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To Download & Get Thumbnail image from YouTube video , Enter the regular URL of the video into the textbox below.

Your URL should look like this:

Step 1 : Enter YouTube URL

Copy & Paste the YouTube video URL in provided field . Sample URL:

Step 2 : Click "Extract"

To Preview & Download YouTube thumbnail image, click on the Extract button

Step 3 : Get YouTube Video Thumbnail Image

Download thumbnail image from YouTube in multiple image quality & size

Free YouTube Thumbnail Downloader - Enjoy Extracting!

No worries if you are unable to extract YouTube thumbnail image, SysTools Thumbnail Grabber is here to do it for you. We let you extract & download YouTube video Thumbnail image in different size with HD quality as per your choice.

Preview Before Download

As you click on Extract button after pasting video URL, a preview of all thumbnail images is provided. You can check the thumbnail image size and click on Download button to save respective Thumbnails of YouTube Videos on your device.

Pick Your Best Image Size

Get YouTube Video Thumbnail Image in different sizes as per your choice. When you can click on Extract button, preview thumbnail image in multiple size is provided. You can choose the thumbnail size between 480x360, 120x90, 320x180, 1280x720 and download it.

Support All Favorite Platforms

YouTube Thumbnail Image Downloader is online service that let you preview and download thumbnail images from YouTube video in HD. You can Get Thumbnail image from YouTube on any of your favourite platform like Windows device, Linux OS, Mac machine, Android, or iPhone.

Free With Zero Limitations

It is totally free online service to save YouTube Thumbnail image. You just need to enter link and Get Thumbnail Image of YouTube Video in minutes. In addition, the service is free from any limitation also. It is a completely browser-based application and can accessed from any platform or device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find Your Questions & Answers Here - How to Extract YouTube Video Thumbnails ?

Can I extract all YouTube Video Thumbnails from my video in high resolution ?

Yes, you can easily extract and download all thumbnails of your YouTube video by using this downloader service.

Simply follow the below steps to get thumbnail image from YouTube video:

Open SysTools YouTube Video Thumbnail Downloader webpage.

  1. Visit and Copy your YouTube Video link
  2. Paste it in the Enter YouTube Video Link box.
  3. Click on Extract button to quickly grab all thumbnails of your video.
  4. Our YouTube Video Thumbnail Downloader will quickly display all extracted YouTube Thumbnails from your Video.
  5. You can easily Preview all Thumnail images and check their Sizes in Pixels.
  6. If you need to Download, then you can also download respective YouTube Video Thumbnails by clicking on Download button.
  7. Enjoy extracting your Video Thumbnails.

You need to perform above simple steps to save your YouTube Video Thumbnail images.

“I want to know more about the standard youtube video thumbnail urls and their respective file names.”

You can access any size thumbnail image of YouTube video from a standard format. You just need a unique video ID, which can be viewed in video URL.

Thumbnail Image Format:

You can define the file name depending on the size of thumbnail you want. Some of the commonly used are listed below:

  • or – Full Size Thumb
  • – Medium Default
  • – High Resolution
  • – Small Thumb
  • – Small Thumb
  • – Small Thumb
The main motive of this YouTube Thumbnail Maker is that you can download & Get YouTube Video Thumbnail Image images in any size from any video. All these images are really helpful in the further work like blogging, designing, or sharing it with others.
This YouTube Thumbnail Image Extractor provides four different size options while saving splash screen / Thumbnail:
  • 80x360
  • 120x90
  • 320x180
  • 1280x720

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