on the ongoing process of migration from Google Apps to Office 365 even in disastrous situations.

Live Monitoring

Live Monitoring of Migration Process

User can view the live status of the migration and accurately track the transferring of the Google mailbox data through the user friendly interface. You can track the progressing of the migration through three different stages like pending, progress & completed. Also, user can view all ongoing migration altogether fro All tab.

Append Data to Existing Profile

Append Data to Existing Profile

The application has provided an option to move the data to the existing folders of the O365 account if needed. It helps to move all mailbox items emails, calendars, contacts, documents of the Google Suite to the existing folders of the Office 365 account. One can also transfer the data into new folders by not selecting the option in the case to keep the data of both the accounts in different folders.

Facility to Transfer Document Permission

Facility to Transfer Document Permission

Through the user group mapping software allows the user to maintain the source file permission in the Office 365 destination location. For migrating document permission from G Suite to O365 platform user needs to provide the CSV file containing source as well as destination users address.

Map Folders As Per Your Term

Map Folders As Per Your Term

User can selectively migrate the specific folder data from the user mailbox through the Include folder option. The user only needs to provide the exact name of the folders needed transfer while migrate mailbox from Google Apps to Office 365. The remaining folder data will automatically be excluded from the migration. Also through the folder mapping option user can map the folder data into the new folder. This feature is helpful to customize new folders in a different language.

Provide Activity Log Report

Provide Activity Log Report

After the completion of the migration process, G Suite to Office 365 Migration software will provides the summary report & detailed report of the migrated data. The summary report will give you the count of mailbox items (mail, contacts, calendars, documents) success & filed. The detailed report will provide complete information about each mailbox data with Source & Destination ID, File name, Folder name, Status, Error, Size, etc.

SysTools Migrator for Google Apps to Office 365 Migration Specifications

Trial Edition of the Tool to Migrate from G Suite to Office 365 platform

Software Download

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Safe & Secure

Size : 12.2 MB

Version : 4.2.0

MD5 : f5f11b8a3c5924c1af203a53750d97e5

Trial Limitations

The demo version of G Suite to Office 365 Migration Tool will migrate complete data ( Mails, Contacts, Calendar & Documents) from two user account only.

System Specifications

Hard Disk Space
100 MB of free hard disk space

8 GB is recommended

Minimum 4 core Processor 2.3GHz

Operating System

Windows 2012 Server, Windows 7/8/8.1, Windows 10 (32-bit & 64-bit)


  • Launch the software as "Run as Administrator" if you are using Windows 10/ 8.1/ 8/ 7.
  • Destination User(s) should be already created at destination Office 365 Admin account.

      Pre-requisites for G Suite as source

  • Create Google Console Project.
  • Enter Source Service Account Client ID & P12 Key path of Google Console Project.
  • Add Scope to validate the G Suite admin account. Read more...

      Pre-requisites for Office 365 as destination

  • Create Console Project in Office 365.
  • Make sure to enter Destination Service Account Client ID, pfx Key Path & Password as "systools".

Supported Editions

  • Microsoft Windows - 2008/ 2012, Windows 7/ 8/ 10 (32-bit & 64-bit)

Additional Requirements

  • Minimum Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6



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Get an Overview of G suite Account to Office 365 Migration Tool – Demo & Licensed Version
Features DEMO Version FULL Version
Maintains Folder Hierarchy
Date Filter on Mail, contacts, Calendars & Documents
Browse CSV to Add Details
Windows 10 & Previous Windows Version Supported
Complete Google Apps to Office 365 Migration
User Priority Based Migration
Unlimited Data Migration
Generate Summary & Detailed Report
Incremental Migration
Facility to Pause & Resume the migration process
Append Data to Existing Profile
File & Document permission
Label Migration
Unlimited Mailbox Data Migration Migrate 2 User Account
Cost Free $25
(5 User)
Queries Related to G Suite to Office 365 Migration Tool
Users Query Regarding migration of Google Apps emails to Office 365
How do I migrate from Google Apps to Office 365 using G Suite to O365 Migration tool?

You must have admin credentials Google Apps & Office 365 to perform the same.

6 steps to migrate Google Apps to Office 365:

  • Step 1: Download & Run SysTools Google Apps to Office 365 migration tool.
  • Step 2: Add admin credential & authenticate Google account.
  • Step 3: Enter admin credential for "Office 365 account".
  • Step 4: Select "preferences" and apply "Date filter".
  • Step 5: Map Google Apps & Office 365 users for migration.
  • Step 6: Click "Start" to begin Google Apps to O365 migration process.

Yes, the software has a Categories option where user can easily opt for any mailbox item – Mails, Calendars, Contacts, Documents. Chose only the item you need to migrate and for additional support the tool offers date based filter also.

Concerns regarding the safety of data must be dropped immediately as the G Suite to Office 365 migration tool is programmed to ensure that the transfer takes place in a secure mode that ensures it not to be affected by any kind of interruptions throughout the migration.
There are no such limitations imposed by the application. It is a tool of great potential and is capable of handling bulk data migration from Google Mail to Office 365 regardless of individual or collective size.

" We have a lot of user mailboxes on our Google Apps domain account. How will the application migrate each user mailbox to Office 365 correctly, ie determine individual transfer of emails, contacts & calendars ? "

The Google Apps to Office 365 migration utility is built with ample potential along with programming to support the migration individual item (email, contacts & calendars) from Google Apps to respective storage of Office 365 account. The application is designed to automatically map correct data types with the determination of the source and correct selection of destination for its migration. If you need to migrate your data from O365 to Google Suite you can make use of Office 365 to G Suite migration tool.

This migration utility will generate summary as well as detailed report of the migration process. From the detailed report, you can specifically find which are the data migrated successfully or failed.
Getting this application lets you have the freedom to do qualitative migration of G Suite to Office 365 regardless of the quantity. Being a Business User will give you great benefits of having this application. You can transfer your business profiles from a Cloud service to another.
No, You don't need to worry about the duplicate data creation. The incremental migration feature of the tool will help to migrate only newly arrived data after the first migration from the same source & destination.
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