SysTools AD Migrator – Frequently Asked Question & Answers

Questions Asked By Our Customers For The Ease Of Migration

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Listed Commonly Asked Questions and Answers

1. What are the factors that may affect migration?

The following factors are important:

  1. The hardware used for migration is an important factor. Most of the times, to reduce the cost of migration, the customer uses a low powered machine which impacts the performance of migration. It is recommended to use high power servers for migration.
  2. The speed of the internet is another important factor for migration. It is highly recommended to use high speed bandwidth for migration.
2. How many licences will I get in trial version?

Trial version of SysTools AD migrator migrates two active directory objects.

No, there is no data limit in trial version.

To upgrade the SysTools AD Migrator trial version, you need to buy the full version of the tool. We recommend to use the same email id that is registered for the demo version while placing the order to avoid further troubleshooting.

System Requirements of the software:

  • 500 MB for installation
  • Minimum 8 GB of RAM is recommended
  • Intel(R) Core (TM) i5-7400 CPU @ 3.00GHz 3.00 GHz
  • Windows 10 & 11 (64-bit), Windows 2012 R2 / 2016 / 2019 Server

Application Prerequisites are as following:

  • Microsoft .net framework v4.6.1 should be installed
  • DNS setting should be there on all DC’s(Source and destination).
  • Trust Relationships should be created.
  • DNS suffix Search List should be configured.
  • Admin Account should be added to administrators group.
  • The provided User should have Active Directory access.
  • Active Directory server should be in the same network.
  • Destination active directory machine should have same Active Directory Schema Classes + Attributes (Custom+ Standard+ in Built) as per source.
  • Antivirus should not be blocked the application.
  • Firewall should be disabled in Source and destination machines.

Yes, we do support 100% migration unless there is a limitation of the destination AD platform which prevents the migration engine to export data.

No, you have to manually click on the “Download Report” button to save the reports.

The tool creates 2 types of reports including:

  • Domain Wise Report: This option allows the user to download a report related to specific Domain such as source and destination AD domains.
  • Migration Wise Report: This option allows the user to download a migration scenario wise report.

Note: Both the reports will not be generated for pending AD objects.

Yes, this tool provide two types of re-run migration types. This software provides support to migrate Active Directory Objects with two options, a user can use.

Those are as follows:

  • Retry Failed Migration: The utility provides support to retry the failed Active Directory Objects for migration.
  • Delta SyncUP: The utility offers support to migrate the newly added properties of Active Directory Objects for migration.

Yes, you can reuse the same activation code for the same set of migrated objects.

SysTools AD Migrator is a software solution for migrating Active Directory objects, including users, groups, computers, and contacts, from one Active Directory domain to another. It also supports the migration of AD objects from one forest to another.

Yes, you can migrate multiple Active Directory domains simultaneously using SysTools AD Migrator. The software supports bulk migration of AD objects from different domains.

Yes, SysTools AD Migrator supports the migration of passwords. After the migration of users from the source to the destination Active Directory (AD), the SysTools AD migration tool will be utilized to synchronize any changes made to the user's password on the source AD with the corresponding user account in the destination AD.

Yes, SysTools AD Migrator supports the migration of AD objects between different forests.

No, SysTools AD Migrator does not have any limitations on the number of AD objects that can be migrated.

The cost of SysTools AD Migrator varies depending on the number of AD objects you need to migrate and the type of license you choose. You can contact SysTools sales for a quote based on your specific requirements.