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Systools EML to Google Apps Importer Tool

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EML to G Suite Importer
Tool to Upload Bulk EML Files to Gmail or Google Apps / G Suite

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  • Supports to convert EML to Gmail / G Suite Account in bulk
  • Allows to Upload Selected Files / Folder from EML to Google Apps
  • Allows to import EML file to Gmail along with Attachments
  • Supports to transfer EML file of supported emails clients
    The Tool supports to migrate from EML Supported Email clients like Windows Live Mail, Foxmail, eM Client, Outlook Express to Gmail or Google Apps / G Suite etc.
  • Provides Date Filter facility to restore EML within Specific Date Range
  • Supports to retain attributes & meta properties of EML files intact
  • Features Pause/Resume option during G Suite migration process
  • Supports to Maintain folder structure of source EML files even after migration
  • Generates conversion report after completion of export procedure
  • Renders Support for all the latest versions of Windows

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Highlighted Features of EML to G Suite Importer Tool

Bulk EML files to Google apps

Upload EML Files to Gmail / G Suite

This EML to Gmail Converter tool import EML file to Gmail/ G Suite account effortlessly. EML generated in any Supported email clients can be imported from EML to Google Apps using this software. There is no file size constraint in this program. You can easily migrate EML to G Suite account from supported email clients like Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, eM Client etc.

EML Emails with Attachments

Migrate EML to Gmail with Attachments

A noteworthy feature of this program is that it can migrate EML files to Gmail along with attachments. The Windows Live Mail to Gmail Migrator Tool provides facility to export all types of attachments like, pdf, doc, txt etc into Gmail. maintaining the integrity of data within the attachments.

migrate by date

Datewise Migration of Data

There is no need to export all EML files of a system to Gmail account. With EML to Gmail Converter allows users to import EML file to Gmail selectively. Date Filter option of this program lets users to select EML files for migration according to the specified date. Only required EML files within specific date range can be easily imported into Gmail using this software.

maintain integrity

Maintain Source Metadata

Date is a significant metadata of all email files. Using EML to G Suite Importer Tool retains date of EML emails even after importing to G Suite. It also maintains other meta properties of EML files including Subject, To, Cc, Bcc, etc. There will be no alteration in these properties after migration from EML to Gmail.

conversion report in csv

Provides Conversion Report

Once the migration is done, this application will generate a conversion report to the user. The conversion report contains all details of EML to G Suite import process like Success Count , Fail Count, EML Path etc.. Users can save the CSV file migration report and use it in future as a reference.

keep folder structure intact

Keeps Folder Structure Intact

Source EML files are stored based on user specified folder heirarchy within custom-defined folders. This Outlook Express to Google Apps software successfully retains the folder structure of EML files even after you upload EML file to Gmail. Therefore, users can find same folder structure even after EML to Google Apps conversion.

Steps to Import EML Files into Gmail - Screenshots

EML File to Gmail Migration Screenshot

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EML to G Suite Importer Tool Specifications

EML File to Google Apps Importer Tool

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Frequently Asked Question

Does the EML to Gmail Converter tool support migration to Upload EML Files only January Month?
I have more than 200 EML files in my system. I want to export EML emails of only January month to Gmail. Can I convert selective EML files from Windows Live Mail to Gmail using this software?

Yes, the tool supports selective conversion from EML to Gmail. User can apply Date Filter option provided within the software for the selective monthly or yearly migration of the data. This option can be utilized by users to select the EML files they wish to import.

Can I resume the migration in case of any interruption?

Yes you can always resume the interrupted process to import EML file to Gmail. This EML to Google Apps Migrator application contains Pause/Resume feature that allows to pause the process and then resume it at any convenient time.

Can this tool import EML email containing 50 MB attachment?
I have some EML files that I need to migrate mail from Outlook Express to Google Apps. These emails contain large size attachments. Some of the emails have 50 MB file attached to them. Can I migrate those EML files using this Outlook Express to Gmail application?

No, G Suite or Gmail does not support attachments more than 25 MB. This rule will be applicable in case of migrated EML email also. EML to G Suite Importer software can import attachments with less than 25 MB only.

Does this Windows live mail to Google Apps Converter tool support Windows 10 OS?

Yes, it supports Windows 10 Operating System. It is compatible with all other versions of Windows OS too.

What is the maximum file size limit of this software?

There is no file size limit as such in this tool. You can convert EML files of any size using this EML to Gmail migrator.

Does this EML to Google Apps Software provide any conversion report?
I have a large number of EML files that I want to migrate from EML to G Suite. I want to obtain a conversion report with all details of the migration procedure. Is it possible to get a report from this tool?

Yes, this EML to Gmail Converter Software generates a conversion report once the conversion is done completely. The report contains all necessary information of the import process.

What Clients Say

I have tried almost all EML to Gmail Migrator tools available in the market. No tool was able to import EML files to G Suite account retaining metadata. One day, a friend told me about this fantastic tool to import EML file to Gmail. I thought of giving it a try and it worked. This EML to G Suite Importer tool uploaded EML files to G Suite with intact metadata.

Md. Abdullah, UAE

When our administration decided to migrate Windows Live Mail to Google Apps, I planned to transfer my EML files to Gmail. Unfortunately, conventional methods could not export email attachments to Gmail. I was happy to find out about this EML to Gmail Converter tool. It successfully imported EML mails to Gmail along with attachments. Thanks to the developers for this EML to Google Apps Converter Tool.

Richard Berry, Philadelphia, USA

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