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The SysTools product and support team are awesome to say the least !!! Recently I was called to rescue a thriving small business's email system, the core piece of their business they use for orders from and communications with their customers. The tools from SysTools allowed me to rebuild a severely bloated and corrupt PST file quickly and easily restoring their operations with minimal downtime. During the course of my work I had some questions about what I was seeing. Calling the technical support number put me in touch with an extremely knowledgeable technician who guided me through my technical issue in the first call. Thank you, SysTool for your product and your supports staff tools and support like that make my job so much easier in the face of disaster recovery.

– Kirk Munn

I could call the SysTools Hard Drive Data Recovery tool a doctor of data recovery. This application took the entire matter in its hand and I just had to command what has to be recovered, that's all. Believe that this is what users worldwide are looking for; a guaranteed solution but with convenience. At first I was puzzled at the thought of investing in a tool, but it was only after chatting with a tech support executive that I used HDD Recovery tool trial. I was overwhelmed by the performance and decided to give it a try as in case anything goes wrong, you guys will be there, either for a refund or to help me out with it. However, fortunately everything went perfectly well, and I was able to recover 32 GB of data without any stress! Thank you so much SysTools, without you guys this wouldn't have been possible at all!

– Antony Monroe

The support was excellent. People are friendly and really try their best to ensure you get your data back. I was remotely supported by Nick and he seems to know the tool really well! It seems like I'll be getting a lot of my data back!!!

– Henry ZA

Such a brilliant amazing program. Worth for money. And I cannot stop saying that the best customer support ever I experienced.

– Girish Kumar

I was needing to recover Outlook files after a HD crash on a clients computer. Needed to both consolidate the various .pst files they had and to also convert the .ost file that they also had. Both of these programs ran flawlessly and did the job beyond my expectations. When I had to chat with tech support, they were extremely helpful and they stayed "on the line" to ensure that I was able to get the job done. I highly recommend spending the money on these products because they do the job well and you definitely get your money worth from them.

– Kevin Butler

This tool is surely a master piece. I would say it is one of the best MDF file viewer utilities to view the healthy as well as I would say it is one of the best MDF file viewer utilities to view the healthy corrupted MDF Files of SQL Server Database in just few clicks of the mouse.

– George Maurice

Superb flexibility - in terms of pricing and help to get it done for a one-time conversion of a 5GB Outlook olm file.

– Dan Ciocan

Worked with 3 separate tech support folks and were extremely professional and helpful. Thank you for a great experience and helping me move my mail to Outlook. Thanks so much!

– Chris Pohts

Despite of having severe error based issues with the Zip file I received over mail, data was carefully recovered without a loss. Would happily recommend this brand as well as this application further. Also, the support technician, was extremely prompt and helpful. Many Thanks

– Mark Kerr

I was looking for some software in this arena and a Google search and reviews brought me to your site. I was quite intrigued by the services this application was offering. Also, I chose to chat with one of the support executives to be sure of my purchase. I received the license keys within 5 minutes of purchase only and would be more than glad to add that I am very much satisfied by the application as it got all things worked out for me that way i wanted. Well done to SysTools, to your team, and especially the software itself that brought me here, and was so professional and helpful to me.

– Shane Paynter

I must admit to the statement given by my colleague while referring SysTools Outlook Recovery; 'This tool completely justifies its name'. It was only after trying the demo version I realized what he actually meant. This tool actually is a complete Outlook Recovery solution, it offers repair, recovery, data preview, conversion of data to other formats, performs recovery even when hard deletion of items has taken place or the PST file is password protected. What more could one want from an Outlook PST repair tool. I am glad that I made an investment on such a reliable and absolutely worthy tool like it. I believe that the failure of other solutions just made way for this tool to come into the scene. Thanks to the entire team of SysTools Group; tech support executives, developers, and other people behind the idea.

– Katrina Weber, Berlin, Germany

I was given the responsibility of getting rid of the corruption issue surfaced in all the SQL database files and as the server admin wasn't available, the first approach I made was to use the backup and restore the database. But it wasn't that simple as I thought it would be. As a matter of fact, the situation came to its worst stage when I found out that even the SQL Backup wasn't available in the right form. Finally, on the suggestion of a server admin from the other branch of our organization, I got SysTools SQL Backup Recovery. To my surprise, it required the least amount of technical skills and instantly recovered all the backup data. I have got to say, SQL database backup repair tool is the finest and most reasonably priced third party solution I have come across till date. It had been a great experience to learn about other SQL based solutions offered by SysTools.

– Ronaldo Frestor

Thank you for your kindness and the effort you have done with me in retrieving my lost emails back through your Outlook Recovery software. Thank you…Thank you again so much!

– Crisella Mandrow

I wish to share the appreciation that our team showered on the SQL Recovery tool. With the perfect steps and recovery method exhibited the tool proved to be a master piece and the way it handled the corruption issues shows the perfect blend of technology and advance algorithms to make the user issues with the SQL database corruption solved.

– Rajeev Jain

I tried your Export Notes tool. I will call it a master piece. I bought it for my company's migration need and experienced a perfect error-free conversion. Thanks to your guys for coming up with such a useful conversion tool.

– Annie Jelson

I truly agree with your assurance of providing 24x7 Support. I contacted at an odd hour but your support section did not disappoint me. I not just got the reply but such a satisfactory one that truly impressed me and made me write an appreciation mail for your support team.

– Losarro Yachi

SysTools SQL Password Recovery worked as the key to the loss of SQL database password we were facing. It was believed by the entire organization heads that there was no way out of this situation. But being the administrator, I had the responsibility of not giving up till the very end. So glad that we were able to find SQL Password Recovery. The best thing about this application is that it completely strips down database credentials so that none are required for opening it after recovery. This brought a lot of convenience. Thank you team SysTools, you are doing a great job by helping enterprises like our's get the kind of solution that is not only solution oriented, but also considers the importance of time while servicing.

– Jimmy Payne

The SharePoint database that we had owned got corrupted and kept on flashing an error that read; 'the list cannot be displayed in datasheet view'. This was quite annoying, but searching for a solution online, we just came around a few workarounds. But they didn't seem to be dependable which is why we further searched for more solution and came across SysTools SharePoint Recovery tool. To our surprise, it was the kind of solution we had been looking for and was also available at a reasonable price as per the services it rendered. All the workflow state, documents, association and other data were smoothly recovered which was confirmed by the preview. We would like to convey our huge thanks to the entire team of SysTools for coming up with a tool like this.

– Caleb Fields

Despite of password protection on my work PC, I wanted to make sure that nobody gets to transfer data from / into it without my consent. I am very glad to find out about the SysTools USB Blocker application as it very much the kind of solution I was looking forward to block any data sharing activities being carried out through my system using USB devices

– Doris Cummings

It seemed like a total waste of time to first look out for the duplicate contacts in my Outlook profile. And then eventually get rid of them on my own too. Time is way too precious in our business so, we rather chose to make a one time yet mere investment on the SysTools Duplicate Outlook Contacts Remover application. Also, it is easy!

– Calvin Jefferson

Firstly, I was in need of an application that could convert my Outlook PST data to simple text files as I frequently required doing it. Secondly, I found out that the tool I chose for this purpose recently got updated with new features. SysTools PST Converter came as a surprise and worked as a marvel! Thank you SysTools!

– Noel Beck

Access databases come with a very small storage limit, i.e. 2 GB. Though being aware of it, I usually skipped keeping a check on the files and ended up with corrupt MDB files. Getting SysTools Access Recovery software was a great choice that I made, as I only had to pay for once, but the solution can be availed endlessly from the tool, anytime corruption is surfaced

– Matthew Palmer

Trying out manual procedures for reading and opening MS Office documents of old format in new version of the application always lead to compatibility issues. And this sometimes further expanded to inconsistency. To avoid the same I looked out for a solution and found SysTools Office Upgrade tool. Totally in awe of the bulk upgrade feature! Thank you!/p>

– Molly Williams

We had been working with Exchange/Outlook environ for a long time. Despite of the sudden crash of the server we didn't stop working thus, creating Offline Data Files. However, the admin's decision of switching to IBM Notes created a mess. Nevertheless, we are happy to announce that, SysTools Outlook OST to NSF Converter handled the situation pretty well! SysTools Group rocks! /p>

– Christie Fitzgerald

Though our primary communication platform was IBM Notes but Gmail as simultaneously used for other miscellaneous tasks. This required transferring contacts from the client of web mail doing which was next impossible on our own due to the gigantic quantity of contacts. Thankfully, we came across the very well developed and suitable application, SysTools Lotus Notes Contacts to Gmail tool!

– Carolyn Baldwin

I must say, I haven't come across a tool like the SysTools Outlook Mac Exporter which is a great example of flawless development. The tool not only converts OLM file to PST format, but also supports all data transfers, hierarchy maintenance, and meta data security along with many more such advanced and extremely helpful features

– Luther Gardner

Creating PDF documents is not possible without having the pro version of Adobe Acrobat. Whether you want to create a text file or file consisting of images, a large amount of payment is required. However, discovering the SysTools Image to PDF Converter was the greatest research I had done. Now I can create unlimited image based PDF files at just the investment of $29 once.

– Robin Mendez

Since the shutdown of Windows XP along with Outlook Express, my contact archive from the client remained of no use, though the contacts are still valuable. And SysTools WAB Converter seemed to be the tool of my needs. Thankfully, it came with a demo version, trying which I got full assurance of its capabilities prior to purchase.

– Myra Jenkins

I was told that without having Adobe Acrobat Pro version (which comes at a huge price) I cannot watermark my PDF files. And that's when a client suggested about SysTools PDF Watermark tool. Now I can confidently deny the statements and also prepare PDF files with watermark in an image as well as text with no trouble.

– Jaime Kelly

I wanted to get my Yahoo account data on the hard drive locally, which I decided to do with configuring it on Outlook. But unfortunately I could not succeed, as doing so requires a paid Yahoo account. So, I got SysTools Yahoo Backup tool instead, which comes at a good price and also doesn't have subscription issues!

– Verna Mclaughlin

I am not at all a techie and everybody suggested quite complicated ways when I asked for folder locking on Windows. Thank you SysTools for also considering the needs of novice users like me as well and for creating this wonder freeware, SysTools Folder Key. I now enjoy the privacy of my data without complications

– Clara Thomas

Excellent software. When someone is using this product, there is a great thing you'll notice – the UI is as that of Outlook. Thus, you'll experience no stress while working on it. It was great to choose Outlook Recovery out of all the others; it sure did prove me right. Thank you.

– Cliff