SysTools DXL Viewer FREEWARE

Open, Read & View DXL Email Messages without Lotus Notes Installation

List of Key Features in SysTools DXL File Viewer Freeware

open and view olm file

Open and View DXL File

The DXL file viewer allows you to open and view Lotus Notes DXL file messages along with attachments. The software generates an instant preview of all the emails with associated properties like; To, From, Cc, Subject, sent date, received date, file size in KB. Also for attachments like images, PDF, documents etc.

scan and preview items

Auto Scan and Load

As you launch the software, it will show a Windows explorer style interface. You can simply expand the folder having DXL files and software will automatically load emails after a quick scanning. This automated search option will help you load the DXL file even if you do not know its exact location.

save scanned olm file

Sort Emails with Attributes

After scanning the file, software will list its messages along with attributes. Now, if want you can easily sort all the emails by its properties like;sender email address, subject of email, to date, sent date, file receive date, and the size in KB. Sorting will help you rearrange the emails in any order suiting your convenience.

retain complete meta data

Switch Screen View Mode

The DXL file viewer allows you to change screen view mode of the software. You can change from vertical view to horizontal view or vice versa. By default, the software screen view mode remains horizontal and can be switched into vertical, as per the need.

save scanned olm file

No Lotus Notes Installation

In order to open and read DXL files without Lotus Notes installation, DXL file viewer is an appropriate solution. This tool can be installed on any machine with or without IBM Notes and can open and view multiple DXL files along with attachments. Thus, DXL file viewer is an independent tool, which can be used to open Lotus Notes DXL file messages.

retain complete meta data

Simple Graphical Interface

The software is made extremely simple so that even a novice can easily use it without having prior technical know how about it. Its Windows explorer style interface makes it more user-friendly and helps in searching messages automatically within the machine.


DXL File Viewer Tool Screenshots

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Download DXL File Viewer Software


Size: 2.0 MB

Version: 1.0

  • Hard Disk Space: Minimum 5 MB of free hard disk space
Frequently Asked Questions
Can i use the tool on Window 8 machine?

Yes, you can use the tool on WIndows 8 machine or any Windows OS machine.

What Our Customer Says...

Glad that I opted for this application rather than any other of its type available in bulk in the online market. There was so much variety in the tools, however, none seemed genuine then I tested DXL Viewer and was quite satisfied with its performance. So, purchased it afterwards.

— Janet Yashin, Russia

It was nice to see that the tool offered a nice and easily understandable user interface. Thankfully, the performance didn't bother much in terms of technicalities however, did its part i.e. offered the services it was required to. Thank you SysTools Group.

— Gustav, Sweden