What is Amazon WorkMail ?

Discover In Detail about Amazon WorkMail (AWS ) & How to Login Amazon WorkMail ?

Web-based email applications are increasing day by day with cheap price and easy set up for any business environment. Nowadays, it becomes really easy for the users to move their emails into cloud and themselves connected whenever working on the move. In this crowded market, Amazon Web Services or AWS entered as another cloud-based email at the beginning of 2015 with WorkMail. So let us understand some Amazon Workmail Features in detail.

Amazon Workmail

What is Amazon WorkMail or AWS ?

Amazon WorkMail or AWS is a highly secured, managed email and offer calendaring service with the support for an existing desktop or mobile email applications. It let users access their emails, contacts, and calendars in a seamless manner. One can access the Amazon WorkMail via any native client application of their choice also like MS Outlook, respective iOS, and any Android email applications, etc. In addition, WorkMail is compatible with almost every existing email client and provide a strong control over the data on the synced mobile device for end users. A user can integrate the Amazon WorkMail with the existing corporate directory and use email journaling to meet the requirement of cooperation. In addition, it also controls both the keys, which is used to encrypt data and location where data is stored. A user is also allowed to set up an interoperability with Exchange Server and handle the users, group, and resources programmatically via Amazon WorkMail SDK. Apart from all this, WorkMail is easy to use application that provides 50 GB of mailbox storage per user. In Order to backup Amazon WorkMail emails you can go for backup utility offered by SysTools.

Amazon WorkMail Features : Know Major Benefits of AWS WorkMail

There are a number of email applications online for business use but if a user switches to Amazon WorkMail, then he or she can avail the benefits discussed below:

Managed Email Servic

Managed Email Service

With the help of Amazon WorkMail, it becomes really easy for the users to handle and control organization email infrastructure and removes the requirement for up-front investments for license and provision on-premises email servers. It does not require any complex software installation for maintenance and no hardware to control.

Outlook Application

Supports Microsoft Outlook Application

Another major benefits Amazon WorkMail is that it offers a complete native support for MS Outlook on both Windows and Mac platform. Thus, a user can continue using the email client that is already in use without installing any extra software like any plug-ins for MS Outlook.

 Easy Access

Provides an Easy Access

Using Amazon WorkMail, a user can synchronize the mailboxes with Android, Windows Phone Amazon Fire, and iOS devices. If a user is migrating from an on-premises Exchange server, then the mobile devices get automatically connect to Amazon WorkMail and do not require end-user reconfiguration, and there will be no change in the user experience.

Security Controls

Strong Security Controlling

Amazon WorkMail features include that it provides facility to encrypt all the data automatically via encryption keys to control with the help of Key Management Service (KMS) of AWS. In addition, it also permits users to have complete control over the location of data by selecting AWS region where all data is kept.


Directory Integration

Amazon WorkMail can easily and securely integrate with the existing Active Directory and let users access their mailbox via their existing credentials only. After this, it becomes easy to control users and groups using well-known systems management software, like Active Directory users and computers.

Amazon Workmail Cosr reasonable

Reasonable Cost

Amazon WorkMail is a simple application available at a low cost of monthly per-user i.e. $4 per user per month that also includes 50GB of total storage per user.It doesnt take any long term contracts for users. It allows you to get started with a 30-day free trial for 25 users.

Terminology & Concepts Used by Amazon WorkMail

The terminology which is important to understand What is Amazon WorkMail before using an Amazon WorkMail is listed below.

  • Organization: It is basically a setup for Amazon WorkMail.
  • Alias: It is basically a unique name that will uniquely identify the organization.
  • Domain: It determines the web address, which comes after @ symbol in the email address. A user can easily add the domain on which he or she wants to receives email and delivers it to the mailbox in an organization.
  • Test mail domain: It is automatically configured domain, which can be used to test Amazon WorkMail. However, the test mail domain is youralias.awsapps.com and can easily used as default domain if a user does want to configure its own domain.
  • Directory: When a user create an organization via an Amazon WorkMail quick setup, a WorkMail directory is created for the user. An AWS simple AD, AD Connector, or AWS managed AD created in AWS Directory service. A user cannot see a WorkMail directory in the AWS Directory Service.
  • User: In AWS Directory service, a user is created and can easily be enabled for Amazon WorkMail.
  • Group: In AWS Directory Service a group is used as a distribution list or a security group in the Amazon WorkMail.
Limitations of Amazon WorkMail

After Understanding What is Amazon WorkMail & its Features let’s discuss about its limitations. There are some limitations also associated with the Amazon WorkMail, which cannot be removed ad are discussed below:

  • It provides maximum 50 GB of storage per user.
  • A user can send and receives email message of maximum 25 MB in size.
  • One can have maximum 100 aliases per user.
How to Login to Amazon WorkMail?

First of all, sign in to your Amazon Web Service (AWS) account by entering valid credential. In order to perform Amazon WorkMail login, a user needs to follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1 : Select WorkMail in Business Productivity

After that, scroll down and click on the WorkMail option under the Business Productivity section among all the Amazon Workmail Features

business productivity workmail

Step 2 : Choose Alias

Then, click on the Alias of your choice

Select Alias

Step 3 : Select Organization Settings

Now, click on the Organization Settings option from the left pane and click on the link given in Web Application section

organization settings

Step 4 : Enter Amazon WorkMail Credentials

Its time to login to your Amazon WorkMail account by entering Username and Password, click on the Sign In button

login amazon workmail

Step 5 : Sucessfully Logged In

Now, you are successfully login to your Amazon WorkMail account and perform any desired action.

amazon workmail inbox